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121 Name: vc: pebut : 1993-09-9531 14:20

>>118 I found that maddening in grade school Spanish and Japanese classes. Yeah, fine, trying to contort your tongue posture for new sounds can be difficult, but some fuckers didn't even feel the need to try for four years.

Actually drives me a little nuts; most references seem to conceive of "General American" (not a real thing, just imagine all media personalities jumped in a blender) "er" as schwa-r, but what I've heard my entire life is much more like r being treated as a vowel.

Also, a lot of people aren't aware that some of us are going around using "bunched" postalveolar approximant r and some of us are using retroflex r (well, it's really a continuum...) because the difference is basically inaudible. Which shouldn't be a problem except there are many people who are supposed to know better who don't.

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