Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

652 Name: NewAnon : 2018-03-23 22:30 ID:i0F27Diw

>>645 Thank you, Anon! Life has been a bit crazy since the new year and deprived of my celeb gossip fun :( When google alerts popped up that Evening Standard article calling him an "A-list celeb" and bitching about the pup for no reason, I couldn't resist anymore.

I was never convinced that Jane was an actual relationship/ proper gf. The way Tom did everything to keep their connection hidden, and also his behavior at the CP wrap party, all screamed FWB/ hook up buddy to me. I also don't believe that Tom had planned the Bora Bora trip and took her. It seemed like she planned the trip and took him. He was cold AF with that poor woman. But there's no doubt she has a big soft spot for Tom, hoping he'd finally turn things serious instead of keeping it casual. Going by those pre-TayTo pics at the cafe and her sad face, the two must have been hooking up in the downtime between EO and TS. I wouldn't be surprised if he's seeing Jane again and that's who he was in the park with in that pic. Maybe he'll treat her better this time. Or whoever this new gf, hopefully he won't play those "are we or are we not" games when we know he's fully capable of acting like a bf as we saw on the TayTo tour of "love".

>>651 That's another thing. He looks beat down. I mean really beat down. He doesn't look like he's taking a break and relaxing. His face looks miserable. If he has a gf now, let's hope he cleans up a little and stops looking like shit. It's really not a good look on him. No need to let go of grooming your facial hair. That beard needs some taming. I can't imagine any woman wanting that near her face or her private parts without a good wash and some trimming.

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