Tom Hiddleston 5 (1000)

174 Name: Anon : 2015-10-26 17:07 ID:++CFJS2I

>>172 I saw a number of obsessive comments to Twitter users who saw him at the theatre, at service station on M1 etc.

I have to say if I did see him I wouldn't tweet it. Twitter has really chipped away at any privacy celebs have now. Some of my acquaintance, whom I otherwise consider relatively moderate, are surprisingly militant about this ("if he didn't mind being photographed he wouldn't take the Tube, he can afford a taxi" etc). I really don't think that being famous means you have signed up for creep shots tracking your every move across London. Long may he continue to be able to use the tube, walk out for a coffee etc without being photographed or tweeted everywhere he goes. I hope the lack of Heathrow tweets means he was able to leave the country unnoticed.

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