Tom Hiddleston (1000)

639 Name: anonymous : 2014-06-22 17:20 ID:NcyisiBt

LMAO, this woman is an off the wall fruit loop, she needs professional help. Also this beanup (aka Carrie Anne Bowyer) is a stalker, plain and simple, no two ways about it. I offered proof but she thought I was Tom trying to discredit this poor fangirl!
And I call bullshit on her sources because less than two weeks ago she had no one, now she has a network, all of whom are close friends and colleagues, yet none of the "dish" is new, its the same stuff she was peddling the first week all of this blew up.
Anyone who believes anything on that site needs to jump on the crazy train with her. She's a sad little troll who feeds off the attention her blog gets, some of it was amusing at first but it's just pathetic now.

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