Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

857 Name: Anon : 2018-09-30 20:51 ID:o1bEphas

And I will make one further observation about you and your ilk.

People come in this board and say all sorts of critical things: Tom’s losing his hair, he looks like a scruff, his interviews are extra, his relationship is fake. There has been robust disagreement over the years about whether those things are true or not, but the rule has always been, no criticism of someone for expressing those views. Everyone has a right to their opinion.

It is always, always, the mark of trolls (including you) who come along and seek to criticise the person for expressing the view, and not the view itself. You’re a bad person, a bad fan, or in your charming words a psycho or an misogynist for expressing the view. Almost always the troll is a new or infrequent visitor to the board as well, but obviously a lurker who shows themselves to be every bit as “invested” as the people they seek to criticise.

And you trolls are slowly but surely killing this board. Remember Anon.? (She who started this board which you are so high-handedly seeking to order me off?) She was one of many who made it what it was - she found twitter sightings before anyone else did and they all took them off to tumblr from here. Or Anonon who had great gossip from the TR set. They and many others left because they were sick of people like you coming here and making your sanctimonious little complaints that we were bad fans for expressing our opinions. Well good luck. When you run the rest of us out of town there won’t be anyone left and you can all sit in the tumbleweeds together hoping that Tom reads this and pats you on the head for being top fan. Good luck with that.

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