Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

630 Name: Unknown : 2018-03-12 20:19 ID:8suh0qni

There is this misconception that Tom's fan base consist of a bunch of teenage girls when in actuality it's more a bunch of twenty somethings and middle age women. It resembles the Twilight fan base. His popularity is teenage-like but the fans are most often adults.

Also how is taking paparazzi photos of walking your puppy looking like a disheveled mess prove he isn't a famewhore? He's getting photographed doing the most mundane things with his newest prop-the dog-which is what reality tv stars paparazzi photos are like. He's just making himself look pitiful and it's not helping him.

He needs to guest star on some popular show or something. Go back to square one and stop being tabloid fodder because he dated a girl his obsessed fan base hates like every girl he dates.

And if he wants to get rid of his insane overly entitled fanbase; get married and pop a kid. That'll shatter their wish fulfillment fantasies about him. Though I'm sure they'll talk bad about his wife and child ala Cumberbatch, but the fantasy will wear off aand they'll target another single actor.

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