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532 Name: grey!C.MxxuCiTo : 1993-09-7302 06:44

It's 2:41AM and I just got it. I know how to save America. Take all Facebook users and force them onto treadmills connected to iPads. The iPads will be powered by the friction generated by use of the treadmills. The subjects will only be allowed to use Facebook or an iPad while on the treadmill and never while off it. The iPad can only remain powered on while the subject is running on the treadmill. The longer and faster the subject runs, the more they get to use Facebook/iPads.

The end result for any individual subject will be one of three things.
A) A subject will quit Facebook/iPad use causing them to form real relationships with real people and the world around them.
B) A subject will keep running to keep the iPad powered on, causing them to burn fat and become my physically healthy.
C) A subject will be too stupid to quit Facebook use, and too fat to keep the iPad powered on, thus they will continue until they go into cardiac arrest. If the subject is dead they can no longer breed and pass on the unhealthy and/or unintelligent genes to future generations of our species. And the economy is bolstered by the sudden need for cranes, crane operators, and the manufacturing of plus-sized coffins.

I just needed someplace to write this down where I would not loose this thought and /dqn/ was my best bet. Sorry for the intrusion.

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