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696 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 00:28

After learning about Tropes vs Women in Video Games project that managed to pledge 158922 US Dollar (of its 6000 USD goal), I could not contain myself, but put both of my hands to my forehead and then bent my legs in a way that my feet were on top of the hands, thus doing unbelievable things to "facepalm" meme. I neither posted nor took a photo of it at all due to the fact that I despise memes.

However, I'm reflecting on what could have caused such a strange and exaggerated reaction. Was it because I believe that this problem is non-existent, made up by some people who have nothing entertaining to do? Was it because people over-reacted to this project and the pledger is likely to fail to deliver a complete, well-reasoned and unbiased view? Or was it because I am an oppressing male and I can feel my world crumble like a house of cards?

How would I react to this information if I wasn't in the privacy of my home, but in the public place? Even a slight thrown there could make any women around start hating me, which, in turn, could cause at the very least a deep embarrassment for me or even hurt my professional and personal life.

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