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180 Name: Anon : 2017-09-14 07:13 ID:A3rZwPke

My favourite example was at the height of the relationship when GossipCop issued one of its usual bullshit denials of an obviously true story, and her fans leapt in to say that the "source" was Tree Paine (her publicist) and that she was the source for all GC's TS stories, therefore the denial was accurate.

I said, hang on, about 36 hours before she split with CH, didn't GC write a story denying that they had a problem? Did that come from Tree as well? And doesn't that mean that Tree lies to the press? The contortions that the fans went into in order to defend TS (and her publicist!) were amazing:

(1) there is a special wording that GC uses when it is using TP as a source ("sources close to TS say") and this wasn't one of those articles
(2) GC is a shit rag which makes stuff up like all the rest of the webloids (only not, of course, when it is supporting Tayto, when it is a reliable, biblically true source)
(3) the story was from Tree but she didn't know at the time that TS has split with Calvin, which TS had kept from her
(4) the story was from Tree and IT WAS TRUE because Taylor had not at that time decided to split with Calvin, which happened and was announced to the press within the next 36 hours

Many of these explanations came from the same people. I pointed out that these couldn't all be true and several people unfollowed me because I was a hater and ruining the fandom with my negative energy. They all piled onto TS as soon as the split happened, believe me.

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