Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

826 Name: Anon : 2018-09-13 09:33 ID:A3rZwPke

>>825 Torrilla posted some pics of TH when he was publicising ISTL in Toronto - the relative minimalness of the unclenching at the RL event is noticeable when you look at his happy little face in those pics. Also I think wearing clothes he picked himself. Happy days before Yours Truly and TS got hold of him.

I have an alternative theory about the Summer of Swift. I think that it was part of a carefully orchestrated plan which was dreamed up a lot earlier and was intended to follow like a blaze of light from the spring of 2016 when he was promoting ISTL and TNM very hard. He had his little US grooming and lurve team (remember cheezetheboard, his one and only attempt at professional social media?). He had a new PR team in the US, Yours Truly and a LOT of appearances - on every outlet you can name and a few you can’t for ISTL and then TNM. He was on every front page in the UK for about 6 weeks when TNM was on tv.

The reason I say it was dreamed up earlier than May 16 is that there was a small but noticeable crumb trail. Out of the blue he followed her on Twitter in February 16, and then having deliberately avoided talking about EO he gave an interview in April 2016 saying “you can write that I’m single; there’s no ring on this finger.” That always struck me as an odd comment in the context of his (then) reticence about talking about his love life. Sounds a bit like clearing the decks so that a new relationship wouldn’t look like overlap. Then the Met Gala and the video leaked of them dancing, the account of him helping her off with her shoes, and so on.

Of course he could have found he was attending the Met Gala when she was hosting and followed her for that reason. But to my mind it all fits with the publicity activities of the spring rising to a long thought out pre-planned crescendo and him becoming genuinely pop culture famous (which he did, but not quite as planned!).

I think it’s easy to forget that in May 2016 he was riding very high. He had done critically well received work in a number of projects (even if the films overall were patchy). He had just finished shooting Skull Island. If he had revealed in May 16 that Loki was to die we would have thought, so what - he has other strings to his bow and it’s time to move on. He turned up to the TR set two weeks later than planned, with his squeeze, tanned and too fat (cf comments from our mole at the time). He didn’t seem that bothered about it being a huge part of his career any more (I have wondered subsequently if that explains the supposed tension with Taika Waititi). The loss of Loki only looks bad viewed with the benefit of hindsight now we know that there isn’t anything else at present. That’s why I don’t think it was a reaction to knowing Loki was going.

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