Write me a list of things broken and wrong with the site. (84)

1 Name: Squeeks 2006-02-09 17:49 ID:RQUdcHCi

It seems everytime I bring up a big problem, 4-ch'ers think it's a good time to go ahead and blurt out all the little problems, so on Monday I get some time off work. So that means, I'll have some time to fix minor things, etc. So, list for me, in as much detail necessary all the things that are broken, missing, not working, changes etc and I'll try to get them all done on Monday. I might also look at taking down the site for a while, upgrading all the boards to the latest copy of Kareha etc.

And please, don't shit this thread up, I will be liberal in deleting posts that are blatantly offtopic or stupid.

2 Name: Sakurina 2006-02-09 23:05 ID:Heaven

  • Inconsistance between board versions (all the other boards should be upgraded to the new version of Kareha)
  • Non-English board not open yet.

Those are the only two I've found so far. I'll post again if I find any more.

3 Name: KJI!XDpPLAUYlQ 2006-02-10 07:47 ID:Heaven

I think I read somewhere that Lit's RSS was broke.

4 Name: KJI!XDpPLAUYlQ 2006-02-10 07:48 ID:0RYu1/IQ

My bad.

"The hobbies board's rss feed is broken BTW. It lists posts in IAA instead, and the links are broken. Not that anybody uses it."

5 Name: Anonymous 2006-02-16 01:19 ID:Heaven

leftover points from the "Right, Squeeks is going" thread and IRC log:

6 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2006-02-16 13:40 ID:Heaven

> Fix wakabamark

Fix it how? As it is, it tries to be simple and somewhat intuitive, while also being hard to trigger by accident. Those are sometimes contradictory, and in these cases I've had to pick some more or less arbitary behaviours. Those could be better, but figuring out how exactly is non-trivial. Do you have any suggestions?

7 Name: Anonymous 2006-02-16 22:34 ID:oZ5CMmpU

Disabling it by default would help.

8 Name: Anonymous 2006-02-17 05:22 ID:Heaven

I think it is disabled by default on the newer boards.

9 Name: Anonymous 2006-02-17 05:23 ID:Heaven

make an "aa" feature where you put "aa" in the e-mail and it disables wakabamark and enables Mona/MS P Mincho font

10 Name: Anonymous 2006-02-17 05:33 ID:Heaven

Then you can't sage with AA, how are you suposed to dance when no one is around??

11 Name: Anonymous 2006-02-17 12:00 ID:tOgkqcj7

From the intro text in /code/

> Be it HTML, C++, Java or whatever language you prefer, programming is what we do best around this board.
> Markup languages are also fine around here, as with all the "not so real" languages of Shell script, CSS, etc.

HTML is a basic example of a markup language, I don't think it should be listed with C++ and Java. It fits better as an example on the second line.

12 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2006-02-17 14:21 ID:9Rn7aG81


The main problem is that stuff like quote highlighting is part of WakabaMark, and disabling that by default would make boards much less readable.


That's existed in 3.0 all along, except not implemented in the link field.

13 Name: Squeeks 2006-02-25 16:26 ID:ZkgGKfrT

I told you people posts get deleted if you shit in this thread.

> Inconsistance between board versions

I've been working on that the past few days between shifts. New boards will get added to the newer configuration, and the rest of the older boards will follow shortly behind.

> Rearrange the sidebar

Right. I'll see what I can do. I had some ideas for that as well.

> Replace the wiki/faq

Pukiwiki looks nice, yes, but I thought about growing my own wiki. That can be sorted for another time, another thread.

> Busted bit with RSS feeds

People use the RSS feeds? Well I'll be damned. Yeah, I'll get onto it.

14 Name: cosmo : 2006-02-28 18:26 ID:vUejGh7T

IDs are suddenly appearing in DQN. Did you upgrade the software but forget a few tweaks in the config?

15 Name: Sakurina : 2006-02-28 19:31 ID:Heaven

The link to Language in the sidebar takes you to the board in the sidebar frame.

16 Name: Squeeks : 2006-02-28 19:55 ID:ueNdL9KP

>>14 should be fixed, and >>15 is fixed.

17 Name: Squeeks : 2006-02-28 20:07 ID:ueNdL9KP

I should also mention whilst I went through and upgraded the boards some things have been adjusted:

  • Ads are off at the moment. Most of you are blocking them anyway, so it's not like you'll notice that.
  • Board's title images are also off. That'll be fixed soon.
  • Some default anonymous names have been made more obviously "Anonymous". I did this soley because newbies were confused about it sometimes. Complain if you wish.

18 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-02-28 20:42 ID:Heaven

IDs seem to still be on in /dqn/

19 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-03-01 00:26 ID:Heaven

dnq need flippy!

20 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-03-01 02:07 ID:ZySOa7Rx

>>14 is not fixed.

Also, you suck for deleting legitimate complaints.

21 Name: Squeeks : 2006-03-01 02:24 ID:ueNdL9KP

Yes I know it's not fixed, because it's actually broken. I'm working on it.

22 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-03-02 01:29 ID:Heaven

http://beta.4-ch.net/dis/ has a bunch of spam.

23 Name: cosmo : 2006-03-02 14:10 ID:vUejGh7T

dqn is missing the delete functiion. come to think of it, this board is missing it, too. This is a vast conspiracy to make us think before posting, isn't it?? Well, I'm not going to stand for it!

24 Name: Squeeks : 2006-03-02 18:24 ID:ueNdL9KP

I don't believe you actually think before you post, cosmo.

25 Name: cosmo : 2006-03-02 20:47 ID:vUejGh7T

This thinking thing you mention... I do not think it means what you think it means.

Software error:

Couldn't write to file "index.html" at wakautils.pl line 944.

For help, please send mail to the webmaster (webmaster@4-ch.net), giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

26 Name: cosmo : 2006-03-03 16:22 ID:vUejGh7T

The blinking! The blinking!

goes into convulsions as if watching pokemon

27 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-03-14 19:41 ID:mj0C1YWR

what's wrong with blinking?

28 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-03-17 22:42 ID:ZySOa7Rx

The delete links in DQN say "Del" instead of "no". This bothers me and must be dealt with immediately.

29 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-03-23 22:16 ID:Heaven

The link to the test thread in /ascii/ probably should link to l50 instead of the whole thread.

30 Name: 返信 : 2007-01-07 07:36 ID:wBQ86OK/

Please check out >>487 in Densha otoko thread / Film & TV.

Anybody else see the text getting out of the <table> and widening the website?
Here is a picture of it;
Im using Windows XP, Firefox with no plugins and/or customisation.

31 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-01-07 13:10 ID:Heaven


The poster got hit by wakabamark (http://wakaba.c3.cx/docs/docs.html#WakabaMark) and his post was formatted as if it were code.

(also, the text isn't in a <table> :) )

32 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-01-11 21:38 ID:SfMChazL

http://4-ch.net/science/kareha.pl/1168168637/ seems to have a severely broken link

33 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-01-21 23:22 ID:mj0C1YWR

there's a new version of kareha out now. plz to upgrade: http://wakaba.c3.cx/sup/kareha.pl/1130723862/249

34 Name: Sachiko!//UrPiQv9. : 2007-01-24 11:40 ID:Vs7rzhY3

Okay, I admit it... I typed a phrase from the DQN banner into the name and link boxes there, and I've found that it complete fucks up any AA in that particular thread, but only with Japanese-encoded characters. I don't think that was supposed to happen. This should probably be fixed before the rest of the board figures it out.

35 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-01-26 11:22 ID:XPLYPPtz

http://4-ch.net/ascii/rss.txt is 403
i want to add this as live bookmark, but i can't fix plz.

36 Name: (= x =) : 2007-01-26 12:39 ID:EB9HSp7M

The same phenomenon occurs in Japanese (日本語) board.
I tried to test it in an old thread (the first bottom) which was not used.
Destruction does not happen in default name or Alfabet written name,
but destruction gets up when even one Japanese charactor( include
a sign like 。、・) included in the spelling at name column.
But destruction does not happen in an Japanese English character
which has been typed in Japanese input mode(English charactor is
slightly wider than the direct English input mode) .

37 Name: Squeeks : 2007-01-26 15:40 ID:COAqOohx


No because the ascii art board does not have RSS enabled.

38 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-01-27 17:13 ID:Heaven

fart man is what is broken and wrong with this site.

39 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-03-22 08:55 ID:KtgochNT

Re: the new DQN archive

Because those threads have moved, some links, bookmarks and google references (etc) are no longer working. Could you do something clever to redirect these to the correct thread in the archive?

Maybe add a link after the "Thread specified does not exist" error message.

40 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-03-22 17:40 ID:zDUVIfxP

Lol. waha no longer maintains kareha, and i doubt squeeks' got the knowledge to do that.

41 Name: Squeeks : 2007-03-22 18:29 ID:rUOkyw9/


More like Waha only maintains if something is broken, and I could most certainly do it, except I simply do not have the time anymore.

42 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-03-29 08:43 ID:8DWjQhj/

The sidebar goes away when I click into a board.

43 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-04-07 03:14 ID:Heaven

>>41 oic. sorry. life huh? good morning.

44 Post deleted by moderator.

45 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-10-09 22:53 ID:SlS/fqR3

all references to the 4-ch wiki are broken :(

46 Name: Squeeks : 2007-10-10 18:39 ID:8zovvoo8

Just what exactly links to the wiki? I took it down firstly because I'm sick of the vandalism, secondly the wiki software sucked, and thirdly because I'm in the midst of replacing it with something a little better.

47 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-10-11 00:17 ID:SlS/fqR3

Thanks for the info. The sidebar link is gone (obviously), the news page still refers to a non-existant reference. There's also this post in this board http://4-ch.net/req/kareha.pl/1155783400/14

48 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-10-13 23:32 ID:Heaven

Antispam thing triggered when I tried to post an HTML link to http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1135263177/

49 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-10-15 23:00 ID:m+a8vttv

I'm getting antispam messages in some threads even when posting plain text.

50 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-10-16 01:02 ID:Heaven

Mod needs exact wording of the message before he can act on it.

51 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-10-16 23:28 ID:Heaven

If it happens again, I'll copypaste it here.

52 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-01-14 23:03 ID:YdfSV/9K

Anti-spam filters triggered.

If you are not a spammer, you are probably accidentially trying to use an URL that is listed in the spam file. Try editing your post to remove it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

No URL in post, sage in email field.

Posting in:

53 Name: Just a mod : 2008-01-15 04:45 ID:vTLZBpBS

>>52 Yes, but what was the -content- of the message?

54 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-01-15 16:18 ID:YdfSV/9K

That was the entire anti-spam message, large black font on plain white page.
And as for the post, I don't have it now, I assumed >>50 asked for the anti-spam message.

Now that I think about it, it was most likely the word "M****" that set off the filter. That would make sense, all things considered.

Revision: Yes, yes it was M****

55 Name: Squeeks : 2008-01-16 06:44 ID:FSzsnaOo

Moses? Right. Should be fixed. Just as a better warning, you can email me (privacymyass@gmail.com) so you can tell us if a word shouldn't be triggered by the spam filtering.

56 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-03-09 02:32 ID:YdfSV/9K

Formatting in IAA is looking fucked up for me after this post (http://4-ch.net/iaa/kareha.pl/1131784129/735).
Seems to have lost some closing </div> tags.

IE 7.0.5730.11

57 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-05-22 13:59 ID:SlS/fqR3

Would you please update the CSS for the AA/SJIS art to include support for the Gothic and Mincho font families?

58 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-06-15 23:50 ID:cQrWMqoG

I apologize if this has been brought up before but whenever I search google with site:4-ch.net I get a lot of the "mobile" pages as results. Is it possible to block google from indexing the mobile boards?

59 Name: Squeeks : 2008-06-16 23:24 ID:O4u6BtTU

The problem is that I would like Google to show the results only for their mobile search, but not for their web search except Google, for some reason, doesn't give a shit and just displays everything on both. I'd like to fix it to, "blocking" wont do anything, really.

60 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-06-18 10:24 ID:0yX+ao/V

61 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-07-01 19:17 ID:cQrWMqoG

Over at world4ch MrVacBob changed the Shift-JIS board's posts (including the old ones) to automatically be to the proper font. Could this be done to our /ascii/?

62 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-07-01 22:01 ID:xsAMAGpe

The last news post was 8 months ago and the news page can't be followed by RSS and is behind a splashscreen:
It'd be nice if there were something more relevant there, like
some kind of blog highlighting interesting threads (just like http://wakachan.org/front/open.html keeps the homepage fresh)

63 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-08-01 17:55 ID:AqBakUGG

The AA board is not displaying captchas/verification in the reply form which makes it impossible to post (complains about incorrect verification code).

64 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-08-02 21:05 ID:Hk1pFp9w

Same with the food board.

65 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-08-03 16:31 ID:OEUchM3K

Yes and it's really annoying

66 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-08-04 18:15 ID:OEUchM3K

another thing, personal issues thread seems to not refreshing some catcha codes. Implementation of refresh button would be highly appreciated.

67 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-08-05 11:28 ID:QVbeq7Vn

I have a captcha problem on the /love/ board. Although entered correctly, it is not recognized, and as it doesn't change before you post... I can't post on this board anymore.

68 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-08-10 02:26 ID:HalCr+E0

Captchas aren't working at all for me... unless you are reading this post, which means they aren't working anywhere but here.

69 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-08-12 23:24 ID:QVbeq7Vn

Thanks for the "refresh captcha" button!

70 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2010-05-17 04:18 ID:noDkU2fw

someone should probably do something about this bug.

71 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2010-06-04 19:40 ID:6rJ+KMDU

72 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2011-02-08 13:16 ID:rIz5Mulr

Going to http://4-ch.net/nihongo/ shows me some thread about Sony, while http://4-ch.net/nihongo/subback.html shows me the index page. What's up with that?

73 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2011-02-08 14:46 ID:Heaven

Seems to be resolved now, never mind.

74 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2011-04-12 01:11 ID:Xu+s3EYM

Captcha is being a whore on /dqn/

75 Name: Brandy Bogard!fi.Jek4HW6!!gGKYHXFO : 2011-04-12 01:12 ID:Xu+s3EYM

Disregard that one (i made that post,) it's working now.

76 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2015-08-12 13:42 ID:63nsNd6G

See http://4-ch.net/req/kareha.pl/1439373011/
After >>2 was made clicking in the text boxes takes you to http://wakaba.c3.cx/sup/kareha.pl/1439382507/
That stopped happening after >>3 was made

77 Name: bps!!+u1+mB+S (Admin) : 2015-08-12 14:45 ID:M/14LVA1

Can you explain to me how you made the original link (in >>2), so that I can reproduce this bug and try to fix it? Thanks.

78 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2015-08-12 15:06 ID:63nsNd6G

79 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2015-08-12 15:13 ID:63nsNd6G

With formatting set to HTML obviously

80 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2015-08-12 18:54 ID:63nsNd6G

I didn't know that you can just type out the link

81 Post deleted.

82 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2015-09-23 15:48 ID:63nsNd6G

<a href="http://4-ch.net/code/index.html">>>76 is still a problem</a>
See how everything after http://4-ch.net/code/kareha.pl/1377044815/3 is crossed out?

83 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2015-12-03 01:29 ID:F3qoiXcr

Read this if you haven't already: http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1447380051/244

84 Name: bps!!+u1+mB+S (Admin) : 2015-12-20 17:12 ID:Heaven

Don't worry, everybody's ban was lifted.

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