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161 Name: vc: cowghing : 1993-09-9534 11:56

Well, you see, >>160,

>It's not like sentences have to make absolute factual sense
>there is no correct definition of a word

Are things not everyone, or even many people, agree with. Really, most people are seeking shared values, but will move heaven and earth to avoid changing their own. Same goes with the use of language. Has it ever struck you that phrases like:

> I never understood the issue people have with this.

can come across as disingenuous? It seems to me you totally do understand. But the case you have made is less about not understanding ad more about not caring. It's your prerogative to not care, mind you. To mix and "mash" as you say, can be quite alright. To not care about shit that doesn't matter to you is an economic necessity; we only get so much time in this life. But deviating from established expressions makes a lot of people [sic].

There has long been a bit of a culture war going on between the importance objective and subjective values have, and language has long been one of the ways people posture themselves on this battlefield. Although I state it as a dichotomy, it is not. There are a great many people who prize objective truth who do not speak sincerely, and there are a great many sincere speakers who can't admit that what comes up must come down simply because they saw an exception. Boggles me greatly, being someone who values both objectivity and sincerity, but it seems to be the case.

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