Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

813 Name: Anon : 2018-09-06 07:10 ID:A3rZwPke


Yeah, I saw after I posted that he presented. That made me think it definitely is a rehab exercise. Ok, he has attended before and maybe won (?) but that was a long time ago. Ok, he and JG were both in TR - but in pop culture terms that was also a long time ago. Is he the most obvious person to present to JG? They aren’t best mates. I thought when I saw him attend that maybe Cumberbatch was going to get an award.

I alsoa thought he looked guarded on the RC. I’m not espousing the Tumblr “depression” rubbish but he looked to my mind thoroughly hacked off to have to walk the RC and be photographed, but like he was having a great time inside at the party. Like you say SoSorry, that’s a change (to my eyes). I genuinely think he used to enjoy working the RC and being photographed/meeting fans (running off while Luke wailed “noooo we have to go in”). He was refusing selfies last night - definitely new(ish). He had used to be grateful. Exactly the right word. He liked the parties and the lifestyle, appreciated that the RC was the quid pro quo, and actually enjoyed the attention. Now, I think he has decided he hates the press. Simple as that.

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