Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

165 Name: NewAnon : 2017-09-11 19:11 ID:i0F27Diw

>>159>>161 Yeah, these Tumblr fan reviews aren't reviews of the play or his acting. It's just accounts of Tom's looks, his body, and a competition of "he looked directly at me!" "Oh yeah? Well he winked and grinned and looked at me" "pfft well he blew a kiss at me and now I'm carrying baby hiddles so take that bitches". It's all fantasy projection and fan competition.

>>162>>164 I'm sure he preens and adores the applause and attention but it's probably normal Tom levels. I don't think it's as ridiculous as these fans are making it sound. The music, the dancing, the couch humping (I've read such different accounts of the famous couch humping that I can't tell if it's actual humping anymore or just one quick suggestive hip thrust that's being overblown), it probably all works well within the context of the play but when these fans write it through their fantasy lens, it starts to sound like a montage of Tom's most embarrassing moments. Tumblr fan reviews on Tom anything are always focused on him and their fantasies than the actual work or truth of what actually happened so it always makes me laugh when these fans tack on the obligatory "but the play was true art! I wish he'd do more art"...yeah we can tell how much you appreciated the art lol

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