Tom Hiddleston (1000)

491 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-04 11:06 ID:3BJRZl9Y

Well, I'm bored, no official statement, no denial, boring :) occurred to me that the Olivier Awards happened in mid April, a month later TH will be flying to BoraBora with his present gf or future fiancee/wife...isn't a bit strange that you don't bring the person you should be madly in love with to an event that is so meaningful? I know this relationship is bizarre, but come on, you are nominated for best actor, you must want the most important person in your life to be seated there to share the moment. It's basic human nature.
Instead JA was briefly following hayley atwell to check if TH will be in a pic squeezing her (somebody should send her the CrimsonPeak party pic =P).
So maybe the wife thing is the staff person misreading the situation, possibly even fiancee is taking it too far, but she is his gf isn't she? ;) But we all noticed TH's hand in that photo (lol), and JA isn't leaning toward him or is turned toward him, it reminded me of pics with Sian, the same awkwardness. (yes, it's 1 photo only but whatever). Maybe this holiday was to find out if they want to be serious.....

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