Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

386 Name: Unknown : 2017-12-04 03:32 ID:daNyY+Sd

>>383 This just proves what Barbara Broccoli said about Tom; that he's too smug and too weak to play Bond.

He sounds like an egomaniac. He honestly thought he had the Bond role. But his over ambition really got the best of him after his little height of fame and praise with The Night Manager. I could only imagine if he was up for an Oscar or any other sought after role.

He already sounds incredibly snobby with the cold fish way he's been treating some of his fans as of late. Like if he's better then everyone when not realizing he had lowered himself to Kardashian levels of desperation and famewhoreness with the summer of 2016.

He sounds like a child rather then a 36 year old man. Is that why he goes after young women who are almost a decade younger then him and are more famous then him? Is this why he's using a puppy as a security blanket for his fragile ego?

His fans always proclaim he's really mature simply because he went to the most prestigious schools in London and because of Shakespeare or some nonsense. But he really is probably emotionally and mentally stunted. That GQ interview confirmed that.

And duh Australia is hot during that time. He sounds obnoxious and insufferably arrogant. His lack of self-awareness and how he comes off to people who aren't from Tumblr is cringe inducing.

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