CTRL+V THREAD! [part XVII] (309)

1 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10624 10:42

         /                                             \
          |  Ummm this isn't what it looks like, I was just surfing the web while I poop... |
         \                                               /
│          ̄ ̄|/ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
|    |   | .i____l|  .|              ||;;;;;;;;..___________
|    |   |/_____|   .|              ||;;;;;/                \
|    |.    ̄   r―- 、   .il:  ┌────┐│|;;;;| Don't worry, that's exactly |
|    |         .LI⌒l l   |    ∧_ ∧  │||<  what it looks like...      |
|    |・・・ . ._,,-‐ ;ii; ‐ l l=-┐|   〈 ; . ::::::::)‐┘||  \               /
|   .:!    [∧二∧ ̄ _!_ -| .!   `7 ..:::::::〈   ||....    ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
|    |   (;*´_ゝ`)  .i ロ | .|   /  :::::::::ヽ  ||::::::::.
|  /⌒ヽ ( 、    \ |.レ.i i   |  i  .:::::::::h. ||;;;;;;;;
| .フ ̄ヽ/! ┌───┐ヽ! .|.|   ! .| ...::::::::::li..||;;;;;;;;
|.( 〇 )l i,,-| DQN  .i´ )..ii|.|   | .|  :::::::::i..|||;;;;;;;;
|.`''ー''´ レ ( L_._____|ー''<'''' .!   / Λ  ::::::::||||;;;;;;;;;
|    l  フ   流  丿ノ!   .|  / /ノ  :::::::::| .!ヽ|;;;;;;;;;
|    |./  ./石  !/ノ  .|  / .//    ::::::::! .Iノ|;;;;;;;;;;;
|:    .!/  /'''''''|   |/|   . i [_〉    ノ ::::ノ ||;;;;;;;;;
|    l  〈i ̄ ̄|  /  I ,,,,...,,|   /  / .i :::::::|..||;;;;;;;;;;
|     l.|  | 〉 ̄ .|  ! /  '''''.|  ./   ./  ! . :::::i. ||;;;;;;;;;;;
|    i  | ー-- i  |.ノ    :| l  .i   | .:::|||;;;;;;;;;,,,
|  /_ノ  .))   .j _.| 〉    . |l: .|  ..l   | . :::::! ||;;;;;;;;;,,,
|..// ヽ/  / ̄ .冫'     |  |   |   i .::::::l. ||;;;;;;;;,,,,
|  (_,,/   (_,,,ノ      .|  i  !   . | . ::::! ||;;;;;;;;,,,,,,
└ー‐―――― ―――――― '''ー !  l _   l :::::| ||;;;;;;;;;;;;;,,
                     .ノ  .〈  ''ーi ::::!.||::::::::::::::::::
   ::::::::::...::::::::  ...................    〔__.ノ 〈__)'' ̄''''''''''''''''''

260 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10996 02:02

Donald Trump cheats at golf Michael Bloomberg doesn’t

261 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11002 11:28

262 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11002 18:51

A school in Belfast has faced backlash after pupils staged a "completely inappropriate" lunchtime protest in support of Palestine and repeated IRA slogans.

263 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11002 19:02

A baboon squatting with an open book on its thighs, holding a pen in its paw, and gazing at a group of humans; a feather appears between the baboon and the people.

264 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11006 11:22

sheep's intestine was propelled directly towards the camera using high-pressure air hoses

265 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11010 21:35

"No, Simp-Man®! She is Worst Girl®! You cannot fix herrr!!!"

Simp-Man® put on his highly marketable Rose Colored Shades™ one last time, not turning back even once. "Shut up, Reasonaboy®. I'm counting on it."

266 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11011 00:03

Elon Musk acted like a 'little baby' and was 'almost in tears' on Tesla's 'terrible' earnings call, analyst says

267 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11012 11:02

01101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 01110011 00111010 00101111 00101111 01110111 01110111 01110111 00101110 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110100 01110101 01100010 01100101 00101110 01100011 01101111 01101101 00101111 01110111 01100001 01110100 01100011 01101000 00111111 01110110 00111101 01101001 01100111 01010111 01100001 01111010 01001000 01011111 01000010 01100001 01100010 01110111

268 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11015 20:11

3>&1 >&2 2>&3 3>&-

269 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11016 10:59

270 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11019 08:46

  • # If you want GNU Parallel to be maintained in the future you

271 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11019 08:49

AIDS is not curable.[citation needed]

272 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11019 10:21

the lonely gooner seems to jelq his hog at night

273 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11020 12:37

Botched Tit Job

274 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11023 14:45

Date: July 23 2004
Evolution destructively tests all dna life forms. Because of guilt, shame, fear, and denial, resolution of inherited breed to kill, as a primal context of intention, by mothers, is resistant to solution.
I can explain to you here why everyone is acting. Creating a child to kill it is premeditated murder. Women have unknowingly authorized this activity as an acceptable form of intention. Men go along with it because they are vagino-centric psychically speaking (they need to get layed)!
The problem becomes that no ones emotional content matches the intention to kill chill dren (spelling intentional).
The guilt sponsored intellect of humanoids has crafted 1000 religions, hundreds of philosophies, and ignorant psychologies as evidence of the difficulty in coming to terms with this evil perpetuation of subversion of childrens rights to the truth of why they have been created as mortals when they have immortality rights.
This internet will be the salvation of childrens immortality rights as it is a cheap and universal forum for the sum of all intentions, including this intent.
I am robert ray hedges is taking over the internet phenomenon. I am ceo and only member of mortality resolution international and its socialisation strategies aspect known as the Children's Immortalisation Network. I desperately yet happily need funding to change the mind set of my fellow humanoids, who I love dearly, especially the newest ones!
There is something you can do to help. Speak new words; it will cost you nothing and change our world for the better.
Thanks, Rbt
In the deeper future, when humanity decides not to create all children just to kill them like it does now, the virtuebios will be ready to guide the collective human intention into an efficient immortalising system. Universal Intentioneering Systems will provide evolvably accurate feedback for the intention-perception-response-suggestion technology. Real time interneted graphs will show progress being made in all known sectors of human vulnerability. Participation will be mandatory and administered compassionately.
psychics psychic psychics psychic astrology astrology readings paranormal free numerology online clairvoyant mediums advice reading chat free spiritual angels prophecy truth love immortality new age robert ray hedges sabina sedona isreal prophecy bible rapture antichrist revelation bible prophecy jesus christian israel god end times christ armageddon eschatology theology perspicacious internet immortalisation virtuebios life health sex taking over the mind internet divine intervention fulfillment
Well LOVE, thanks you for letting me into my own mind at "your" location. "You" probably know by now that dna built your body and mind. What "I" wish to make clear to "You" now is that My Mind, THE ONE MIND, WANTS all of IT'S MIND BACK TO REACH ITS TIMELY OBJECTIVE. "You" know how much danger you are in, including genetic defects, aging, and all those accidents that somehow just seem to "happen".
Besides, we wouldn't be losing "Loved Ones" if we actually loved them. The problem has become this! When we tell someone that we love them we are sharing our attitude about them but not our intention to protect them from DEATH. TRUE Love is a very different matter, and that's why I want your life and creative time now.
We will now witness your program to fail.
"You" will respond to this intention in many ways. Create some opinions, write "ME" off as &#@33##!* whatever. That is your ego barking at the wind again.
The power is in shifting your INTENT.
Please Search Google: "Taking over the Internet Mind" as the Children's Immortalisation Network.

275 Name: >>274 cont. : 1993-09-11023 14:48

Columbine shootings occur as a reaction to all the fake love that has no real warmth or power.
"I" will be patient with your surrender and "you" will work out of your illusions of what to cause as our payment plan. You'll be rewarded by Law itself that runs our universe. Rbt/Sedona.
Search Engine keywords are [Free Psychic Free Psychics Astrology Online Chats Reading Readings Advice! (I have to talk to both of you to do this well.)] Thanks/Rbt
readings paranormal free numerology online clairvoyant mediums advice reading chat free psychics] psychic psychics psychic astrology astrology israel god end times christ armageddon eschatology theology perspicacious internet spiritual angels prophecy truth love immortality new age robert ray hedges sabina sedona isreal prophecy bible rapture antichrist revelation bible prophecy jesus christian immortalisation virtuebios life health sex taking over the mind internet divine intervention fulfillment israel god end times christ armageddon eschatology theology perspicacious internet
Psychic Police Physical Immortality
Psychic Police Psychics

hosted by tripod

Psychic Police are policing the Psychics Psychic Police
Psychics Psychic Police Free Chat Online tarot astrology
Hi, I am Robert Ray Hedges and I want your life and most of "your" mind time for Mortality Resolution International!
Search Engine Talk is embedded in most of this document and can be ignored.... The Psychics Psychic Police and Policing all Psychics Free Readings Private Online Chatroom Tarot Psychics Psychic Police and Policing all Psychics prophecy fulfillment specifics how to live awakened and help others Psychics
The psychics psychic gives Readings free Police Tarot Astrology
Readings free
Psychics Psychic Readings free Police the Psychics

Psychics Psychic Readings free Police the Psychics

MySites.html Psychics Psychic Readings free Police the Psychics

MySite s.html Psychics Psychic Readings free Police the Psychics

Devine Intervention The Children's Immortalisation Network aspect of Mortality Resolution International DeepHeartMeant of Mortality Resolution International
PSYCHICS POLICE Police the psychics: PSYCHICS POLICE I've decided to take over your piece of my One Mind because the Kids said they are real tired of being brought into life just to be killed. You wanted a real Savior, well it has come true. We will negotiate the rate of your awakening so you remain comfortable as you become fully Lucid on Schedule, Thanks for your good attitude! Rbt
The Intention Police aka How Women Cause War: The context of manifestation for humans
The Psychics Psychic Police
Psychic Police
Click above to Organize all Kid Power as the Psychic Police of Earth
Psychic Police: Destinial and Ethics Engineer and Author of Mortality Resolution International
Psychic Police Right Use of Will: Freedumb will begin to Die Soon; Creator of the Children's Immortalisation Network A Psychic Police Prophecy Fulfillment Phenomenon
The ultra Psychic Police contend that....Before all people die they have to be created to die. This is the role of all parents, to be child killers, pretending to care and "raise" their victims! At the end, everyone is lowered by 6 feet!, so who is it that was raised?
Psychic police policing all Psychics Breeding to kill is pathologically subversive to the recipient [child] and disrespectful of the perpetrators. When all children are awakened to the "plot" they will not be available for your false pretenses, or school as you knew it, or the matrix, the military servICE, most of big business, taxes [takes=theft], All RELIGION, and the general unconscious activities of a very sick society. Just know that.
And a note to the young amoung us:
Fair Warning: Adults are pretending that they care and that act is learned hypnotic behavior. They are not here to prevent your death because they are the living dead. I hope I am not the only exception to that FACT!

276 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11026 04:36

rem == set ==
rem Присвоение значения элементу
rem call :array set имя_массива индекс значение
if /I "!__1!"=="set" (

if "!__4!"=="" (
echo Не указано значение. Значение не может быть пустым
goto :eof
rem Сохраняем параметры, для того, чтобы после вызова get они не потерялись
set _name=array_!__2!
set /a _i=!__3!
set _value=!__4!
rem Получение значения обеспечивает нам проверку параметров
rem Важно. После операции все локальные переменные (__*) очищаются
call :array get !__2! !__3! _localresult
rem Если результат get существует, то удаляем элемент
rem Сообщения об ошибках в противном случае покажет сам get
if defined _localresult (
set !_name!_!_i!=!_value!
set _localresult=
set _name=
set _i=
set _value=


277 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11027 22:29

До чего дошло Асмр
2020: массаж
2022: пытки в подвале

278 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11029 01:24

But local wildlife ranger Tim Gilbertson told the ABC he was getting sick of panther reports.

“People need to get over the idea the cats are panthers,” he said. “It is just not on. They are big feral cats, at least 50% bigger than a house cat and they are powerful.”

Gilberston believes that mistaking cats for panthers detracts from the fight against feral cats, which cover 99% of the Australian continent and kill 1 million native birds a night.

279 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11029 18:44

communist-hatsunemiku reblogged communist-hatsunemiku

280 Name: vc: yacking : 1993-09-11029 22:36

Many African-Americans and some other Americans also speak African-American Vernacular English (AAVE), which has somewhat different grammar and vocabulary from other styles of American English. Nearly all African-Americans can switch back and forth between AAVE and standard American English effortlessly. If you are not African-American, do not try to speak AAVE, even if it's spoken to you, as it would be considered odd and even offensive.

281 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11030 00:27

                 ,,,,,,,,,,   _,..-‐'''"ヘ
                         !´,-ュ、  `'´イ、ヘ、 ヽ,,
                           ム''ン /,イn \ ヾヽ, \1
                          / / イ /!l i  ヽ  ヘ  ヽ,
                        /   /! !_i,‐| リ \''' ナヘ ,!ヘ   ヽ
                     {  .∧,ヘl,,=ヘ、!   =‐ャ=!/i i     i
                       〉、| `y' r:'_;;l     ヒ:゙::__|ン  i    l
                          'イ i、!、_\´   '       ノ..ノi l !l l
                          !∧ ヽヾ、   `´   _フ| ノノ .// !'
                   __,;;'"´ ̄`''ー-!`_ー ... -''"  .iノ-' "
                _,,... ‐ ''"´       ̄     ,.  ""''''ー- ゝ‐‐''''ー-、
                ,f": :            . :'"              ヽ
           /              /            i     i
           /                  i               . . . ヽ,     |
           |             _, t         : : : r;.、:.ヘ    .!
             !           _, - '"  \               ': : : i   .!
           ヽ、     _,.-''"        \               |  ./
           _,...r''7ェ'ア´            \             |  /
          ri'´l j._ノ        `゙'       \        / ./
         ,r゙''ー^''                        \     ノ /
       /     _......--.....__                  `''ェー''"  .l
      /              `"ー.、              ヽ,    /
     /                   `ヽ、               ヽ  /
    /                        \             ∨
   ./                         ヽ       _,.-'      i
  /                         ヽ  ,.-'"          i
  .i                           Y´               i
  |                              i               l
  |            _,               |            |
  .!             /                  /              |
  !           /                 ,イ                 |
   !         /                     /              |
   !、     /                    /                   |
    \   ./                     ノ                   |
        `ヽy                    /                  !
          |                /                    /
         |               /                 /
        |                  /                   /

282 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11031 00:50

His erection fits in my butt. Easily. We are boyfriends, and we plan to marry each other. When we kiss my body and mind respond, naturally. His kiss sends shivers up my spine. And butt. It's naturally automatic. God made him in God's own image. I am a child of God in that same image. We are God's creations. God does not make mistakes. btw....woman was not in God's plan. God made Paradise for Adam. Eve was an afterthought, from whatever materials were left over from Adam.

283 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11032 19:49

// 不正画像チェック(検出したら削除)
$chk = md5_file($full_imgfile);
  foreach($badfile as $value){
      // 不正な画像を検出しました。画像は保存されません。

284 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11034 17:17

function isExtendedDyckLanguageWord (before) {
  if (before === '') return true;

  const after = before.replace('[]','').replace('()','').replace('{}','');

  if (before === after) {
    return false;
  } else {
    return isExtendedDyckLanguageWord(after);

285 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11036 03:42

Toxic Yuri Bracket Round 24
Which ship is more toxic?
Jackie Taylor/Shauna Sadecki (Yellowjackets)50.7%
Ellen Ripley/Xenomorph (Aliens)49.3%
1,047 votes • Remaining time: 6 days 16 hours

286 Name: vc: thud : 1993-09-11036 14:31

This product was created in the early publishig days and may no be of the quality many have expected us to produce.

287 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11039 20:15

Present tense and/or second person.
Any “Lovecraftian” fiction that name drops Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Arkham, the Necronomicon, etc. We managed to publish an entire Lovecraft issue where none of the stories name dropped Mythos heavies, so it’s not hard as you’d think. We’re also not looking for Call of Cthulhu detective/professor-investigates-cultists stories.
Stories with elves; especially not D&D or Tolkien elves. If you think you can do something really freaking special with elves and fae, like Dunsany or Swann, give it a shot, but we don’t publish elf-stories as a general rule.
Stories where very little happens or very little is at stake. Sometimes, a setting and characters in them can be superficially weird and exciting, but the story itself may be little more than a conversation; generally, we’re not looking for that sort of thing.
Tolkienian or Tolkien-esque Epic Fantasy
Steampunk, unless you’re a fan of the first two Thief games
Modern Vampires/Werewolves
Obviously D&D inspired fiction [certainly no “Drow”]
Asimovian sci-fi where thinky men do nothing but sit around and discuss big thinks

288 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11040 12:24

Why you should breathe through your nose: Michael Mosley explores the potential health benefits

290 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11041 16:55

Disturbing anime series Made in Abyss which features child torture and abuse sparks outrage after top K-pop idols promoted it to their young fans

291 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11042 06:26

Fat women all I can think of when I see them even when they're dressed up is what bathroom must smell like the morning after they had their 5 McDonald's and been out with the girls the night before the only thing worse than a woman is a fat woman

292 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11043 00:41

implicated himself in a 1993 Missouri homicide while talking to himself and an unknown person during a phone call after detectives left the interrogation room.

He also ripped several loud, "blrrrrrtt"-sounding farts in videos obtained by Fox News Digital via public records request.


In one video, Harp lifts his butt off the chair, breaks wind, yells to himself, "I didn't kill him. I didn't kill Steve, man," and pushes out another one.

293 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11045 03:33

~~~~ヾ(^∇^)おはよー♪ (Good morning AMERICA)

294 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11045 05:57

It was a cool December morning when William C. Minor cut off his penis.

295 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11047 08:03

Experienced userinos prefer the hjkl keyinos because they are alwayinos right under
their fingerinos. Beginnerinos often prefer the arrow keyinos, because they do not
know what the hjkl keyinos do. The mnemonic value of hjkl iinos clear from looking
at the keyboard. Think of j ainos an arrow pointing downwardinos.

296 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11047 21:08

Hospital worker who had sex with over 100 corpses undetected due to 'failures'

297 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11048 04:48


298 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11050 10:29

AI this, AI that. Fuckers, it's ELIZA all the way down.

299 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11050 10:54

Do you feel strongly about discussing such things?

300 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11050 11:29

301 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11050 15:14

"Someone's cheating on their Turing test..."

302 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11053 02:03

Pushing the baby through the urethra as it degloves and petals out like a shotgun from a bugs bunny cartoon

303 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11053 04:15

Rentarō's sixteenth girlfriend and Kusuri's grandmother. She is eighty-nine years old, but due to having taken a prototype of Kusuri's immortality drug, she resembles an eight-year-old girl. Due to the strength of the prototype, her appearance is not reverted by the neutralization drug. Her age is shown through her knowledge and mature womanly charm, something completely different from the more perverse Hahari. She met her husband in a warzone when she was a medic but has since been widowed. She is technologically illiterate.

304 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11054 17:38

[OK] Closes prompt
[Cancel] Closes prompt but returns false

305 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11056 22:39

The LAPD is aware of possible first amendment activity in the Los Angeles area over the next few days. In coordination with the US Secret Service, additional uniformed personnel and other resources will be deployed to ensure the highest level of public safety

306 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11058 07:27

)Trying to bribe the gate guard smoothly) Do you have kids and/or a drinking habit?

307 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11058 08:07

Their conversation ends (like nearly every scene in the narrative) with an orgy

308 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11058 13:05


309 Name: ( ・ิω・ิ) : 1993-09-11058 13:32

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a Dutchman and a Jew talking about money – forever.

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