Tom Hiddleston (1000)

514 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-06 14:54 ID:8kNj1T8A

I think that ELLEUK journalist who did his latest interview was right in saying he's a difficult one to point down.

To me he seems like a guy who likes to be friendly with many, but lets very few get really close. And he seems to like the idea of having people counting on him, he likes taking responsibilities upon himself. Those aren't traits of a teenager, but of a grown-up man.
At the same time he likes people to like him, the circus bear act like he called it, revealing a certain degree of personal insecurity. Like that journalist wrote, he's very confident when it comes to his work, less when it comes to himself. Which probably makes it easier for fangirls like JA to get his interest. In this it's a luck that he has sisters, he'd be very easy to manipulate otherwise.

(I wrote this thinking you were referring in general about his character and not to a particular event)

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