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I went outside today (63)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2006-07-20 01:41 ID:7svXkvYR

because I had some business to take care of. I took the buss on the way back home which proved to be a fatal mistake. It was pretty crowded so I had to stand, no biggie I thought since most people were sitting down. Then at the next stop a bunch of people gets on and this girl stands like 1 feet away from me. I was so disgusted, all I could think was GET AWAY GET AWAY. I even wanted to tell her not to stand so close to me because it made me uncomfortable but that would have been rude so I decided not to. After two stops she sat down when somebody left their seat to get off. Immediatly another girl comes and stands infront of me. This time it was even worse because she kept looking out the window which meant her face was facing mine. It was excruciating. When she looked away I could manage it but with her face that close to mine I was about to freak out. I hope I don't have to go out more than a few times this summer.

54 Name: Anonymous : 2006-09-27 14:38 ID:Heaven

no u

55 Post deleted.

56 Name: Anonymous : 2021-02-07 10:14 ID:1J3JEFqB

Go for a walk. I walk about one km every ten minutes; so 6km/h.

57 Name: Anonymous : 2021-06-18 09:58 ID:ifWjZUm4

It was hot

58 Name: Anonymous : 2021-07-03 04:46 ID:jeCytHWe

Need a cold drink or ice-cream every few hours. Hot.

59 Name: Anonymous : 2021-09-02 11:02 ID:tp2gGINU

Ball of fire in the sky burns

60 Name: Anonymous : 2022-03-27 01:44 ID:q9UMr3W+

Drank some JUICE

61 Name: Anonymous : 2022-04-19 13:49 ID:7vltXY2k

you fuckin' went outside? oh, it's snowing outside, and i'm in A CITY! L0L

62 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-15 15:05 ID:3cV/HpFj

I live near a farm. There are cows.

63 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-24 11:30 ID:iCv83V9L

pet a cow for me :3

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Alt-cannabis | Delta 8 / HHC / THC0 (14)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-03 21:56 ID:8UUFuAvY

Anybody tried these out?
I've been using D8, HHC0 and a broad spectrum CBD cart for about a month or more.
HHC0 is the closest thing to "real weed" that I have tried so far.
It's very potent so I reserve it for when I have alcohol so the booze can counter any anxiety or panic attacks.
Delta 8 is very mild, it's not even comparable to smoking or re-vaping ABV, it's more like a sort of low dose benadryl type experience.

I wonder where all of these alternatives will be years from now, especially with possible federal marijuana legalization.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-06 08:34 ID:ABQSh+Va

I realised - just smoke real ganja instead of mucking around with these strange dodgy substitute substances. I offer this advice to you too >>4 it's a really good idea

6 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-13 16:01 ID:ZB/L7xji

I mean, I would if I could but legal MJ is not available for me right now.

Besides, these alt-cannabinoids are nothing like K2/Spice which fucked up a lot of people back in the '00s.

It's also important to differentiate between sketchy gas station shit and reputable online/retail vendors.

7 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-13 17:36 ID:X84L6x/d


>legal MJ

C'mooon brah stop being such a baby and break the law!

8 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-14 18:27 ID:ZB/L7xji

aight nigga where u at dawg we finna blaze it

9 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-14 21:06 ID:pktewRHC

i smoked weed and tried edibles for the first time when i went to canada recently
Smoking feels kinda gross, even from a bong
Edibles were actually not awful, hits way harder but takes longer and you feel less cool than you do smoking

10 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-14 23:18 ID:8UUFuAvY


You should look into desktop vaporizers like "Da Buddha Vaporizer".
They're the best way to ingest marijuana.

11 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-14 23:43 ID:Heaven

It's not 2010 anymore, most portables are pretty dang good.
Not that I know exactly how good they've become the past half decade, drugs are mental suicide for neets with addiction problems. Good memories of the first couple years though.

12 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-16 00:05 ID:8UUFuAvY


A portable wouldn't be as good as a full fledged desktop vape.
With the DBV there are no batteries, you can vape all day long.
Also I like collecting the resin and abv, which I'm sure a portable could build up resin but it's much easier/better to scrape off resin from the tubbing and glass piece.

It's been a year since I've had flower.
I miss the full spectrum of feelings that came with it, I miss the head sweats and smoking ABV after I'm all out.
Cartridges (of any sort) by comparison are so boring, but they get the job done.

13 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-16 21:58 ID:Heaven

Depends on the portable and the desktop.
It's true there's no battery on a dekstop one, but you can vape pretty much all day long with a portable one too. You can walk around in the house while vaping, charge it after your hits, even if you don't the battery should last for many sessions.
I never had a resin issue in my old vape, I'd usually just scrape out whatever got stuck in the mouthpiece after emptying a 5 bag and hit it in a pipe for an insanely strong hit, but the vape itself always stayed clean and good. Would clean it deeply every now and then too, for hygienic reasons, but need to do that with a desktop too anyways.

It's also a bit what the user values. I got amazing hits from a portable and never had any issues with it, so being able to walk around as well was a huge bonus. I'd only do it like 3-4 times a day though, so for a more heavy smoker never leaving their room I guess a desktop makes more sense.
I imagine you're right about the cartridges. They sound very soulless when people talk about them. Tinkering with the herb was part of the fun. The growing, the grinding, the rolling, the packing, the baking. It was all good fun! Can't imagine ever buying any premade cartridge like that.
Reminscing about it like this... I miss all the tinkering, but I don't miss what it made me after a while.

14 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-24 07:17 ID:pkXDOU1C

CBDV (in strains such as Forbidden V) and CBG flower and better than "real weed".

America may have gone to shit, but at least Trump legalized this stuff. And it gets better every year

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What do you think about Russia? (96)

1 Name: Alex : 2020-04-17 21:33 ID:wXHuTyLc

Hello, what do you think about our country?

87 Name: Anonymous : 2022-03-02 06:50 ID:+NuuPT6e

You age too little, wilted beansprout! Lie under my flub and cry palmcake child! Guwharaglolololololo~!

88 Name: Anonymous : 2022-03-02 15:33 ID:Heaven

You're king of assholes!
Anal champ!

89 Name: Anonymous : 2022-04-19 13:50 ID:Ii+j8mk7

anon......... russia is fucking great. it's the less disgusting country in da world, in my opinion obviously

90 Name: Anonymous : 2022-05-23 10:19 ID:Heaven

your iq?

91 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-15 15:03 ID:YKDUwI/g

better than america

92 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-21 10:34 ID:1ozDy6j9

I used to want to visit russia a lot, because i really like their scenery and wildlife, but now that they're going full on hitler mode, i guess i have no other choice but to pass

93 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-21 17:27 ID:Heaven

  ,r';r'- '' ゙"    ヾ:.:ヽ,
. ,i!'゙        |  !:.:.:.:i
 i!         | !:.:.:.:i
 {l         /  ミ:.:.:rヽ
. !! ______    ________ヽ ゙!斤ヽ}
  ゙!` =・=`i .i" =・=   /ヒノ/
  i.  ̄  | |   ̄   ,r' トー'
  ト.、ノ r  つー、__,ィ  |
   '、 、`''''" __,  / / |
   ヽ  ̄ ̄_,,  / /  /ヽ、
    `.、________// /  |`ヽ、
    /|丶、ヽ   /   |::::::ヽ-
  /::::::|  ><     /::::::::::::`、::::

94 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-21 22:21 ID:3mgco522

Best AA Art i've seen in my life...

95 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-22 07:37 ID:Heaven

this dude just said "ascii art art" again

96 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-23 22:14 ID:Ab39Mo5/

They make good Great Patriotic War films. I wonder if I'll ever live to see their depictions of the Second Great Patriotic War.

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What anime are you currently watching? (150)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-07 06:22 ID:q9/wPX5U

no text

141 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-14 21:12 ID:oPzwPs1L

made in abyss
it's pretty cool so far also CUNNY!

142 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-15 21:06 ID:MR4fMema

dumb pedo -_-

143 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-17 20:02 ID:JchNr0oV

I just finished “Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai” and wow I am so disappointed. The only reason I watched it was because it had BUNNY GIRL in the title but there were no bunny girls or even bunnies!! There was maybe a 10-second scene halfway through the series where the main girl wears a bunny outfit to help her boyfriend study. The arc with his little sister was kinda sweet and okay I cried a little bit but the story was kinda boring and there was no payoff at the end

144 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-21 00:26 ID:5VAzOB5t

Aria The Animation, very chill anime

145 Post deleted.

146 Post deleted.

147 Post deleted.

148 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-23 01:37 ID:oPzwPs1L

I watched the cyberpunk anime by trigger in 2 days
I had my doubts because popular anime taste is usually shit but it was really good actually, almost made me want to play the game

149 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-23 09:37 ID:Mq/jFktx

The Ascendance Of A Bookworm. I forgot I had another season to catch up on until yesterday when I was reminded of it.

150 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-23 09:40 ID:Mq/jFktx

You underestimate how bad the average show is, stuff like Better Call Saul and the like are wonderful exceptions and not the norm of what is being produced.

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Single Male Rant thread (594)

1 Name: Random Anonymous 2005-10-24 02:11 ID:YkyCf3Sr


585 Name: Anonymous : 2014-10-12 10:21 ID:jeWqERoV


I dont kniw what are you trying to say, but unattractive women have no chance with ANYONE.

586 Name: Anonymous : 2014-10-12 14:11 ID:Heaven

>unattractive women

587 Name: Anonymous : 2014-10-12 18:29 ID:1Uo8naq6

Just laying some truth on you all, this thread's been around long enough.

your mother never had any trouble, like I said, plenty of ghetto/trailer trash just spread their legs and get with some equally worthless guy
you'll have to explain what you mean because I'm not an insider

588 Name: Anonymous : 2014-10-15 13:18 ID:1Uo8naq6

I mean as long as she is not completely insane and cool with me, she is healthy and neither of us are romantically engaged I'd bang any female over 18.

589 Name: sage : 2022-09-15 15:18 ID:Heaven

I wonder what op is doing now.

590 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-15 15:19 ID:nX/CenMF

I wonder what op is doing today.

591 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-15 21:04 ID:ymFmEjZt

Either he's dead, or identifies as an "incel".

592 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-20 18:34 ID:3WXny4N5

i dunno, I actually went on a date with a girl a bit ago but she was kinda just boring and i had no desire to hang out with her.
I want a partner, one I can spend my life with but I cant be with a boring person with 0 hobbies even if they're hot
So I just stopped texting her. Too bad, she was nice but i'll try for someone else in the future

593 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-20 20:40 ID:ymFmEjZt

is she from a dating app or something?

594 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-20 21:05 ID:P+JpQAij

no we met through a mutual friend

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I am ssz. Do you have any questions? (8)

1 Name: ssz : 2022-09-18 07:37 ID:K3lA6ynr

I will be willing to answer your questions.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-18 07:53 ID:Heaven

Riddle me this SqueekS in disguiZe...
Why aren't you using your trip?

3 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-18 09:12 ID:Zqna0YFZ

Do you like cute boys? Are you a cute boy?

4 Name: ssz : 2022-09-20 08:23 ID:K3lA6ynr

Entering in my trip at a public place could lead to imposters!
No. No.

5 Post deleted.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-21 01:04 ID:Heaven

Not funny.

7 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-21 02:32 ID:Heaven

show us your assz

8 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-21 07:28 ID:Heaven

>Entering in my trip at a public place could lead to imposters!

 γ ⌒ ヽ
┌| ⊂ニ⊃
│|    |
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A Somewhat Decent Kink (2)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2016-10-14 17:52 ID:/Tr9L/aG

The sailors used this one in the old Navy days. Before you go off for a long, lonely voyage, get yourself a tall jar and fill it completely with earthworms. When you get lonely, open the jar and fuck away. The earthworms will provide some slithery stimulation, and your protein load will keep them nicely fed. Gone fishing!

( '∀')
( |-| )
(_| |_)

2 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-20 01:09 ID:mruFpOx7

      ■■■     ■■
     ■■         ■■
   ■■■         ■■■
   ■■■          ■■
   ■■■■         ■■
    ■■■         ■■
Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.
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first time i come here (15)

1 Name: --PreoCuPaCao : 2022-08-16 20:15 ID:zAcGyNG/

the website is good, better than 4chan, it's simple!

6 Name: Anonymous : 2022-08-17 14:51 ID:2nOgxVkW

and don't forget to bump 15 year old threads

7 Name: Anonymous : 2022-08-18 06:57 ID:H3ABzUi6

i'm afraid there isn't any more good 15 year old threads to bump anymore

8 Name: Anonymous : 2022-08-18 17:37 ID:CpgbX8nv

These are dark times indeed, but we'll always have the Yoshinoya thread in DQN.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2022-08-20 20:30 ID:AKyiIRPR

when was this site founded?

10 Name: Anonymous : 2022-08-21 00:51 ID:CpgbX8nv

Sometime in 2004, I believe. The domain name was registered on November 1, 2004, and I can't find any threads that still exist from prior to November.

However, the title of this thread (the oldest one I could find) implies that 4-ch already existed before it was started:

Unless the previous Genshiken threads were on world2ch or something anyway.

11 Name: Anonymous : 2022-08-21 15:51 ID:AKyiIRPR

interdasting. i've never seen or heard anyone talk about 4-ch. i don't even remember how i got here..

12 Name: Anonymous : 2022-08-21 19:11 ID:sG34TO5T

I miss world4ch

13 Name: Anonymous : 2022-08-21 21:27 ID:ZoAypTEr

Probably on some other wakachan board. Wasn't w2ch already gone by then?

14 Name: Parker : 2022-08-22 23:53 ID:k+lWYU8f

     ,.イニニニニニニニニニニニニニ丶        ____
    ./ 「                |.!     /      \   どうしてこうなった…
    _/  i.|             |.!   /         \
   .|   i.|             |.!  /            ヽ
   .|   i.|             |.!  |             |
   .|   i.|             |.!  ヽ                |
  _  〉  i.L________」.!   >   _____ <
  _「 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄\ニニニニニニニY´⌒ー´  /´二二二二二二二〉
  |         \二二二(´      ,/ ,/          /
  |           |      `ーィ二 ̄/ ,/          /
  |           |   γ"´   ゙7 ,/          /

15 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-15 15:02 ID:mbqbmcLr


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Dear Proboards retard (4)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-12 16:21 ID:PqzdBA81

I've tried signing up for your cringefest multiple times with multiple email addresses and multiple browsers on Windows. I cannot complete the signup process. Fuck you for not allowing guest posting and using this shit board. You deserve the inactivity you'll get.


2 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-12 19:57 ID:Heaven

Haven't seen this anywhere else so I'm assuming it's an ad masked as criticism.
It's just a forum with a theme, but for some reason it also has border-radius rounded corners that makes the theme .

3 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-12 19:58 ID:Heaven

that makes the theme not feel authentic.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-13 08:49 ID:LDi+G2+l

you missed when this kid was spamming 4-ch? he accidentally doxxed himself in the email field lolol

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Is 2chan a good way to learn Japanese? (16)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2022-07-26 02:49 ID:TJBl33K4

I wonder if I should try using that site to help me learn Nihongo

7 Name: Anonymous : 2022-07-27 01:54 ID:TJBl33K4


You sound like a nazi.
What's your problem.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2022-07-27 07:19 ID:5icfYzcO


Woah there Twitter calm down.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2022-07-27 09:03 ID:Heaven

yellow niggers

10 Name: Anonymous : 2022-07-28 08:03 ID:Heaven

Actually talking with foreigners is a great way to learn language, though it's hard to find people as patient as your parents, and your parents only talk their native language. I recommend reading visual novels to study language, textractor + rikaichamp are great tools to read things. I recommend you play Baldr Sky if you don't have a vn in sight.

11 Name: Anonymous : 2022-08-07 12:01 ID:Heaven

>>7 Wtf lol shut up... stop calling everyone you don't agree with a nazi...

12 Name: Anonymous : 2022-08-13 13:18 ID:8mu0Fjaf

i am a russian bot. i ahev a ushanka and i generate posts out of a database w/ my preloaded replies. if you dont
repost this comment on 10 other pages i will spawn in your thread and make a mess of the original topic

  [, |,,★,,] 
  ( ´∀`) '`,、'`,、'`,、'`,、'`,、
_(__つ/ ̄ ̄ ̄/_ 
  \/    /

13 Name: Anonymous : 2022-08-16 04:00 ID:Heaven

I google translated a couple of threads on the shogi board. Nearly every thread devolves into wanting to fuck the female players. I guess if you want to seem really horny it'll do you well.

14 Name: Anonymous : 2022-08-29 14:24 ID:Heaven

They got priorities right, I guess. What else is there to do with female shogi players other than making more of them?

15 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-10 13:03 ID:8mu0Fjaf

Play shogi with them.

16 Name: Anonymous : 2022-09-10 23:30 ID:NTDc5Ro9

Oh I'll *sho*w her my *gi*rthy erect penis!!!!!!! I bet our children will be as smart as their mother.
Not that I'll know anything about the game they like, unless I make that game about touching my cock.
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New thread

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