Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

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Ok anecdote. The person I met worked closely with him and still sees him for pub nights out etc. Apparently very charming and gentlemanly but also buttock-clenchingly earnest and desirous of approval (this from a man, and not from a famous one either). Thus far, thus fairly unsurprising, save that the neediness must be pretty noticeable if a regular bloke can spot it.

The specific anecdote relates to an encounter at a party between TH and Jude Law.

The latter, as you will know, is not a tall man (I can confirm this having met him twice - once on the street and once in a restaurant). He apparently deals with this by invading one's personal space during conversation, meaning standing very very close and drawing himself up to his full 5 foot 6.

Anyway, all eyes were on how these two alpha gorillas would deal with one another - Law playing to TH's insecurities by being more famous, and TH playing to Law's by being 9 inches taller. I am told that Law had a go at standing close but realised quite quickly that this wasn't really working given TH's height!! They apparently spent the rest of the evening circling one another slightly mistrustfully and talking in Serious Deep Voices about their "projects.

PS capcha was "Law" !!

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