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531 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9439 23:57

Sorry, no clue as to what happened to neither mastro nor eizi 42th Japanese Old Boy. Ask on the IRC maybe, I'm sure someone there will know.

>I am returning to these boards after a prolonged absence and trying to uncover information surrounding past events.

Here's a short summary of some important stuff from post-2014:
The original SAoVQ died sometime late 2014, and was never fully archived, most of its content was lost forever. Capey revived SAoVQ at secretareaofvipquality.org.
Tablecat's lounge died sometime 2016 or 2017, only to be revived another short while and then die again. Both RedCream and Futuripastica went missing shortly before the first death.
World2ch.org died late 2018, after going down a few times, the wiki breaking, and being moved "temporarily" to espeon.info. 0037 probably masturbates to Shii to this very day. Partially archived at w2ch.14get.heliohost.org.
Tokiko ran a wiki for a while on 4x13.net, which filled with memes from #jp from irc.sageru.org, which was kind of fun until it also died.
/prog/rider also died sometime 2017, but was archived and revived on freesoftwarefoundation.org, which also features a full world4ch archive. There was some fun debating over the successor site, with goatfinger.ga being shat on repeatedly. There are still some somewhat dead /prog/s around right now.
Some other stuff happened as well, but this is most of the big site death stuff.

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