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1 Name: Couch Potato : 2013-10-24 10:03 ID:jI8pz6hY

Thread to talk about actor Tom Hiddleston

here's a link to photos from last night première in Paris for Thor:The Dark World

101 Name: Boo : 2014-01-26 16:08 ID:73oGsofS

This happens a lot, and as 96 pointed out Jarmusch has hardly won any awards although hes a highly regarded filmaker. I'd say it was odd that Brokeback Mountain didn't win Best Picture, but that's easily explained by the Craft members of the academy (mainly men) not wanting to vote for a gay love story. It can be politics as well.

102 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-26 16:23 ID:Heaven


>Jarmusch has hardly won any awards although hes a highly regarded filmaker

Quite the oximoron :)

103 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-26 16:25 ID:Heaven


104 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-26 16:39 ID:Pp5Wyn/s

>>98 I wonder how they plan to keep the spotlight on him when he'll be done with Crimson Peak. Yes, I know, last year he did a lot of red carpets, but in between he had Cannes and Thor2 promotion. This year there's nothing work related (that we know of)

105 Name: yep : 2014-01-26 16:48 ID:2sM5vKfp

Oh well he already did not work related red carpets: life of pi, book of mormons, Cloud Atlas.

106 Name: Couch Potato : 2014-01-27 17:11 ID:2sM5vKfp

Elle Uk twitter.

On Thursday we will reveal pics from our shoot with Mr @twhiddleston. Also, a special short film he made. Until then, here is a quote: "I don't know my boundaries. I just say yes to things" He's not kidding either

That's sound REAAAAALLY interesting (sarcasm)

107 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-27 17:19 ID:jwGJURMH

Let's be positive >>106, maybe that sentence is followed by "but I think I need to start to set some given what happened at Donmar" lol

When do you think they did this interview? December? January?

108 Name: Couch Potato : 2014-01-27 17:30 ID:2sM5vKfp

I bet on December

110 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-28 11:14 ID:ikv/3dk2

err...long blonde hair gets a no, he looked older that he looks now! He doesn't look much more muscled-up than he is now for Coriolanus.

111 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-28 15:27 ID:ikv/3dk2

112 Name: Couch Potato : 2014-01-29 09:30 ID:2sM5vKfp

This man is too focused on promoting himself

113 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-29 11:54 ID:tWfLTa/2

I don't get what the director wanted to do with Hiddleston here, outfit included. He doesn't come off menacing, that cup of tea is meh and he ends up being overshadowed by Kingsley and Strong. I hope at least they paid him well.

114 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-29 18:06 ID:tWfLTa/2

ELLEUK twitter, again

"Coming Thurs: Tom Hiddleston. Until then, this lovely little quote..."

"Tom Hiddleston: 'We were in the same class, eventually it all went down in a cricket pavilion on an autumn night. It was very thrilling'"

In lack of a present love life, they asked him about his past one? lol

115 Name: Couch Potato : 2014-01-29 18:21 ID:2sM5vKfp

Oh jesus

116 Name: anonsy : 2014-01-29 19:07 ID:BwV53iSd

I'm gonna guess first kiss.

117 Name: Couch Potato : 2014-01-29 20:27 ID:ADiLWuR9

"We were in the same class." He went to Eton, which is all boys. So I'm guessing it's nothing romantic...or he's talking about when he was at university, which seems a bit old for a "first kiss" for him since he has mentioned having an interest in girls during his high schooling age. I'm guessing it's either nothing or a bit more than just a kiss--virginity anyone? That's actually what my mind went to when they initially said "his most revealing interview yet." But then again, it is most likely just ELLE twisiting content again to make it seem more appealing than it actually is.

118 Name: Couch Potato : 2014-01-29 20:44 ID:2sM5vKfp

First kiss, dragon school before eton, my guess

119 Name: anonsy : 2014-01-29 20:54 ID:BwV53iSd

Yeah, I think it was intentionally excerpted to make it seem like a virginity story, but I kind of don't think he'd go there in an interview. Of course I could be wrong... we'll find out tomorrow.

120 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-29 21:07 ID:tWfLTa/2

If it's virginity, it's university because it says "same class", unless we want to think he lost it before Eton, i.e. before he was 13 and it would be quite inelegant for the little girl involved.

121 Name: anonsy : 2014-01-30 03:35 ID:BwV53iSd

Here is the first leak of the Elle article and photoshoot... first kiss, age 10, "tongues and everything."

122 Name: anonsy : 2014-01-30 04:58 ID:BwV53iSd

123 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-30 08:42 ID:3TxNxN3z

Going to comment on that interview later, in the meanwhile, Thor3 will happen.

124 Name: yep : 2014-01-30 09:13 ID:2sM5vKfp

Again Arthy? Boring. Btw five shots of whiskey? Wow. And dancing, I hope you mean horizontal dancing Tom

125 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-30 09:31 ID:3TxNxN3z

Too bad she didn't add Arthy being one of those obsessive fans.
But it was a funny way to introduce the article, a bit like when the LoveBook app woman used her to promote the release.

126 Name: yep : 2014-01-30 09:42 ID:2sM5vKfp

Funny because first they shared wimbledon tweet (his girlfriend jane) and then they went for girl hyphen friend

127 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-30 09:47 ID:3TxNxN3z

is there a difference?
I thought that was just because of space.

But I'm sure some moron will take it as an announcement she is his gf.

128 Name: yep : 2014-01-30 09:59 ID:2sM5vKfp

I don't know if there is any difference, but it's seemed intentional to me. (But maybe I'm wrong)

129 Name: yep : 2014-01-30 10:11 ID:2sM5vKfp

130 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-30 10:33 ID:3TxNxN3z

ahah very Rocky.

I appreciated that ELLEUK gave him outfit that didn't make him look like an old guy, but a man his age. The photo with the coat, jeans and sneakers is the best.

Strange they in this article they mentioned all is upcoming things except for CrimsonPeak.

131 Name: yep : 2014-01-30 10:57 ID:2sM5vKfp

Comment again, he's a mama boy, really really

132 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-30 13:36 ID:3TxNxN3z

I wouldn't call this interview interesting, it's nice and cute and funny, but the journalist could have insisted a bit more on some points, like future projects (he's knocking on doors, any answer?). Amusing though how she first says he is difficult to pin down but afterwards gives a detailed description.

133 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-30 13:46 ID:3TxNxN3z

134 Name: anonsy : 2014-01-30 16:08 ID:BwV53iSd

Some people seem to be taking that Elle article as a confirmation that Tom has a girlfriend, but I'm just not getting that.

135 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-30 16:18 ID:3TxNxN3z

You mean on CB or elsewhere?
I've just finished reading an exchange on CB and what can you do, some people (very few) really live in their own little world.

I also don't see how anybody can find a confirmation he has a gf (JA or somebody else) from that interview. The only confirmation we had today was that TH isn't gay, courtesy of Mark Gatiss tweet.

136 Name: anonsy : 2014-01-30 19:02 ID:BwV53iSd

>>135 I made the mistake of venturing into the Tom Hiddleston tag on tumblr this morning, and there were several "omg he obviously has a girlfriend" and "aww he has a girlfriend named Jane" posts. I just wish Elle hadn't even brought her up again.

Mark Gatiss' tweet was hilarious.

137 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-30 19:16 ID:3TxNxN3z

>>136 Goodness!
If I were to be magnanimous and think they are not utterly stupid, I'd say it's an indirect way to get that ELLE's journalist, the one from the interview who will obviously screen tumblr, to read their conclusion so maybe she'll comment on it. But I'm afraid that's not the case.

138 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-31 09:22 ID:28Sx1IhQ

Universal announced Crimson Peak release date, October 16, 2015, while before it was supposed to be released on April.

139 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-31 09:45 ID:28Sx1IhQ

TH will be on Top Gear on Febr. 9

140 Name: yep : 2014-01-31 09:52 ID:2sM5vKfp

Someone suggested, reading between interview lines, that he seems very happy at the moment. Honestly my impression is just the opposite

(Of course I'm doing speculation and gossip, it's only a silly interview)

this guy need more jobs and less PR

141 Name: yep : 2014-01-31 09:56 ID:2sM5vKfp

>> On top gear? Now that coriolanus is almost over and he's become jaguar spokesman? How odd

142 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-31 09:57 ID:28Sx1IhQ

>>140 It's TH, when is he ever not looking happy? lol
Besides it might have to do with Coriolanus success, for example, or Jag's check, or the fact that Thor3 will happen so he has that to look forward to.

143 Name: Couch Potato : 2014-01-31 10:32 ID:2sM5vKfp

>>142 As I said he doesn't look happy at all to me, not in the interview not in backstage pictures

144 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-31 10:35 ID:28Sx1IhQ

>>143 Oh I got it that you didn't, I was referring to the fans who do. Sorry.

145 Name: Couch Potato : 2014-01-31 10:40 ID:2sM5vKfp

My mistake (not enough coffee) sorry

146 Name: anonymous : 2014-01-31 13:01 ID:28Sx1IhQ

>>145 it's ok, no worries.

147 Name: Couch Potato : 2014-01-31 21:31 ID:ADiLWuR9

I seriously don't understand why there was any need to mention JA in that interview. Unless they're dating, maybe...but it just cracks me up too much with her fangirl ways for that! Whatever floats his boat, I suppose.

148 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-01 09:02 ID:NbkgChH7

>>147 Actually, her mention just proves that she is so unimportant to TH that ELLEUK feels it's perfectly ok to use her to get his fans talking and sell more. Like that LoveBook app lady did.

If they were dating and it was known they wouldn't have used her that way, as a form of respect to TH.

If they were dating in secret there wouldn't have been any mention, as a form of respect to TH. Obviously, this idea doesn't make any sense given JA's behaviour.

If they are not dating and he has nothing to do with her anymore, she is game to be mentioned as a funny event occurred to ELLEUK chief editor. After all, fans only keep mentioning her because of how JA behaves on twitter.

149 Name: yep : 2014-02-01 10:07 ID:2sM5vKfp

she's become an urban legend, a sort of Loch Ness Monster

150 Name: Boo : 2014-02-01 19:24 ID:1S37reoB

>>148 Unless of course the reason it was mentioned or allowed to be mentioned was to show he's not gay - look there was a gf last summer - the article didn't elaborate further. The all important public image.

151 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-01 19:39 ID:NbkgChH7

>>150 Mark Gatiss took care of that. Besides, if there's a guy who never seemed gay to me is TH.

152 Name: Boo : 2014-02-01 20:56 ID:1S37reoB

>>151 He's not obviously, and that twitter post was only last week. Beginning over year ago though, there were threads on DL with the title "is Tom Hiddleston gay" and the rehash of the Kenneth Branagh rumour. Just my conspiracy theory of course.

153 Name: yep : 2014-02-02 09:43 ID:2sM5vKfp

When he went in Guinea with LW last year there was a lot of silly rumours too.

154 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-02 15:09 ID:r7fzIVtd

I was wondering, it would never be possible for TH to be cast in a DC Comics film since he's under contract with Marvel right? Especially now THOR3 is going to happen.

155 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-02 15:18 ID:r7fzIVtd

Oh, went on tumblr to find some reports because I read that in lack of stage door, fans wait and then follow TH to his car and found this:

Hadley Fraser kissing Tom Hiddleston during Coriolanus

Also saw a video of the scene where Coriolanus kisses his wife and Coriolanus being killed at the end!
It was bound to happen after the NTL, I'm just surprised there isn't a copy of the whole play around.

156 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-04 07:43 ID:avf76sHj

>>"PLEASE go home! Please don't try to find the other exits to the building! Tom will not come out until you've all dispersed! Please don't go around back! Please don't try to find his car! Please don't harass the other actors trying to get to their cars, I've told you this night after night, please, please, this is the end of the evening, please leave!"[265665756930599]&action_type_map=[%22og.likes%22]&action_ref_map

I wonder how many will stalk the Toronto studio while he-s there for CP.

157 Name: yep : 2014-02-04 14:26 ID:2sM5vKfp

He was too amenable in past. I'm glad he stops now

158 Name: anonsy : 2014-02-05 08:25 ID:BwV53iSd

159 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-05 08:52 ID:D2/umL5i

About time!

160 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-05 08:56 ID:D2/umL5i

Also confirmed by Whaeatley in a tweet.
https:// twitter. com/mr_wheatleyh

Let's cross fingers because, you know, with the man's luck you never know.

161 Name: yep : 2014-02-05 18:38 ID:2sM5vKfp

it seems another indie film

162 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-05 20:11 ID:D2/umL5i

Still, the film where he will be the only lead actor.

Also I read the film will be set in 1975 like in the book, I imagine TH is happy he has a chance to dance to the '70s music, even if briefly.

163 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-06 07:47 ID:bpU3FXSz

About High Rise

>>HanWay is handling sales and will be shopping the film at the European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin this week.

Does this means they still don't have the funds?

164 Name: yep : 2014-02-06 10:12 ID:2sM5vKfp

I bet his character will be Anthony Royal.

Crimson peak is on the move ( bless jim and his full details post

Hia assistant and LW followed Wheatley right after the news popped up, this guy lives in a golden cage

165 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-06 10:44 ID:bpU3FXSz

>>164 No, in the article I linked it says Hiddleston will play Robert Laing.

I read Jim Beaver tweet a few days ago when he was leaving for Toronto, but this update is much better. If all cast is already there, I think TH will leave right after the end of Coriolanus and will skip the BAFTA this year.
Better for him, but also too bad, I really wanted to see him alone on the red carpet and see what crazy explanations some people will come up with for that, lol.
In that sense, I'm also happy the two female actresses of CP are both with bf so nobody will start idiotic rumours.

Is that strange? After all LW is his publicist not his agent, it's his job to keep track.

166 Name: yep : 2014-02-06 11:22 ID:2sM5vKfp

No, i don't think it's strange, just i don't like it, but it's not my life so. Anyway no bafta but he'll probably come back from toronto for oliver awards in april, especially if he's gonna have a nomination for coriolanus

167 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-06 11:44 ID:bpU3FXSz

haha it's ok, I find peculiar that he even needs an assistant since he seems to like to do everything by himself.

He might even be done with CP by then. Going by critics reviews he is supposed to get a nomination, but then again the panellists and SOLT members aren't just made by journalists.

168 Name: yep : 2014-02-06 12:02 ID:2sM5vKfp

169 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-06 12:08 ID:bpU3FXSz

hahaha clear sign that he does NOT have a gf.

hey, what's his assistant name?

170 Name: yep : 2014-02-06 12:22 ID:2sM5vKfp

Olly Auld (ollyauld42 on twitter)

171 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-06 12:35 ID:bpU3FXSz

>>Please wear sunglasses and leather (or fake leather) gloves to the event

For OLLA advance screening and live event in London.

Basically Jarmusch did a film to promote his band (just kidding)

>>170 Can't say this assistant comes off as a smart one.

172 Name: yep : 2014-02-06 12:44 ID:2sM5vKfp

He's very young I think and basically just a LW puppet

173 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-06 17:29 ID:bpU3FXSz

At least he had a different outfit for the race

https:// twitter .com/BBC_TopGear/status/431468401236520960

174 Name: yep : 2014-02-07 10:04 ID:2sM5vKfp

He looks like a shit

175 Name: yep : 2014-02-07 11:06 ID:2sM5vKfp

176 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-07 12:13 ID:RGn7NOkg

>>175 Yes! I saw it this morning and thought that the man can't really complain about nuts or porn drawings of Loki when he does this stuff, lol.

Here some other HQ photos from TopGear.

177 Name: yep : 2014-02-07 12:43 ID:2sM5vKfp

He's always the same kinky boy from Gwendoline Christie time

178 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-07 12:53 ID:RGn7NOkg

LW is going to have a stroke though.

179 Name: Anonymous : 2014-02-07 15:02 ID:cyNRgJpY

I've read that he already unfavourited it, LOL.

180 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-07 15:16 ID:RGn7NOkg

>>179 He did, actually he unfavourited 4 tweet, two others were fans commenting on going to see/having seen Coriolanus and the last a tweet from the New Yorker. Who knows, maybe there was some hacking involved?

181 Name: Anonymous : 2014-02-07 15:32 ID:cyNRgJpY

I'm not on Twitter, so I'm not familiar with the specifics, but maybe he faved all those by accident in the first place.

182 Name: yep : 2014-02-07 15:35 ID:2sM5vKfp

Or problaby he just realizes anyone can see his favourites

183 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-07 15:37 ID:RGn7NOkg

>>181 Yes, at this point I start to think that's what might have happened, maybe he was scrolling and he favourited them without noticing. Too bad, now the girl who did it and whoever reblogged it, think he approves of that stuff.

184 Name: yep : 2014-02-07 15:47 ID:2sM5vKfp

*he's just realized

His supposed naiveness, I really don't know if there he is or he mokes us

185 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-07 15:53 ID:RGn7NOkg

>>184 if he had deleted only that tweet I might agree with you, but the others were harmless and that NewYorker article was about some US army documents and how the film Dr.Strangelove was right on the subject.

186 Name: yep : 2014-02-07 16:05 ID:2sM5vKfp

At least now we know why LW babysits him all the time

187 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-07 16:50 ID:RGn7NOkg

Well, look at the protector of women, taking pics while going to TheBox

Here is the debunk made by another fan

I don't know The Box reputation, from what I read it's filthy, hence my sarcasm, but that fan debunking aside, my question is: would he really be dumb enough to take a selfie with fans while going to that place, well knowing it will end up on the internet?

188 Name: yep : 2014-02-07 17:14 ID:2sM5vKfp

No he's not so stupid, and she's right about background letters. There is bar there called the freedom bar, quite famous in soho. A freedom bar dj wrote this on 2 of february

"So last night the world and their mothers were out partying. Even Helena Bonham Carter was @freedombarsoho #EpicNight"

There is a instagram picture of him with HBC outside the donmar saturday night

So unfortunately it's not true. I like the idea of "my unicorn prince charming" in a filthy club

189 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-07 17:29 ID:RGn7NOkg

I remembered reading TH was seen with HBC on Saturday but I didn't remember if the date was correct.

And yes, that girl on tumblr was right about the sign and the time line.

190 Name: anonsy : 2014-02-09 23:27 ID:BwV53iSd

191 Name: anonsy : 2014-02-10 03:47 ID:BwV53iSd

Disregard last post, the quality of this one is significantly better:

192 Name: yep : 2014-02-10 05:41 ID:DDIfBgyy

He drives a jaguar. Of course he drives a jaguar

193 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-10 12:09 ID:7irQcegu

I couldn't understand if the Jag came with the commercial or he had one before that. I sure hope he can start the Jag better than that Astra :)

194 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-10 12:51 ID:7irQcegu

I didn't know he needed specs, at least for driving.

195 Name: yep : 2014-02-10 15:06 ID:2sM5vKfp

>173 I bet on first one

196 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-10 16:16 ID:7irQcegu

197 Name: yep : 2014-02-10 17:11 ID:2sM5vKfp

"I'm his friend" nice story, lucky girl

198 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-10 17:27 ID:7irQcegu

very nice indeed!

200 Name: anonymous : 2014-02-11 11:15 ID:61YAJI1Z

Apparently...but about what? His favourite spots in London?

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