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1 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 13:41

The memories we made together before:
#1 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1213916710/
#2 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1250275007/
#3 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1292544745/
#4 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1315193920/
#5 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1326391378/
#6 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1333279425/
#7 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1340196069/
#8 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1346800288/
#9 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1353182673/
#10 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1360549149/
#11a http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1367260033/
#11b http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1367260120/
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#18 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1440133389/
#19 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1447380051/
#20 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1454364216/
#21 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1462941578/
#22 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1473295155/
#23 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1480168637/
#24 [Cute Girls] http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1489339924/
#24 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1489348442/
#25 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1503631448/
#26 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1519019746/
#27 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1526013591/
#28 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1529348654/
#29 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1531317324/
#30 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1534535341/
#31 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1540327913/
#32 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1548736885/
#33 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1557010373/
#34 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1568931593/
#35 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1585935259/
#36 https://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1600126305/
#37 https://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1605618983/
#38 https://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1610604190/
#39 https://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1614086960/
#40 https://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1617481384/
#41 https://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1621434255/
#42 https://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1626512956/
#43 https://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1631851352/
#44 https://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1637948840/

  |  ||                      ,. - ── |
  |  ||                  / '        |
            / ̄ ̄ヽ     〆 ̄ ̄水曜日 ̄..|
___,ヘヘヘヘ_/  _ /´`  \  ,..イ―――――――.|
    `~´´^´     ,  ̄',--ハ. }ヾイ    /{ { ヽ、ト、.|..  || l|
       ,ヘ       ト, |...  }. {  .ト{\ヽ',  メ __ .|.  || l|
       _ゝ`i     」<Lノ‐一{   ゝ  |"ひ)  \  イび..|  || l|
------ァく´  };    {``‐‐--V..   ノ  ト、"´,.     ー |  || l|
     ゝ   人`--一`ゝ:::‐''   /.  {   ゝ     /|.  |凵     < ..Danger.. !.
      \   \、. ..      {   ヽ  ヽ⌒>  /  |
       \   \        V{   \ └ ´  / ,.イ|
         \   \..        V{   >ー┬|/  !|

2 Name: Mr. 2 GET likes to 2 GET : 1993-09-10409 13:42

             |  ||            ,. - ── |
             |  ||        / '        |
                ー三  二ニ ―/ ̄ ̄ヽ日 ̄..|
___,ヘヘヘヘ        ー三二 ー三:;三 _ /´`  \彡'.|
    `~´´^´ ヽ     ―‐=ニ二三三/´   ,  ̄',--ハノ、.|..  || l|
       ,ヘ .|      ―‐=ニ二三三|     ト, |...  {___.|.  || l|
       _ゝ`i |      ―‐=ニ二三三|   _ 」<Lノ‐一{ノ....|  || l|
------ァく´  }ィ      ―‐=ニ二三三ヽ    {``‐‐--Vヽー|  || l|
     ゝ   人       ―――‐==`--一`ゝ:::‐''´:.. /|  |凵     < !?
      \   \ ..|  ||      {   ヽ  ヽ⌒>  /  |
       \   \|  ||       V{   \ └ ´  / ,.イ|
         \   \ ||         V{   >ー┬|/  !|

3 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 13:46

Sometimes when I'm really high at night I lie in bed with my eyes closed, and I feel the motion of my neighbours having sex, I can focus a little bit and start to see their glowing energy silhouettes, it seems I can psychically see what position they're fucking in. I'm accessing higher brain functions usually unreachable by a sober mind 😎

4 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 14:02

5 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 14:32

>>4 Mmm not getting the vibe from this one. Reminds me a bit of the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo

6 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 14:36

oingo boingo is denpa

7 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 14:40

frank zappa isn't denpa, but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yDarQW7UZc is

8 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 14:53

Oingo Boing and Cardiacs are the closest Western act with denpa vibes I've found

9 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 14:54

I'm so tired all of the time.

10 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 15:00

The Voyager Golden Record is weirdly beautiful

11 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 16:35

(ٛ₌டுͩ ˑ̭ டுͩٛ₌)ฅ What if someone really is blasting brain waves at me and that's what's making me act so cray cray?

12 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 19:24

ASCII cocks

13 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 20:57

Is putting esolangs in my CV / resume a good idea?
vc: queinen

14 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 21:46

BIg up the sociopaths and medically braindead retards defending a literal IRL cartoon villain.

15 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 21:48

If you are resorting to that, you probably don't have a lot of experience that would flag you as a low-risk working cog in their machine.
So then you have to tune each resume to a company's filters, which are of course completely opaque to outsiders and generally contradictory if they pass through multiple departments, which is a bit Kafkaesque but corporate world (at least in America) really over-prices the cost of a bad hire and this is out of your control so either play the game or do things that would look right on a resume.
If my cold fucking read is correct, an esolang as a project you built yourself or contributed to, especially one that produces working executables that are more than toys, is probably going to be attractive to someone who understands what you did and is a hiring manager / Google-style interviewer close to the code. Someone who isn't is gonna be like "that ain't Java, I asked you for Java!"

I don't mean to make you second-guess yourself, of course, but I have a depressingly long history of no success getting hired after being chased by hundreds of recruiters over many years. They appear to be the ones who care about "reward" potential, but they don't make the decisions and of course they gotta take the shotgun approach to get anyone through the system. The strongest deciding factor appears to be "risk", drawn up on arbitrary guidelines, to the detriment of weirdos like me.

16 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 21:58

not bothering with jobs that waste your time with resumes is probably the best idea.

17 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 22:21

Can't get a job doing INTERCAL

18 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 22:37

>>13 Maybe in your hobbies/interest bit

19 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 22:55

zero nana

20 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 23:17

Feed Nana

21 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 23:18

✧ᕙ༼◕ε◕༽ᕤ✧ What if someone really is blasting gay magic at me and that's what's making me act so gay gay?

22 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10409 23:25

Seems like we've figured out where all the gay magic has gone!

23 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10410 00:48

I am fluent in SHGDGGY
please PM me

24 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10410 00:58

shag doggy?

25 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10410 02:27

i shot the shiggy
but i did not shoot the diggity

26 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10410 04:54

who gave you idiots permission to start another thread eh!!

27 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10410 07:52

People still say "be like"...

28 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10410 08:00


29 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10410 12:53

dogshit group essay is finished, time to play mahjong in the library

30 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10410 13:04

(the "dogshit" part is my own fault, sorry)

31 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10411 12:57

Isn't dogshit rather always your dog's fault?

32 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10411 13:53

>>31 It's the owner's responsibility to clean up afterwards...

33 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10411 19:30

cute girl being a responsible neighbor and cleaning her dog's poop

34 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10411 21:38

Cute girl whippin up goat eye pie

35 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10412 18:57

The Russia-Ukraine war was engineered by the copyright jews to destroy Ukrainian pirate website servers and isolate Russian pirate website servers from the rest of the internet.

36 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10412 18:58

I gave her a big heckin fingerbangerino

37 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10412 22:42

Славься, Славься

38 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10412 23:21

I need a dommy mommy to milk my prostate til my brain drips out and only dust remains the same way I need water and oxygen.

39 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10412 23:30

I envy Russia being boycotted. What I would give to be boycotted by all the arms of Western junk culture one after another. Even though I don't consume any of it, being spared second hand exposure would be wondrous.

40 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10412 23:56

guy slamming nootropics and preworkout to play touhou on lunatic

41 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10413 00:22

categories: zh:finance; jp:buddhism; japanese literary terms

42 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10413 00:28

a spider bit my balls “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” a spider bit my balls

43 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10413 00:40

Oh how I wish my neighbor was a responsible cute girl who cleans up her dog's poop.

44 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10413 01:09

彼岸花 implies the existence of a 此岸花

45 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10413 02:24

Sometimes a link gets posted in the Wikipedia thread and I'm like “That's amazing, thank you so much for teaching me this”

46 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10413 03:40

bing bing bing bong bong bong mm slam my hands on piano

47 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10413 04:04

Getting letters of marque to aggress Russians in the Black Sea, but going pirate and capsizing Jeff Bezos' megayacht instead

48 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10413 08:20

This thread is flippin baste

49 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10413 12:52

Being a coprophage has expanded my culinary horizons. ‘I've eaten literal shit before, how can this be any worse?’

50 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10413 13:13

>>48 Are you that guy with the hot beans in the turkey baster up the wazoo?

51 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10413 13:24

I like the conspiracy theory that the world is like a big strategy game being played by sort of god-like beings, and they like to enter stupid names for key players in world events. That's why so many politicians and generals have names like DICK, BUSH, COLON, SEMEN SEMENCHENKO, errr I forgot some of the best ones

52 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10413 14:03

poo tin

53 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10413 14:13

Spermy McSperm

54 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10413 14:15

David Cumblast Seaman

55 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10413 21:59

more importantly: is careless whisper enka?

56 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10414 04:59

don't threaten me with a good time!!!

57 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10414 15:47

Naomi Osaka penis

58 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10414 20:46

Maybe I should get some ketamine next weekend to top off this crazy fortnight!

59 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10414 20:46

a "bad omen" simply means to keep your eyes open, because something bad might happen
a "good omen" means that you should be twice as cautious, lest you get lulled into a false sense of security

60 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10415 01:48

my strategy of not being a Twitch emoticon is paying off

61 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10415 04:11


62 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10416 09:00

smallest number (1) = most severe DEFCON level
largest number (5) = least severe DEFCON level

Zu: "(mythology) A lesser divinity of Akkadian mythology, and the son of the bird goddess Siris."

HUD: an abbreviation of "head-up display"

Rayla: not an English word, though it does somewhat sound like a girl's name.

Sure thing Ivan.

63 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10416 09:14

Thought I was thinking while or after watching the "Sleeping Knights" arc of the "Sword Art Online" anime (spoiler alert): what if while the AIDS girl was actually dying on the virtual island a bunch of trolls came into the area and epically trolled her XD. Maybe the Laughing Coffin group would show up and fight VRMMORPG player avatars off while stating "Island's closed due to AIDS." The girl who was dying while in VR on an island was actually dying in real life too; her last memories would be getting dunked on.

I was thinking about those terms because I was playing Scrabble IRL/AFK. I played it with this woman who said that she played about 50 games of Scrabble in her lifetime, yet she did not remember if acronyms or initialisms were allowed. We allowed them in that game.

Are you serious or joking? Maybe that will be a result, but I have trouble believing that was a motivation.

65 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10416 14:53

"You see, Ivan, when you begin war of aggression like me, you will never waste effort to avoid *pidaras*j show on Western streaming service, for service will block entire country."

66 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10416 17:17

Ryan's Elitist Superstructure of Toy Reviews

67 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10416 17:28

Sexual revolution where those who aren't cute are henceforth not allowed to fuck

68 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10416 22:53

I wonder what Nash Gold is up to now

69 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10416 22:58

leading to an upsurge in SCS (sexual cutification surgery), and endless moral debates as to whether trans-cuties are real cuties

70 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10417 15:49

Anyways, >>1-san, please listen to me. That it's really related to my current flow of thought.
I went to Requests/Feedback a while ago; you know, Requests/Feedback @ 4-ch?
Well anyways there was an insane number of people there, and I couldn't get a post in.
Then, I looked at the first thread, and it had "[Spam] Moderation requests [Cleanup]" written on it.
Oh, the stupidity. Those faggots.
You, don't post in [Spam] Moderation requests [Cleanup] just because theirs CP posted on /img/, fool.
It only goes to 999 posts, 9-9-9 posts for crying out loud. And there are even zoomers here. Family of Zoomers, all out for some old Internet Culture, huh? How fucking nice.
"Alright, daddy's gonna order the "You don't know old internet culture" with a side of "oomer" and a large "Lurk more fucking newfag zoomer for fuck sake if you don't know about any of this old shit look it up and at least try to adapt to the culture instead of being a outsider faggot just an hero already Jesus Christ." for the drink.." God I can't bear to watch.
You people, I'll give you old internet culture if you get out of those posts.
Threads started by ssz should be a bloody place.
That tense atmosphere, where two guys on opposite sides of the thread can start a "get tf out zoomer go back to 4chan" flame war at any time,
the stab-or-be-stabbed mentality, that's what's great about this place.
Zoomers and newfags should stay home.
Anyways, I was about to start typing, and then the newfag zoomer beside me goes "Is this 4chan?"
Who in the world doesn't know the difference between 4-ch and 4chan you nigger?
I want to ask him, "do you REALLY know the difference between 4chan and 4-ch or are you trolling?"
I want to interrogate him. I want to interrogate him for roughly an hour.
Are you sure you don't just want to lurk moar?
Coming from a 4-ch veteran such as myself, the latest trend among us vets is this, telling newfag zoomers to "go back"
That's right, "go back". This is the vet's way of gatekeeping.

71 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10418 05:19

It's interesting how Abrahamic religions progressed, specifically in how Jews are viewed. I think that the Hebrew Bible comes off like a cautionary tale on the character of the tribe, Christianity has gentiles following a Jew who is increasingly weary and disapproving of the behavior of his people until he is eventually killed and Islam is directly critical of it although the extreme antisemitism characterized of Muslims came later.

I know religion loves a good schism, but I cant imagine like offshoots of dharmic religion being this hostile towards the predecessors of their faith.

72 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10418 06:53

indicator that shows when indicators aren't working

73 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10418 13:27

kicking out an entire group of students from the group room i rented, so i can watch 音MADs in peace

74 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10418 17:25

haven't seen a good otomad in forever, fucking faggots massproduce their garbage so that I can't find my cute girls doing cute sounds.

75 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10418 20:18

'tis I, the minger donger

76 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10418 21:49

What if it's me sacred destiny to be one of them dicklesbians and there's nothing I can do about it?

77 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10419 00:20

t. Mr Krabs

78 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10419 07:41

A Tammany Hall political corruption simulator would actually be pretty fun. Tropico isn't quite there, but is a good start.

79 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10419 07:54

> name is Jay Gould
> is a ghoul
> nearly corners the market on gold

It has been suggested that reality is written by rejected pro-wrestling bookers, and them having the naming sense of J.K. Rowling is offered as evidence.

80 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10419 10:56

>>79 I was saying something like that the other day heh heh >>51

81 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10419 17:59


82 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10419 18:45

"ranma one two"

83 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10419 19:20

Saw the text 'anime art fad'
Read it as 'anime fart ad'

84 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10419 19:49


85 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10419 22:28

problem i had with tropico is that it's just got clunky mechanics, as a game

i love the theme, but i think it would be better as a mod to a game with a better engine. i know, can't make money that way etc etc

86 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10419 22:34

this reminds me. as names, j. k. rowling and george r. r. martin are both blatant ripoffs of j. r. r. tolkien, like on a level with indira gandhi and her husband, whose name was actually ghandy, no relation to ``that other'' gandhi

creating brand confusion works i guess?

87 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10419 23:39

    彡(゚)(゚)   /i
    彡   と  //
   「 ̄~l j,j、//
   ヽ_,ノ_ } O`
   , '。U ヽ>ヽ
   .{ 0 ・´ω`・}

Something about this AA confuses my brain a little.
Maybe it is because my time on DQN has trained me to see ・ as eyes when around ω,
while this AA uses ・ as cheeks.
Or perhaps, ・ are eyes, and the ´ and ` are cute little eyebrows?

An optical illusion, is it grandpa, or is it clonepa? Yet I know it to be neither.

88 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10420 06:12

Blessed are the poor in breast, for there is value in scarcity.

89 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10420 07:10

Whose mountain landscapes are more beautiful? Southern Africa or south Asia?

90 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10420 09:41

dystopia where the censors are literal clowns sent to stalk dissidents and make dismissive gestures and comedy noises when they express opinions

91 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10420 10:04

>>89 I couldn't tell you, but the Lake District is nice

92 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10420 17:30

kitty kitty byu byu~

93 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10420 17:58

duck!!!!!!!! gonna cook it!!!!!

94 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10420 22:10

Not sure how I feel about goishicha

95 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10421 09:49

that ascii is so kyoooooot

96 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10421 09:53

i should be sleeping right now

97 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10421 10:26

sleep with me!

98 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10421 11:33

if i could draw comics i'd probably be drawing philosophical / theological porn
like, i'd be getting all the fatwas

99 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10421 16:13

born too late to have not been turned gay in the womb by environmental xenoestrogens
born too early to become a cute femboy
born just in time to be buff and manhandle 19 year old twinks

100 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10421 16:43

eastern slav women go from smoking to babushka, and i bet it's because they've been lacing the water with testosterone since the soviet era and forgot to record it

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