Tom Hiddleston (1000)

1 Name: Couch Potato : 2013-10-24 10:03 ID:jI8pz6hY

Thread to talk about actor Tom Hiddleston

here's a link to photos from last night première in Paris for Thor:The Dark World

501 Name: qaz : 2014-06-05 03:00 ID:cyNRgJpY

>>499 Yes, I am curious too :)

502 Name: yep : 2014-06-05 06:16 ID:oF0lqzwY

Oh well nothing serious. I just think that, despite what he said in elle interview, he doesn't like strong women. Contrary, a gf who desperately needs him. He's an insecure IHMO, and he doesn't like conflicts and doesn't want problems that's why I'm sure he lied on purpose. But, as I already said, someone should say to him that no one care IRL

503 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-05 06:24 ID:VbAEScN4

The caption to the photo was changed, it doesn't mention JA anymore.
https://www.facebook .com/photo.php?fbid=762875343733223&set=a.489934497693977.110154.100000322924946&type=1&relevant_count=1

504 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-05 06:30 ID:VbAEScN4

>>499 JA by all account is an aggressive type, head over heels about him but aggressive in everything else. I doubt you could call Susannah weak and she dumped him. But I agree that he likes to be needed, to be helpful to people.

But like I said yesterday, JA is not gf/fiancee/wife. She would have been to the Olivier Awards if she was. He would have wanted her there, he wouldn't have given less of a care about a thousand or so of disgruntled fans (especially when he has 1,5mln that at 99% have never heard of JA)

JA is nothing more than Sian 2.0, (only more desperate imo), TH hangs out with her occasionally and since she is smitten with him she is more than happy to provide benefits if he wants them.
The difference with Sian is that with this holiday+photo, if he is asked about it, he'll have a hard time answering "she is just a friend" because everybody will snigger and think "fuck buddy". So in a way this holiday might be a turning point, either he decides to get serious with her or it's a sort of parting gift. That hand suggest the second.

But catwalk show is in little more than a week, so we'll know what we guessed right soon enough. :)

505 Name: yep : 2014-06-05 07:06 ID:oF0lqzwY

Aggressive and strong are not synonymous for me, on the contrary

506 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-05 07:14 ID:VbAEScN4

>>505 haha yes, you have a point :) Strength of character doesn't usually manifest as aggressive attitude, which is usually a sign of insecurity. I guess what I meant is that she's not exactly a push over.

507 Name: yep : 2014-06-05 08:03 ID:oF0lqzwY

Opinions, you think she's not his gf. I think she is and he's a liar and coward :)

508 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-05 08:22 ID:VbAEScN4

>>507 absolutely! we'll find out in a week or so ;)

509 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-05 13:59 ID:VbAEScN4

Found this on LipstickAlley, it made me smile because I was just thinking about TH introducing JA to his family. I can imagine his sisters doing a google on her. Actually media in general will if she is his gf.

>>Arthy is older than Tom - she's 35-ish, she may be a promo person but she is not very well spoken in that she uses a lot of swear words, she comes off as rude sometimes because she doesn't have a classy way of speaking honestly. Not someone you would imagine next to that Hiddleston dude.

No idea how this person knows about it, the same poster also wrote that JA got her job because of her family connections.
You can read here

510 Name: nonny : 2014-06-05 14:38 ID:ai14apvm

It's not unusual for someone to get a job because of someone they know. The old saying is definitely true - "it's not what you know, it's who you know." She did seem a bit trashy in her uncensored Twitter, but Hiddleston is no prince. The Amsterdam Trip for one, and he is also no shy about swearing or drinking. Who knows what either of them are really like?

511 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-05 15:06 ID:VbAEScN4

>>but Hiddleston is no prince

unless you ask to Jim Beaver :)

512 Name: nonny : 2014-06-05 16:21 ID:ai14apvm

>>511 haha very true!

513 Name: yep : 2014-06-06 13:33 ID:oF0lqzwY

Hiddleston seems, to me, a guy who has lived his teenage years very late

514 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-06 14:54 ID:8kNj1T8A

I think that ELLEUK journalist who did his latest interview was right in saying he's a difficult one to point down.

To me he seems like a guy who likes to be friendly with many, but lets very few get really close. And he seems to like the idea of having people counting on him, he likes taking responsibilities upon himself. Those aren't traits of a teenager, but of a grown-up man.
At the same time he likes people to like him, the circus bear act like he called it, revealing a certain degree of personal insecurity. Like that journalist wrote, he's very confident when it comes to his work, less when it comes to himself. Which probably makes it easier for fangirls like JA to get his interest. In this it's a luck that he has sisters, he'd be very easy to manipulate otherwise.

(I wrote this thinking you were referring in general about his character and not to a particular event)

515 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-06 15:01 ID:8kNj1T8A

What's more funny, the number of fans who started following JA on twitter while TH still doesn't, possibly one of the strangest aspect in this story, or the number of fans that seriously think Luke had anything to do with the change in the Tahiti photo caption? Luke doesn't have the power to force a person in another nation to do that, nor the stupidity to think that changing the caption while leaving the photo would make any difference at this point, not when the original one is everywhere on the internet.

516 Name: yep : 2014-06-06 16:05 ID:oF0lqzwY

>>514 Yep I was talking in general, it seem to me that he was a overachiever striver at school and university (and job) not very much fun until late (after Cambridge maybe?)

517 Name: yep : 2014-06-06 16:10 ID:oF0lqzwY

>>515 He didn't say a word to defend Sian, he's not gonna say a word not even remotely about jane

518 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-06 16:37 ID:8kNj1T8A

>>516 He seems quite focused and diligent even now, tbh. Maybe he is sort of more relaxed now that his career is more solid and possibly more confidence in his looks ;)
...didn't he say he had his first relationship at 18/19?

>>517 I wasn't around for Sian, but I read some tweets of her where she was defending him(?), saying people were talking about him without even knowing him, he replied to her saying she was a treasure.

519 Name: yep : 2014-06-06 16:50 ID:oF0lqzwY

>>518 Exactly what I mean

Yeah she did (Sian)

520 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-06 17:06 ID:8kNj1T8A

>>519 Was she defending him from his own fans or from her own friends? Curious, how they stopped hanging out. Her last twitter activity related to TH was a RT about his Unicef trip, so they lasted a year or so. But in her case, at least, they still follow each other.

521 Name: yep : 2014-06-06 17:19 ID:oF0lqzwY

If I've understood well (not sure) she was defending him from someone who said a classically trained actor couldn't do a marvel films

522 Name: waratah : 2014-06-07 10:17 ID:cMtOlo23

I have been examining Jane Arthy photos from the internet,it seems to me that she has had a nose job,lost weight,had her teeth capped or dental implants,tanned herself before or after the wimbledon appearence.

523 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-07 12:01 ID:2bhnddqq

JA started following a TH fangirl who posted these

https://twitter .com/lessgreatgatsby/status/473884192280150019
https://twitter .com/lessgreatgatsby/status/473885013969498112

She is actually tracking herself and trolling the world?!
How is Luke even allowing this?!
For the life of me, I can't understand what the man sees in this woman (benefits aside)

524 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-07 13:01 ID:2bhnddqq

About High Rise, Reece Shearsmith joined the cast.
https://twitter .com/ReeceShearsmith/status/474889673157128192

525 Name: Boo : 2014-06-07 13:05 ID:G0ISSw3w

She's definitely had her nose done and probably some other work too.

I find it laughable that his fans, it appears the younger more gullible ones, think he's married. He took his f-buddy on holiday for some r&r, stupidly gets his pic taken with her and the waitress who took the photo assumes its his wife. When this happened the last time it was a photog who labelled his gf as wife, and that was press. This time it's a waitress where he was on holiday. As for her, she's either drinking when she does this or she's baiting, I think she's enjoying every minute of it.

526 Name: yep : 2014-06-07 13:21 ID:oF0lqzwY

These two have some serious problems

527 Name: yep : 2014-06-07 13:28 ID:oF0lqzwY

>>523 well she's submissive, docile, in her little corner where he put her

528 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-07 13:34 ID:2bhnddqq

>>527 Maybe more passive-aggressive. Imagine what she'll do when he walks away.

529 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-07 13:47 ID:2bhnddqq

Little update, JA just unfollowed that fan.
This is fun.

530 Name: yep : 2014-06-07 13:52 ID:oF0lqzwY

Now we know what they have in common, they're not able to use twitter!

531 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-08 09:59 ID:CRRKNefx

So according to this

JA came back to London last weekend.
I have a feeling this holiday didn't go so well after all.

532 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-09 15:20 ID:sLRwC1WG

Plot twist, after much trolling and the deleting of twitter fans accounts and TH work related accounts of past days, JA changed her twitter name or she deleted her twitter account.

In the meanwhile here some new pics of the Crimson Peak there a single person that left that party without a photo with him? :)

533 Name: nonny : 2014-06-09 16:01 ID:ai14apvm

>>532 she deactivated it. I remember she favorited this gem. https://twitter. com/HiddleDeeDee/status/422196305914785792

She'll be back. How else can she fangirl?

534 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-09 17:05 ID:sLRwC1WG

Funny move for her, surely it's not because of TH's fans,, they all tweeted her how gorgeous she looked in the Tahiti photo, and she wasn't exactly shy in baiting them.
If she finally decided she wanted some privacy she could have just made her account private.

535 Name: NON : 2014-06-09 17:51 ID:O8tbL8A6

JA deleted her twitter. I'm sure she'll be back though in some capacity because wouldn't she need to use twitter for promo work?

536 Name: yep : 2014-06-09 18:07 ID:nFi2ZLzY

She deleted her twitter account? AHAHAHAHAHAHA What a pathetic human being

537 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-09 18:27 ID:sLRwC1WG

>>535 She does, she'll probably create a new one under another name...considering everybody knows which artists she promotes it won't make much of a difference, so I honestly don't see the logic behind it.

I wouldn't take it as a sign that TH is about to introduce her as his gf because let's face it, she didn't make a secret of her interest for him, why all of the sudden she'd need to disappear from twitter? Luke can't possibly be so bad at PR!

The first thing coming to my mind is somebody wanting a clean slate, but we'll see.

538 Name: yep : 2014-06-09 19:27 ID:nFi2ZLzY

She works with Twitter, she promotes people. Delete your work for one man and his reputation and some crazy fangirls? I understand you can be in love but my goodness, I'm speechless

539 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-09 19:51 ID:sLRwC1WG

apparently she deleted her myspace account (who the hell still uses myspace?) but not facebook, where in date 3 june she changed her profile photo and started following TH's facebook page.

Maybe she decided to move everything to facebook.

540 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-09 19:55 ID:sLRwC1WG

Always from her facebook, on Wednesday last week she was here:
Tahitisari, Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia

541 Name: anonsy : 2014-06-09 19:57 ID:ZO0EoeLF

Her facebook url is "jane.arthy.cutie"? Really?

542 Name: anonsy : 2014-06-09 20:03 ID:ZO0EoeLF

So if that's her real facebook then this would be Tom's real facebook:

Something feels off about this to me.

543 Name: yep : 2014-06-09 20:05 ID:nFi2ZLzY

Cutie patootie? UNICEF Ambassador? She's not in love she's lobotomized

544 Name: anonsy : 2014-06-09 20:08 ID:ZO0EoeLF

I've been skulking around on those two facebook pages for the last 15 minutes and I'd place pretty hefty bets that they're both fake and run by the same person.

545 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-09 20:10 ID:sLRwC1WG

Sorry, it didn't occur to me that somebody might create a fake jane arthy facebook account, I read that she made her photo private after Wimbledon last year so it seemed to fit.

My bad.

546 Name: anonsy : 2014-06-09 20:21 ID:ZO0EoeLF

>>545 Hey, for all we know it could be real. The one that really has me perplexed is the Tom Hiddleston account that likes all of her photos. They've had a couple conversations on his page, and it just feels... off.

547 Name: anonsy : 2014-06-09 20:29 ID:ZO0EoeLF

...especially since Tom's previous facebook page was private and under a false name.

548 Name: nonny : 2014-06-09 20:55 ID:ai14apvm

Definitely both fakes. Tom seems close enough (even more so) to his family to at least be Facebook friends with them. The real Jane would be connected enough to Tom to know that isn't his and wouldn't friend a fake Tom.

549 Name: qaz : 2014-06-10 07:30 ID:cyNRgJpY

I suppose, this is the real TH's facebook account
It's in the list of fake Tom's "Likes".

550 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-10 07:34 ID:Sfn7Q/v6

>>549 yes it is.

Really sorry guys I created thisconfusion. Should have clicked on that link before posting.

551 Name: NON : 2014-06-10 14:40 ID:O8tbL8A6

In other news, there's a TH stalker who's about to lose the plot. Ever since this Bora Bora bullshit she's been acting up, tweeting and deleting cryptic messages to TH and LW, two of which were in Latin, asking Tom to declare himself to her, and another asking him to Skype her!
She's been surreptitiously snooping around his manor for the last 5 months or so, hanging out in the G&W cafe and the pub opposite where he lives. From what I can make out from her twitter and tumblr she either found something out about him and Jane and doesn't like what she discovered and is about to spill, or she's a fantasist and an attention-seeker and knows nothing but wants people to think she does. It's all quite amusing.
He sure knows how to attract the crazies.

552 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-10 15:02 ID:tqLKSHQB

That's very creepy and almost criminal and I'd go for the attention-seeker option.
On the bright side, this kind of stalkers being so active on the internet makes it easy to find them in case he decides to press charges.

553 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-10 15:09 ID:tqLKSHQB

Incredible, how anonymous people do a claim on a person and then it becomes a fact, provided enough people repeat it.
I'm referring to the claim that while in Toronto for Crimson Peak he went out clubbing and banging like crazy. I want to know his secret, like sheesh considering the hours he was pulling on set and signing autograph, coming from a over 2 months run at the theatre haha And most of all, how did he keep it hidden from Jim Beaver?! :)

I was reading this, and when she mentioned Toronto rumours it made me smile. Other than that it's an interesting reply. She is referring to Gwen when she is talking of spanking and bondage?

554 Name: yep : 2014-06-10 15:22 ID:nFi2ZLzY

Maybe he's imprecise but it's a wonderful reply to me, honestly if these two want to stay together they have to do or say something sooner or later

555 Name: yep : 2014-06-10 15:29 ID:nFi2ZLzY

"It's imprecise" sorry

556 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-10 15:47 ID:tqLKSHQB

Yes I too found that it was a good reply, based on the few things we know for sure, the many that are guessed, the multitude that is rumour.

Although I found that she went to the opposite extreme in a way, it almost seems that he can either be Prince Charming or a monster.
Putting together things he did or said when he was what, 26? The Amsterdam and Gwen chatlog are from 2007. Using them to judge the person he is now, 7 years later, maybe it's taking it too far.

557 Name: yep : 2014-06-10 16:06 ID:nFi2ZLzY

I agree with the fact we justify him (personally I don't) because he's famous

558 Name: Boo : 2014-06-10 18:53 ID:oN3Ok6xa

551 - I found this crazy woman's twitter, any idea how to find her tumblr account?

559 Name: qaz : 2014-06-10 18:56 ID:cyNRgJpY

>>551, >>558 Any links or tips how to find it? :)

560 Name: NON : 2014-06-11 06:48 ID:NcyisiBt

>558 I would but she just deleted it, like she had been threatening to all week. She promised fireworks and is spilling on the Anti Susie tumblr as I type this. The post of him being a "user and abuser", coke addict and alcoholic and the post mentioning he has a poster of Doctor Who on his bedroom wall are more than likely from her. She's losing the plot because she's spent the best part of 6 months stalking the fuck out of him with her stupid little redheaded friend and has gotten nowhere. BTW, she doesn't live in London like her twitter implies, she's a married mother who lives in the West Midlands. Also there are apparently tumblr accounts popping up from women he's slept with and posting details (I haven't seen them because I can't be bothered to go through the TH tag), I would hazard a guess that's these are all from her too.

She's going to bitterly regret this because people will find who she really is and she'll be fucked.

561 Name: anonsy : 2014-06-11 06:57 ID:ZO0EoeLF

I'd bet that the stalker woman on Twitter is the same woman who trolled Celebitchy last autumn with a story about her relationship with Tom and how he misled her or whatever and then dumped her via Skype. The whole thing was completely and easily debunked and she went away, but I think she's back again - someone is sending anonymous messages to that antisustomstans tumblr >>531 linked to earlier that are remarkably similar to the posts from CB, and the mention of Skype by the Twitter stalker makes me think it's her.

562 Name: anonsy : 2014-06-11 07:00 ID:ZO0EoeLF

>>560 Just saw your post after I submitted mine... we are definitely talking about the same person. She's crazy. :)

563 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-11 07:01 ID:wNr9v93a

I was reading the Antisusie blog too and thinking that it was that CB girl, Missthing, but of course there are plenty of mythomaniacs out there.

That's what I meant with people going to the opposite extreme now, spouting things to make him look like he is a monster to troll his fans or because they are deluded. A DW poster? pff

564 Name: NON : 2014-06-11 11:38 ID:O8tbL8A6

I'd love everyone to know who she really is but that would be bad. Still, I'm looking forward to purchasing her book of poems on Amazon in August! I'm sure it'll be up there with all the other great poetry books of our time, judging by the snippet on her new tumblr.

565 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-11 11:46 ID:Q57OHfAj

>>564 so she deleted her blog just to create another where people can easily find her? I hope she does know that just because you delete a blog it doesn't disappear from tumblr database. In case of charges I mean.
Anyway, I imagine that, besides her deluded ideas about TH, most of this was about getting attention for her book?

566 Name: anonsy : 2014-06-11 12:06 ID:ZO0EoeLF

>>564 I must be terrible at searching tumblr because I still can't find this woman... can I have another hint? ;)

567 Name: NON : 2014-06-11 12:16 ID:O8tbL8A6

>565 I honestly don't think this has anything to do with her book, she's almost like two different people when it came to her defunkt tumblr and her twitter. Apart from the deleted crazy tweets to TH and LW you'd never know she was the same person. I only found out because some tagged her twitter in a photo. She hasn't brought the crazy over to her new tumblr yet, which so far consists of one bad poem and some screen caps of her twitter and not much else.

She's updated her twitter account almost like she's trying to reinvent herself. Psycho.

My guess is that she become over obsessed after meeting him at the Friendship Works Gala and it built from there because that was when she started her tumblr and twitter. She only started stalking him in Feb when her acting courses brought her to London and she found out via his twitter where he drinks his coffee. The closest she's got to his house is probably poking her nose through the security gate.

The other fangirl claiming she slept with him has already been outed as a known fruit loop by the other TH fans so it's only a matter of time before her stuff is debunked too.

568 Name: anonsy : 2014-06-11 12:25 ID:ZO0EoeLF

>>567 Okay wait I was wrong earlier, we weren't talking about the same person... the "known fruit loop" is the troll from CB I mentioned. And I know who you're talking about now. :)

569 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-11 12:38 ID:Q57OHfAj

We can write her old tumblr name, beanup, it was outed on the antisusie blog anyway and she was one of the poster in the link >>456 mentioned.

570 Name: NON : 2014-06-11 13:03 ID:O8tbL8A6

The other thing is that she had an accomplice who is still on tumblr and she might get dragged into this too. There were several occasions when beanup was not alone in her stalking missions and it's only a matter of time before someone figures out who her partner in crime is.
These women would show up in NW3 and spend the whole time obsessing over TH, and talked about moving to NW3 and getting a flat together so they can hang out with "certain people". This despite the fact that beanup is a married woman with kids.

571 Name: Boo : 2014-06-11 13:33 ID:1gwe5abq

567 - it's pretty obvious from her twitter she doesn't live in NW3 as she takes Virgin cross country trains all the time. And this is her professional twitter account with her real name. One of the sensible high profile UK fans mentioned her on twitter (without giving details). She went to the Oliviers and was bragging in the toilets about TH "ogling" her. Some fans know who she is so she'll get caught out eventually.

572 Name: anonsy : 2014-06-11 13:36 ID:ZO0EoeLF

>>569 And the woman from CB was very probably Shaitana, the other former tumblr user outed on antisustomstans. At least one of them was sending anons all night.

>>570 In the brief amount of time I searched around on tumblr I found the accomplice. Based on all the selfies she posted, they evidently spent the past six months attending any and all events in London where Tom could possibly show up. One of them (beanup, I think) went to see Coriolanus multiple times.

573 Name: NON : 2014-06-11 14:22 ID:O8tbL8A6

>571 She made a post around the time of The Olivier's entitled "Me and Tom" in which she made a big deal over nothing. She said she had met him more than once, she had received a signed photo with a personal letter but emphasized that it wasn't a fan letter and she didn't write to him (funny then how on the day she received her signed photo, several other fans also received the exact signed photo in the post too and these were all fans who said they had written to him)and that he stared at her boobs and massaged her shoulders and she wasn't going to answer any more questions.

Why make a big deal about receiving a signed photo in the post when you've allegedly slept with him?
Also, I found a post on facebook (she posts everywhere) and this was closer to when she had met him at the FW Gala and her description of the event in question was far tamer compared to what she ended up posting on tumblr. She's clearly someone with no friends who wants attention.

>572 Her accomplice's dad works for the BBC so she gets tickets for the BAFTA TV Awards each year and they have both been to Coriolanus multiple times. I believe beanup may have won or bought tickets and took her accomplice with her. This was the second time beanup had met Tom, and by met all she did was hold the door open for him. She tweeted Tom to let him know it was a pleasure to do so.

574 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-11 15:03 ID:Q57OHfAj

575 Name: NON : 2014-06-11 15:20 ID:O8tbL8A6

Scroll up the thread to #456, she was the one who posted how worried she was about the way he looks now compared to his beefed up look for Coriolanus. Funny how she went from concerned to contempt in the space of a week.

576 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-11 15:40 ID:Q57OHfAj

>>575 you mean beanup right? Yes, I remembered it when I read her name on the antisusie blog. These lunatics all behave the same.

577 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-11 15:57 ID:Q57OHfAj

Is it really bad if I post a picture of beanup and the readhead (whose name I found out)?
I found one with the two of them on the red carpet for the Olivier with a blogger friend of theirs.

578 Name: qaz : 2014-06-11 17:28 ID:cyNRgJpY

>>577 Don't think it's that bad but it's easy to find through Google search anyway. The poster mentions beanup.

579 Name: nonny : 2014-06-11 17:29 ID:ai14apvm

>>577 if it's out on the internet anyway (on Instagram or Twitter without restricting privacy settings), I say no. It's public knowledge.

580 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-11 18:21 ID:Q57OHfAj

It's not even twitter or instagram, it's a wordpress blog, completely public. I'm posting the link to the image so the red-head tumblr nickname isn't visible.

Beanup is the woman with the pink dress.

581 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-11 18:26 ID:Q57OHfAj

Moving on from lunatics, in my search I found this cute report of two fans that were at the Olivier and guess what, they had a normal and nice meeting with TH. Maybe you all already read this but I needed something cute.

And now back to wait for JA and the catwalk, since news of HighRise and new projects are lacking.

582 Name: NON : 2014-06-11 21:51 ID:NcyisiBt

People are panicking because Tom's name isn't on the latest list of celebs to attend the Gala on Sunday. There's nothing to state he won't attend, only that more people are attending.
Also, I knew the owner of the antisusie tumblr would dismiss all of the posts from people trying to point out who these nut jobs are. So it's OK to trash someone who actually IS/WAS screwing Tom but it's not OK to do this to two lunatics who's stories are totally implausible? I'm not surprised she's done this and I'm not defending Jane but you can't throw her under a bus and protect the other two.

583 Name: anonsy : 2014-06-11 22:55 ID:ZO0EoeLF

The anon who outed beanup and Shaitana decided to give some details on LSA. A few posts down on this page:

I really don't see how anyone could buy either of their stories as truth.

584 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-12 07:03 ID:7dFluxX2

>>582 Does it matter what the owner of that blog think? In the end, stupid people will go on being stupid, if they want to believe absurd bs, no matter what anyone says, they will go on.
The important thing is that those 2 were outed and the background story was explained and is now out on the internet, with photos.

585 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-12 12:26 ID:E4eh315m

They are starting building the set for High Rise
https://twitter .com/Laurie_Rose/status/476691016402366466

586 Name: yep : 2014-06-12 13:11 ID:OHRZaK77

He said no cast for another 4 weeks

587 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-12 13:17 ID:E4eh315m

yes, so half of July.

588 Name: anonsy : 2014-06-12 23:06 ID:ZO0EoeLF

It looks like Tom may not be doing the catwalk after all.
@One4theBoys: For those asking about @twhiddleston at the #OFTBFashionBall, scheduling may prevent him attending. Anything changes we will let you know
http://twitter . com/one4theboys/status/477219440413507584

Also, is this legit?

589 Name: anonsy : 2014-06-13 02:19 ID:ZO0EoeLF

Tom Hiddleston just referenced the Hank Williams movie on twitter, and the story has been picked up on a lot of other websites, so it looks like he definitely has another new project in the works. :)

590 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-13 06:11 ID:IvsgE7rl

Singing...well it's country so he would probably be ok haha
Shooting for I Saw The Light starts in October, so he'll leave as soon as he finishes High Rise.
No wonder he might not attend OFTBFashioBall, he has two character to prepare.

https://twitter .com/twhiddleston/status/477253170687934464

The title reminds me of the Blues Brothers movie though :)

591 Name: yep : 2014-06-13 06:12 ID:OHRZaK77

Not catwalk. No surprised at all

592 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-13 07:03 ID:IvsgE7rl

Cancel what I said about him being fine with the singing, I've just read about Hank Williams singing...I know the article says TH will sing but no way he can do a yodel! Better if they leave the original.

593 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-13 10:17 ID:IvsgE7rl

The only problem, if it can be thought as a problem, I see with this biopic is that country music means nothing outside the US, so the figure of Hank William has little interest internationally. It might be a difficult film to distribute and sell to the public.

594 Name: qaz : 2014-06-13 10:50 ID:cyNRgJpY

>>593 I also thought about that. I don't live in the US and I am not interested in country music at all, so it's pretty much the first time I hear about this singer. And I know for sure, that if I was not interested in TH's work, I would not watch it. Not sure if I am going to watch it even with TH in it :) It will depend on the overall reviews.

595 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-13 11:08 ID:IvsgE7rl

>>594 Not just that, even if among his fans they were interested, will they be able to watch it? I don't see European or Asian distributors risking money over this biopic for a bunch of fans. It would take really spectacular reviews for them to invest.

596 Name: yep : 2014-06-13 12:23 ID:OHRZaK77

Honestly, to me, he can't sing

597 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-13 12:39 ID:IvsgE7rl

>>596 haha he can sing, but he doesn't have great range.
But I guess, I hope, the biopic is about Williams very tragic life on the whole, with singing playing a part. Especially if they hope to sell it outside the states.

598 Name: yep : 2014-06-13 12:46 ID:OHRZaK77

We'll see, he's a good actor

599 Name: nonny : 2014-06-13 13:30 ID:ai14apvm

Country singers have a very distinctive voice. I live in the US and can't stand it even though I'm from an area where it's pretty popular. I doubt a posh British actor who is not at all a singer can pull the tone off successfully haha. When I first heard the news, I sighed.

600 Name: yep : 2014-06-13 14:02 ID:OHRZaK77

But, is an indie film?

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