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762 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9927 12:12

Speaking of dokyun liking pro wrestling, I need a new passion/hobby.
Everything seems to be "dead" or "dying" or on the decline or whatever, from as recent to the 2000s with stuff like gaming to the 1970s with certain spectator sports. Even computing seems to have a very wistful element for old Windows and before the GNU/Linux project got SystemD and all that sort of stuff.
Perhaps this is a sign of the times in general, or just the places I frequent are full of bitter old folk who miss childhood.
The only hobby I haven't seen people say was better in the past is fishkeeping and perhaps model building. I haven't gotten deep into either of those worlds but it makes sense, considering they are about the improvement in technology. Manga fans seem grateful about the ease of reading and finding scanlation, but outside of shonen and certain FOTMs, it doesn't seem like there's many left in the west.
Just once, I would like to get into a hobby or passion or whatever without feeling like I missed out on a lot.

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