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In the same way I doubted the cat was his when mentioned in a 'reputable' magazine, I'll wait for a confirmation of his new status as a pet owner.

I think he said in that interview that he didn't have pets because it wouldn't be fair on them since he was away so much. If the pup is that age, he was thinking about getting it before or during the Hamlet run. Long days of rehearsal, performance days and thoughts of upcoming promo wouldn't inspire a sensible person to get a dog. Especially if he was hoping Hamlet would bring the scripts and work in.

But then sometimes it's hard to resist a puppy. Still I'll wait for print or photo confirmation. I hope it's a spread in Horse and Hound. I hope they get Taffy to do it. I hope he mentions how he and Taylor talked about getting a puppy before the cruel paps/public/media drove them apart and crushed their totally real, not staged love.

Enjoy your extra hour, everyone. Side note: children don't recognize parents' right to an extra hour of sleep. Each day is a lesson.

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