Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

356 Name: NewAnon : 2017-12-02 18:05 ID:i0F27Diw

>>353 No, I was talking about the ones from Comic Con 2010. The one on one interviews where he's sitting with a group of reporters. I think he says the pole dancing line in it. You can see glimpses of that guy Anonon's friend was taking about. Though I do think he might have been bragging more about how everyone keeps calling him the new Bond rather than saying he is the new Bond, just because it's a set and ppl know ppl.

>>354 >>355 You sound like a recent lurker more than an old time visitor of the board and probably have no idea about Anonon. No wonder you are quick to disregard everything. Even though what she said isn't really that damning at all, just funny. Maybe look elsewhere for flattering "tea" on Tom. Sorry to burst your bubble about Tom's perfection.

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