Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

824 Name: Anon : 2018-09-11 08:13 ID:A3rZwPke

>>823 the comments on the CB article are interesting. Some nice ones about how after metoo being ambitious and a bit needy are not perhaps the worst sins.

I also thought it was perceptive to observe that he looks like a wet weekend on the RC( though obviously enjoying the event once inside) in part because the reboot is focussed on him not appearing to be thirsty. I had assumed it was primarily because he now loathes the paps as a result of Tayto.

Interestingly though, even the more stannish CBers do now accept that, whether you think the romance was real or fake, the decision to take it public was a totally conscious one (and very possibly one of which Luke disapproved - ie as we have always said a decision of TH/his American publicist). Nobody, but nobody, is buying the crap “people with camera phones victimise me” story that TH wheeled out last year. Seeing TS hidin her new partner and seeing how utterly he can change/control his image has perhaps made them realise that what we saw in the summer of 2016 was a conscious attempt to manipulate media coverage.

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