Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

194 Name: Anon. : 2017-09-18 15:56 ID:i7607y1q

>>193 Good question, Whats. I don't know if Unknown has that specialist knowledge but I bet someone on the board does.

They touted the ballot system as all but revolutionary, so that element seems a first, at least for Rada. When I lived in London I was a semi-frequent theatre goer both on my own dime and on the boyfriend's Citibank client entertaining allowance. I never attended a play at Rada or knew anyone who had attended. Of course I knew of Rada. I don't think they have alumni back to perform/direct in this way but I could be wrong. I have no idea about the fundraising part of this. Maybe every play at Rada is technically a fundraiser as the students don't get paid for it.

This all is just more proof that this seems to be a beast constructed for a particular set of goals.

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