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984 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10513 21:08

>>976 I have some experience in that sort of thing... my 12yo cousin was once involved in a bad car accident. It left her pretty beaten up, hell it left her fucked up bad. She lost an eye, and both of her legs. I wont lie, I have an amputee fetish, and well I also have a loli fetish (i'm 22). She's always sort of looked up to me, ever since we were kids. And when I heard about the accident, I rushed over to the hospital to meet her. When I saw her, it was a morbid site. She wasn't crying (but her good eye was red and puffy from where she had been), she just had a look of emptyness and despair upon her face. When she saw me, there was no change in her expression. I went over and hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. At first she still didn't budge, but finally she said in a frail voice "I'm glad you're here". "It's okay, i'm going to stay with you," I reassured her. But I already noticed my boner rising.

This was so wrong I thought. Her parents had been away on a vacation, they were flying in but weren't there yet. The nurse detailed to me the accident, while she was sterilizing her tools with Pinesol or some shit. I didn't really pay attention closely, but got the jist of it. She was getting picked up from the mall by her brother. Her brother, being a fucking loser, was drunk. Really drunk. They got into an accident, and he died instantly. She was left in the state she was in now. So she was all alone. I was the only person she had left. Soon things died down, I was staying overnight with her so we both settled in to sleep. She was still in a state of shock, so they gave her pills to help her sleep. My boner was incessant, so I was laying there on the couch and decided to beat off. My cousin was drooling, she was really out of it. Soon my mind began to wander to what was oh so perverted.

I poked her a bit. No answer. My heart began to race. Thoughts were flying through my head. But I knew it was now or never. I put myself on top of her. My body pressed on hers, my boner pressed on her cute little stomach, I began exploring. I felt her tits through her gown. And soon I took off her clothing and had her bare. I pressed my lips down against her nipples and began licking and sucking on them. She was still fast asleep. Soon I spidered my fingers down to her VAGINA, I wondered if I could make her wet. I fingered her for quite a bit, but soon my boner became too much to bare. I spread her little VAGINA and inched my cock close towards it when suddenly it caught my eye: her eyepatch. They had fitted her with one until they could find a better replacement. My mind was racing now, what I was doing was already sick enough, but what I was thinking of was unheard of.

My cock hungered for it though, like a dog for a raw piece of meat. I lifted up her eye patch, and there it was. Her eye socket, a bit nasty looking, but the idea of fucking it was so amazingly erotic I couldn't resist. I jammed my cock in and began thrusting rapidly. Before long I couldn't resist, I came in her eye socket. At that moment, she sprang up. Oh god. I was so fucked. So fucking fucked. She was upright now, but my pulsating cumming dick was still in her eye socket. Suddenly she let out one of the most perplexing things i've ever heard in my life. "That smells clean!" Suddenly I heard a rustling behind the couch, and a fat middle aged black guy popped out. "And dats da powa of Pine-Sol baby!"

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