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646 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9922 00:18

Was checkin out the websites of the diversity caucuses at my uni (there's like ten of them)
I hate this shit, uni admins are the devil, but you gotta play the game.

  • religion caucus: i guess this is where they allow Zionism
  • muslim caucus: i guess they had beef with the religion caucus. No way was this one around five years ago
  • racial caucuses: latino, black, asian, etc. My first impression is that it's nice that asian people can have their own caucus so they can still get diversity on their CV while already being heavily overrepresented at unis. It's not like these caucuses do anything to achieve racial equality, cv lines are the whole point, so for there not to be an asian caucus would actually constitute significant discrimination againsn asian people on behalf of their race, which would actually be bad. Lol
  • alphabet soup caucus: pussies. Website had a list of all the different genderqueer pride flags. I would not want these people advocating on my behalf.
  • women's caucus: sharks. Probably a good place to find a lawyer. Seems like it could beat up all the other caucuses (it's probably pretty big too)

I would say 'fortunately im not a white male' here, but the truth is white guys get tenure without doing this stupid diversity stuff routinely in my (STEM) field so they come out ahead the whole way thru. If i was a particularly incompetent white male i guess i'd join the religion caucus.

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