Tom Hiddleston (1000)

148 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-01 09:02 ID:NbkgChH7

>>147 Actually, her mention just proves that she is so unimportant to TH that ELLEUK feels it's perfectly ok to use her to get his fans talking and sell more. Like that LoveBook app lady did.

If they were dating and it was known they wouldn't have used her that way, as a form of respect to TH.

If they were dating in secret there wouldn't have been any mention, as a form of respect to TH. Obviously, this idea doesn't make any sense given JA's behaviour.

If they are not dating and he has nothing to do with her anymore, she is game to be mentioned as a funny event occurred to ELLEUK chief editor. After all, fans only keep mentioning her because of how JA behaves on twitter.

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