Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

370 Name: NewAnon : 2017-12-03 00:01 ID:i0F27Diw

>>366 I started getting into him because of the Hollow Crown. I thought he was a handsome actor who really had some serious acting chops which is why I'm so surprised at how much he struggles to land a decent project and of course, his current drought of projects.

>>367 My American understanding of ponce was someone trying to act super cultured and intellectual and coming off obnoxious af. Is that what the main connotation behind what general public thinks of posh Brits in UK and Aus?
Tayto was such a should have been fun like THEO but it was just sad. I love the "anonymous neighbors" (read angry fans) that always come out on twitter after he's been photographed with a girlfriend to yell at him about loud sex. Happened with both JA and EO. We should really have a word for ppl like that.

>>368 It doesn't like he was acting out though. It just sounds like he was whining about the hot weather and buying into his own hype with the Bond thing. I mean we all know Tom isn't really some super modest "aww shucks who me" kinda guy. He always humblebrags in his interviews and name drops when it's not necessary. He's just extra like that. He's always been extra. The way he'd make such a big deal about his privacy when really he's like any other ambitious celebrity and is ready to negotiate his privacy spiel if the price is right. I really think he doesn't listen to the professionals in the industry because honestly, seasoned pros in the industry (all of whom he has access to and hangs around quite a bit) have great advice that's guaranteed to give you respectable success if you have the talent. But that's only if you listen to it. I don't think Tom listens to his team or his mentors that much. ISTL is a great proof of that.

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