Tom Hiddleston (1000)

305 Name: anonymous : 2014-03-25 16:08 ID:R3YrKdtM

A little more details about which one you are referring to, because there were several claims of stalkers around his neighbourhood. I remember the one who took a pic of him walking back home with a grocery shop, she was in London for Coriolanus and then left England. (Or are you referring to a local cafe in Toronto?)

Generally I don't believe any of this supposed encounters, unless there are pictures because, you know, it's not that difficult to google his name in relation to his neighbourhood and find out where he generally goes to have breakfast and make up a believable story.

The guy who wrote that TH told him that he wants his fans to back off etc is ridiculous, like he would tell a fan to report to other fans what he wants.
But the most funny in Toronto remains the bunch who claimed to have followed him to his hotel room, like they would even be allowed inside the hotel.

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