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Sidenote, remember how I said that Tom should emulate Jeremy Irons' career path, and I mentioned a film he did called "M Butterfly" where a 1930s french diplomat falls in love with a beautiful chinese opera singer who is secretly a man? Well, Clive Owen stole my idea for Tom, and he is currently leading the "M Butterfly" revivial on Broadway. If Clive wins a Tony nomination or an award, Tom, that was your show.

Just saw Thor 3 last night! It was thoroughly enjoyable. Wickedly funny, very much of Taika Waititi's style. First off, Tom was elegant and mischievous, as usual. But this wasn't Loki's story. Someone said that the Loki character is like the Jack Sparrow character in the POTC films. His character burst out completely realized and as a fan favourite, and now there isn't anywhere else to go with his story arch. Taika as a director is great at comedy and world building. And he's esp good at character interactions and exploring the fun ways they can contrast with other characters. The Thor/Hulk scenes rocked. And the the Dr. Strange/Asgard boys scene was hilarious as well. Jeff Goldblum was a hoot. But, the action sequences could have been much much better. And overall, I thought that the film lacked emotional gravitas and mythology. Some unrevokable tragic events occur, and they didn't resonate the way they should have with the audience, they just kind of breezed by. In the director's aim to lighten the tone of the Thor series, the film was tonally inconsistent overall, and it seemed like they didn't know how how to transition from the humour to the more grave moments, as Branagh did in Thor 1.

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