Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

18 Name: Anon. : 2017-08-28 22:08 ID:awCruF0V

>>16 You've said this before, Sosorry, but I wonder what good a 'crisis' PR team can do. If, as we suspect, he's somewhat limited in what he can say or do by a contract/non-disclosure, then any PR strategy is equally limited. He certainly can't fight fire with fire (as much as he may wish), she has the victim act down to a science.

If you're only talking about a career PR crisis team, I wonder if that is limited too, for all the reasons NewAnon has mentioned. I fear Tayto and his GG speech (that room would have been filled with directors, producers, studio heads) have taken the rudder out of his hand. There may be nothing that he can do except do the work he has on the books while hoping his agent can secure him auditions, roles, etc. And if tv and theatre are the only jobs on offer, well a job is a job, those grey boots aren't going to buy themselves.

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