Tom Hiddleston (1000)

807 Name: anonymous : 2014-07-22 13:41 ID:5xTvzE7g

>>805 I thought she was related/friend with someone working at the Donmar and that was why he followed her. Anyway, he follows other fans so no big deal (though I agree that following fans it's not something you should do when you are famous because you feed their delusions).
I always skipped the comments about her until I read this tweet and I just laughed. A lot can be excused by her age, but what was she thinking? Ellen is surely not an idiot.
Best case scenario, Ellen decided to ignore her.
Worst case scenario, Ellen thought "who is this girl and why she thinks we should meet?", checked her twitter, saw she is a TH fangirl and decided to ignore her, or she noticed that TH follows the girl so she maybe asked him about that tweet and the man realized he is following yet another nutjob and told her to ignore her. There isn't a version of events where she comes out as intelligent.
Also she went to dinner with SarahRappaport, isn't she another journalist fangirl?

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