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111 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9530 17:57

We hear you guys less than you hear us I imagine.

The biggest difference I can tell is you pronounce 80 as ay-tee and we pronounce it AD.

I once heard a British person say fourteen, and I couldn't tell if they said fourteen or forty, because the first syllable is pronounced exactly the same in that accent, with the only difference being the N at the end. In America, fourteen is pronounced with a strong t, and forty is pronounced with a strong d.

The t/d is a fairly consistent difference between the accents, not getting into any of the more complex and subtle differences.

That said, some of our own accents are probably exotic to others. The accent the world is most familiar with is our midwest accent because it is fairly bland and neutral. But some southern accents like the new orleans accent or even some northern accents like the Minnesota accent probably sound completely novel to outsiders.

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