Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

184 Name: Whatsinaname : 2017-09-16 03:11 ID:6LNXsSd5

>>182 Oooo yeah, she's blaming it on TH's fans - https://twitter.

>>181 >>183 Yep, the new bodyguard has been there to help scope out the audience. There's an unconfirmed lady stalker rumor, but I think it's general security because of nutters.

Been waiting for the perfect moment to tell the following story. It's not about a nutter, and I'll give you the supershort version: a former huge TH fan with a very popular Tom tumblr went to a red carpet event and brought a couple of pictures for him to sign. It would be the 2nd time she'd seen him in person and gotten an autograph. He eventually got to her and her friend. He looks directly at her for several seconds like he recognized her, reached over to sign her friend's picture, then walked away to someone else. A deliberate snub. Was it because he thought she was just collecting autographs to resell on eBay? Was it because his security were watching her tumblr, and showed him her picture so he can be aware of her?

Like I said, hers was only a picture reblog tumblr. She almost never made original text posts about him, or participated in the back and forth with people lusting over him. Based on that I wouldn't have considered her a security risk but maybe she was doing something else on the side we don't know about. However, if not, If he snubbed her for no other reason than recognizing her from the first time and not wanting to give her more autographs, then 1. why are there other fans who he's taken selfies with multiple times and 2. what will happen if he spots Berlinale in the audience, mid-sentence?

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