Tom Hiddleston 12 (1000)

1 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-26 12:59 ID:1Gv7ebAj

Thread to talk about the actor Tom Hiddleston

301 Name: Sosorry : 2016-07-31 04:27 ID:I4dpY8ws

Apparently, TS's mother was definitely spotted in Rhode Island at her house on Instagram! On top of that, that twitter girl says she spotted TS and her friends from her boat, on the beach, although she did not take photos (no mention of TH.) Some are speculating that if mother Swift is in Rhode Island, then TH is not.

Gossip Cop just debunked the rumor that TS is helping TH with the Bond role, trumpeting TH's resume as a movie star and thespian. Not sure if this was Luke or TS's PR team, though. The fact that TH could have a J Brand endorsement in the works is interesting. But I think the fact that TH was accompanied by his business manager and Publicist at SDCC, and made a boomerang visit to his lawyers in NYC and maybe Marvel headquarters, means that he's going to mattresses, while Team Swift has a confab in Watch Hill. How will this evolve/devolve? No idea. Still lighting a candle, still confused.

302 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-31 07:16 ID:Heaven

>>291 pfft, fake all the way. Now I have even lost interest in the blind item. I suppose they are asking for info to get the dates right for the story so the fanfiction would be more credible.

303 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-31 07:32 ID:Heaven

Yesterday I remembered that in Thor2 the total Loki time was 20 minutes and it took 3 months to TH to film that.
It's suspicious that he is not even around set and possibly indicative of:

a) Loki has as much screen time but not played by TH.
b) TH isn't in Oz because he is desperately trying to land a job in LA. Veranda woman claims that even other actors of the MCU don't have anything lined up, which is bs, Evans was just cast for the new Jekyll film. TH keeps saying he has plans (but also that he doesn't make plans) but he isn't announcing anything.
c) Option a plus b with the addition of TS not beng welcome on set, she doesn't get along with the rest of the cast and she was bored in Oz.

304 Name: Anonon : 2016-07-31 08:28 ID:GVPW0+uL

>>303 I think a) is your strongest point. He has free time and he's chosen to spend it with TS (and his lawyers/ pr/ agents).
I'm ruling out b) since nobody ever was given time off set to job hunt.
Option c) is probable insofar as she would have been a righteous pain in the arse to come home to during the KK dramas.
The few actors that bring their SO's/ families to set usually do so once only. Everyone's too busy to stop and chat for long. There's plenty of opportunities for them to join in for dinner/ drinks after work if they can be bothered listening to constant talk about set life. She's done a tiny bit of acting, surely she would know this.
I doubt the rest of the cast would dislike her- they certainly wouldn't show their contempt, it's not worth causing unnecessary friction.
I think her need to cling would eclipse her desire to stay away due to boredom.

305 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-31 09:52 ID:Heaven

>>304 point b) I didn't mean he was given time off to job hunt, but that since he has time off and nothing lined up he is using it to job hunt. He did visit his agent and such in NY and LA.

306 Name: Anonon : 2016-07-31 10:20 ID:GVPW0+uL

>>305 Aha, that makes more sense. That's really the only logical explanation for his short NY trip. Who knows whether it was damage control for his relationship or a desperate plea for future work.
The LA agent visit did not look friendly and prompted an unusual flurry of tweets. Perhaps they told him to lift his game with his fans to secure a job that's in the pipeline.

His future is looking all Swift and no work at the moment which is the cause of a few upset tummies in the fandom. This is the first time I'm aware of that he hasn't had anything lined up officially. Not even a Pirate Fairy or Cookie Monster gig.
While he was hinting about an imminent theatre announcement, I can't help but wonder if that was premature and the powers that be changed their minds following TayTo.
All I hope for is that the plan isn't to join Tay on a permanent over-publicised pda world tour inciting mass harakiri.

307 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-31 11:36 ID:Heaven

>>306 Exactly. Papstrolls are things they could have done in Oz as well. Since TS has nothing going on at the moment I have a feeling they are staying in LA because of him. He usually only announces projects when they are secured, but first he said at SDCC that he was needed back in Oz then he planted roots in LA after visiting his agent.

About theatre, I agree with you. I think one sure consequence of TayTo is that his stature in the theatre world in London is gone. He won't go back being the critics' favourite the way he used to and it's in doubt whether he'll be able to land a prestigious role again.

309 Name: Anonon : 2016-07-31 13:11 ID:GVPW0+uL


'And sometimes u have dinner next to @taylorswift13 &Tom H. And you just gotta acknowledge its awesome, send good vibes and let them be #LA'

Twatty dinner sighting by an actress (who isn't in LA).

One of these twits is lying and I don't care which to be honest.
If this one is true then possibly they are actually spending their evenings arguing over the remote... oh yawn I just fell asleep

310 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-31 13:45 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>309 This one says she was in Los Angeles but since she's being all philosophical about it she could actually be talking about their dinner date from a couple days ago. Her tweet was in the middle of the night.

311 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-31 16:50 ID:1R0DkkPA

The tweet was from 8 hours ago. >>310 Yeah, unless she saw them eating at 2AM LA time, she's gotta be talking about the last dinner date. Or maybe earlier last night and she tweeted later?

312 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-31 17:33 ID:1R0DkkPA

TOD has printed that she's received "indisputable info" that tiny PhD girl exists
Basically she has links to tiny PhD girl's social media accounts. Now those accounts must obviously be public otherwise how can she say for sure she believes the two had a relationship until June 2016? The accounts must have some pics of them together or something but if they did, wouldn't his fans have found them by now? I really hope she's not going off of some tweet at Tom as her proof that these two dated. My personal belief is that the girl is real but the info on her being someone Tom dated is probably made up. TOD says she'll tell all her info on tiny PhD girl and relationship with TH in private so anyone with a tumblr willing to message her for info?

313 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-31 17:49 ID:1R0DkkPA

Looks like that tweet from last night was recent

So they are still in LA and still going strong. No breakup yet. Will we pap shots of them leaving the restaurant later during the day or tomm? Most likely.

314 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-31 18:04 ID:Heaven

>>312 Ha! What a crappy post. Truly I'm whatever about this guy, but this PhD girl is ridiculous. He was on another bloody continent from January until May. And before that from Oct to half of Dec. How the fuck could he have be together with anyone?

Then let's set a few things straight.

Lara Pulver: BULLSHIT. It's such BS it drives me crazy every time I read it. For the umpteenth time, Lara Pulver at that time had a boyfriend Raza Jaffrey, who became her husband a year later. She was there that night because she is friend with Murray and when the DM posted that article without even mentioning her name she made fun of it, joking that the DM couldn't recognize her because she wasn't naked (as reference to her character in Sherlock). Check her fucking twitter.

JA was not seen at a Coriolanus performance, we debunked that months ago, that was one of the soppy ELLEUK journalists.

Jessica Chastain?!?!?! JC doesn't have a bf NOW, she had that same bf for years. Bf that was with her at the bd party in Toronto. WTF! And Jessica denied that rumour as soon as it was published.

Mia?!?! Mia was already dating Eisenberg at the time of Crimson Peak, he visited her on set.

315 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-31 18:06 ID:Heaven

>>313 Good. I needed a laugh and the idea of 2 bodyguards waiting at the bar to accompany her at the bathroom is hilarious. Do they accompany TH as well?

316 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-31 18:08 ID:Heaven

317 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-31 18:08 ID:Q0UQBPGV

>>313 If that sighting is real (we'll know soon enough I'm sure), at least one of their publicists told them to act romantic in the restaurant in case someone took a photo. If this is going to be believable, the fan sightings have to match the paparazzi photos and the comments from "sources." The "romantic" stories of the last date night sounded so stupid after that fan pic of them not even sitting across from each other.

>>314 I am so over all these trolls. And half of that relationship breakdown post was inaccurate.

318 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-31 18:15 ID:Heaven

>>317 Using a resume of his love life to give credit to their phd girl fiction makes it fishy, getting so many details wrong makes it silly.

319 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-31 18:18 ID:Heaven

Links and pictures? Of what? What pictures? TH having sex with this girl? Kissing her via Skype? Links to what?

320 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-31 18:28 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>314 It's so clear that these are all new fans. These tea blog ones and the anons commenting on them. I'm guessing they joined the fandom later otherwise the rest of us who've been around since his Thor or Avenger days immediately know which relationships out of that list were real and the actual timelines to go with them. Like the Susannah-Kat D one, people always assume that Tom and SF started dating according to when she first appeared on Wallander but didn't pics of her and Tom together, the non red carpet ones, come out all after his fling with Kat D?
And I definitely do not believe the tiny PhD girl story.

>>316>>317 I'm 100% positive we're getting pap pics soon of them leaving the restaurant or on their way to it. There is no way these two go out in public and not call the paps. She's been hit with terrible press and she wants to show it doesn't affect her because she's so happy in true love. And Tom the supportive boyfriend with dwindling career prospects.

321 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-31 18:39 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>319 TOD keeps saying "the girl is real" and she also said she has links to her social media accounts. Sounds like there is absolutely no proof of her and Tom together but just proof of there being an Italian woman who's doing her PhD in UK. We all know Tom has tons of intellectual/ cerebral fans so whoever is making up this fairytale found their idea of Tom's ideal woman following him on Twitter and spun a story around it. Wouldn't be the first time a TH fan made up a story about him hooking up with a random woman that turned out to be completely. There was that whole Michelle debacle on TOBY during the CP shoot in Toronto. Despite her social media and everything, that all turned out to be made up and fake as hell.

322 Name: Anon : 2016-07-31 19:37 ID:vUFIR5fg

Captcha says "love" (presumably ironically).

All this tiny PhD bullshit. It is acquiring a spurious legitimacy by spreading it to a second blog, I am guessing supposedly via a "separate" source. Oldest trick in the book.

When did he have time to get with this woman? He was with EO in late July 15 and we assume for some time after, or at least they were on and off (TIFF not friendly, HI more friendly). Then home for a couple of weeks for,Christmas, and then off to Australia and Vietnam, then straight into the publicity tour. Are we to believe that she didn't visit him in HI (he would surely have been spotted wandering around with another woman as everyone was looking for EO) - and that his "non-GF EO" did? It is such nonsense. Meanwhile he was supposedly meeting TS and starting to get it on with her!

323 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-31 19:40 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>322 Tiny PhD Girlfriend is the only thing that looks more fake than Hiddleswift.

324 Name: Anon : 2016-07-31 19:44 ID:vUFIR5fg

>>323 Theoanons got convinced by her - enough to suddenly shut down her blog. I thought that was bizarre. She didn't seem the type to be fooled. But it just shows how convincing these catfishers are.

325 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-31 20:12 ID:1R0DkkPA

Looks like TOD is about to do her own exclusive on tiny PhD girl

I still don't buy it. But I guess TH fans would rather the possibility of their ideal woman as his one true love before bad Taylor came and broke them up with her grand promises of fame.

>>324 Theoanons enjoyed gossiping and speculating but I don't think she was ready for the mess these kind of tumblrs attract. Tiny PhD girl reads like every other TH fanfic out there but if someone is using someone else's social media to give this story credence then that's shady territory to get involved in.

326 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-31 20:15 ID:1Gv7ebAj

Strange request. Anon will you open your tumblr up to asks or submits or messages. I think I know who you are on tumblr and I want to message you. Thanks.

327 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-31 20:16 ID:1R0DkkPA

Taylor being the sweet girlfriend that she is and getting Tom endorsements twitter(.)com/JBrandJeans/status/759582377442181120

It's no Armani but it's good enough for Taylor Swift's new pet.

328 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-31 20:21 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>326 It will be anon - I'm not going to expose myself or you!! Should have mentioned that.

329 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-31 20:29 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>326 Should have also said that it's more than fine - of course - if you don't want to.

330 Name: Sosorry : 2016-07-31 21:00 ID:I4dpY8ws

The plane moved again today. It already landed, though. Some are speculating it is parked at Nashville where it lives.

331 Name: Anon : 2016-07-31 22:21 ID:vUFIR5fg


>>326 might you have followed me recently?

332 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-31 22:28 ID:1Gv7ebAj

Yes. One word - cuniculus.

333 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-31 22:32 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>331 >>332 That was a stupid hint. For me and my blog - Scottish. I'd appreciate a follow back so I could message.

334 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-01 00:19 ID:UhtJPJ/f

Working off last night's dinner lol

I think we'll see the pap pics from last night in the next few hours or will get a brand new couple's outing. Her defamation case is in August so more pics of the happy couple who's not bothered at all by real life and it's petty quibbles eyeroll

335 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-01 00:39 ID:jk4W5Vi7

Here is the sad tale of Tiny PhD Girl.

I still think it's fake. Like the Michelle story mentioned upthread this girl is probably a real person, just one who has never had any romantic interaction with Tom.

336 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-01 00:58 ID:UhtJPJ/f

>>335 Same here. It's too detailed for someone to know all this and not be a close confidant of Tom or the woman in question. Which then begs the question why they'd spill the beans on tumblr. Another thing I don't understand is this PhD girl contacted a previous gossip tumblr and I'm assuming it's safe to say that would've been Theoanons. Why would you message a stranger running a tea blog spreading gossip about you and use your personal name email to do so? Wouldn't that just confirm the whole gossip speculation about you and could potentially put you in the same media attention you initially didn't want? And I just checked, she's removed those emails. The censoring is worse than CIA FBI blacked out documents dealing with national security.

Plus the timelines simply do not match up with how much he was off working in different continents. Someone's getting catfished.

337 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-01 01:04 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>336 I found her. It wasn't hard. Toddy still left too much information for someone who's good with Google. I don't think this girl was even in London until June. She's tweeted Tom a number of times and liked some of his social media posts but appears to be a fan.

My belief is that the initial story of Tiny PhD girl was complete BS, and now someone else has amped up the catfish by finding a woman who more or less fits in with the story.

I'm sure someone else will figure out who she is and post her name, but I'm not going to be the one to do it. Especially since I think she's an innocent party here.

338 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-01 01:04 ID:UhtJPJ/f

>>335>>336 Also where was Tom going to wish her happy birthday that he was told not to? Can't be Twitter because he hasn't used that thing for anything else apart from work for a while now. And if he did privately and texted, no one would know and it'd be private.

This story is filled with just as many plot holes as a TH fanfic with a female love interest just like tiny PhD girl.

339 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-01 01:14 ID:UhtJPJ/f

>>337 I found her too. I went through his Twitter and found her. Maybe it's a long con and this person talking to TOD already had their eye on using this girl's info as they were building their story. I found her Facebook too and the posts that TOD was referring to as her proof for there being something between her and Tom sounds more like a disillusioned fan than a heartbroken lover or cheated on gf. Actually tbh one of them is too vague to be said its about Tom and the other looks like it's about Tom if you read it on Twitter but on Facebook she put up the story behind it and it's got zilch to do with Tom.

According to all three of her social media accounts, it seems like she left London early early May and then returned in June. That definitely doesn't fit the TH romance timeline. I think we're looking at another Michelle incident.

340 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-01 01:16 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>339 The girl I found didn't even go to London until June.

341 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-01 01:19 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>339 >>340 Wait just kidding, she did visit London earlier this year.

342 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-01 01:21 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>339 Someone totally found this girl and wrote a fanfiction based on her social media accounts. This is ridiculous.

343 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-01 01:22 ID:GVPW0+uL

This all sounds like Frenchy to me

344 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-01 01:24 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>340 You're right. I misunderstood her tweet that's sandwiched in between the seaside one and the Italian poet one. Do you see which tweet I'm talking about? I read it as her returning but you're right, she never got to London until June.

345 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-01 01:26 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>341 Yeah but it seems earlier in March and April. She certainly wasn't in London in May which when this whole romance with TH is supposed to have gone down. Where was Tom in March and April? Wasn't he promoting TNM for US?

346 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-01 01:29 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>345 He wasn't there any of the times she was there, or even the times she may have been there. This is all BS and people are eating it up because they're pissed at Tom.

347 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-01 01:43 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>346 Yep. Sigh. Back to watching the TayTo circus.

348 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-01 02:56 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>347 The last two blogs I was keeping an eye on that hadn't devolved into complete insanity or converted into Sebastian Stan blogs are now inundated with anons talking about what a horrible person Tom is because of what he did to Tiny PhD Girl. Why can't we just stick to criticizing Tom for terrible and/or stupid things he's actually done?

349 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-01 04:55 ID:I4dpY8ws

So, there are no photos of both TH and TS at The Church Key restaurant, no pap walk. The mainstream media never even talked about that date nght. But there is a pic of TH at the Fitness Factory gym today, alone. Was the pic of TS at the restaurant and the story from the actress about their romantic behavior a plant? Does the gym pic mean that TH is taking his identity back? What is this game they're playing? Are they a couple after all? Any thoughts?

350 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-01 05:10 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>349 The "story from a closed group" was fishy to me. The leg running under the table (which she wouldn't have been able to see based on her photo), the overhearing of so many conversation details in a loud, crowded restaurant... either the poster embellished for dramatic effect, or Taylor was making a big show of everything she was doing in hopes that someone would blab on social media about how "genuine" and "loved up" they were. Probably to make up for the photo of them in the last restaurant looking not at all into each other. That is assuming the woman who took the photo was being truthful, which I have my doubts about.

Personally? I think the relationship is completely fake. I have for a couple weeks now.

351 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-01 06:36 ID:Heaven

>>337,339 I'm glad you two found her so at least someone here got the chance to see the evidence when someone else here will say that they know it's real.

That being said it sounds so ridiculous. As someone who saw Missthing and beanup happen in real time, this phd girl sounds is very LOL. I don't even get why people are so fixated on it, if true is pathetic, it just proves even more how much of a manipulative, famewhore wimp TH is.

352 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-01 06:37 ID:Heaven

>>343 Nah, first Frenchy wouldn't have kept it quiet, at all! Second Frenchy's bd is in September.

353 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-01 06:53 ID:Heaven

I swear we might have reached a point where there are more gossip tumblr blogs than fan, do you guys know of this one?

354 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-01 07:16 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>348 Right? But I think the reason some of them are losing it over this PhD story is because now they can't dump the entirety of the blame on Taylor for being tempting poor naive Tom into her trap. No more excuses of "well he was just blinded by his need for fame and he's had three flops in a row" blah blah, all apologist excuses. Or like you said, it's just giving the pissed off fans even more riled up and angry, and they're all dying to see him suffer now. Both him and Taylor lol

>>353 I read that one too. All of these tea/ gossip blogs are attracting more fanfic than substantial rumors. Studio Gal sounds like it has merit but then again I don't know if a Marvel employee would risk spilling dirt like that on a tumblr during a time when Tom is getting so much publicity. It could be one of the disgruntled Australian employees who got laid off but Studio Gal is insistent she's in LA. Her info is something someone can work out based on intelligent reasoning though. Weren't some of us reaching the same conclusions when we heard of the NYC sighting and saw the LA agent pics?

355 Name: N8Anon : 2016-08-01 07:32 ID:tGvvaOK4

>>353 I think you're right. Haven't really been following the last few days because I kind of feel sick of it all. This relationship sham isn't ending any time soon and the cycle of planted articles followed by pap strolls has become incredibly tiresome.

Even weirder though is this whole TPG thing. It's actually quite twisted and sinister. I can't believe a word of it but also quite disturbed that there are so many people getting themselves worked up about it and slating Tom as this evil villain. It's strange lengths to go to to manipulate and deceive people, for what reason?

I still have a Tumblr profile (pretty easy to find I think based around my name/location) but have unfollowed so many blogs now, mainly just reblogging the odd vintage Hollywood or contemporary film stuff. The TH tag is a mess or just an outright freakshow.

356 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-01 10:26 ID:1B3q4gAc

"A-listers Mark Ruffalo, Cate Blanchett and Taylor Swift’s beau Tom Hiddleston have been in the city as filming continues."

He lost the right to have a name.

357 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-01 10:30 ID:Heaven

"Workers at Gold Coast’s Village Roadshow Studios fume at cuts from Thor: Ragnarok starring Chris Hemsworth"

"The cuts fuelled rumours the production would use more computer-generated backgrounds rather than real sets."

358 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-01 10:37 ID:Heaven

>>354 I think Marvel does pay for transportation of their actors and a plus one, which would explain why they flew commercial on their way to OZ. This also tells me that when they flew to SDCC in a private jet TS paid for it. And it also tells me that TS probably didn't like the houses Marvel made available for its actors and that's why TayTo stayed at a hotel.

>>355 If it's false people are insisting on it to shade TH even more? At this point it would just confirm people's worst scenarios. If it's true, it just adds to the pile. I truly don't see what difference does it make. Maybe because it proves that TayTo is a PR contractual thing? We all thought that was the case from day 1. I'm bemused.

359 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-01 10:41 ID:Heaven

This is what I hate the most about this spilling tea, they do the deed but then they don't want to deal with the consequences.

360 Name: Anon : 2016-08-01 11:39 ID:vUFIR5fg

I haven't seen much chatter about theopdo's story - any really outside the anons she has published. Maybe I am following the wrong (or right!) tumblrs.

When, oh when, is he to return to Australia? This is the most leisurely shooting schedule ever. Either it is way behind and is going to go hugely over budget like Heaven's Gate; or TH has a minuscule part. If he is filming from now(ish) till end October he could still have a reasonably substantial part I suppose.

361 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-01 13:07 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>360 I think never. He's just going to skype his part in. Or they'll make a cgi Loki in the same way they de-bulged him in the first movie. Maybe it will be voice work only and Loki will always be speaking off camera randomly in another room: 'Why is loki always in the kitchen or bathroom?' They'll explain it away by saying Loki has IBS. 😰💩 That's Loki sweating because he needs to take a poo.

362 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-01 13:15 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>357 I'd fume too. I'm sure members of the govt might be fuming with all the tax breaks and incentives that were given to the production. I know we talked about this last year when news of filming in Oz broke. The boat had been pushed out to get the production to film there.

363 Name: Anon : 2016-08-01 13:25 ID:vUFIR5fg

>>361 I suppose we should have known because Thor 2 ended with him sitting in the throne.

364 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-01 14:41 ID:Heaven

Is Luke RTing from GossiCop to deny that Armani rumour because he was so blind-sided by his client that he can't even gather the energy to write a tweet of his own? Or is this crème de la crème PR?

365 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-01 14:42 ID:Heaven

>>362 Yeah they did, actually I seem to remember the money given to marvel was cut from fund destined to a book council or art department.

366 Name: Savvy : 2016-08-01 15:13 ID:Q1FFATTQ

The person behind TNS Twitter account is crazy but this is actually funny:


367 Name: Savvy : 2016-08-01 15:34 ID:Q1FFATTQ

Luke Windsor started following publicist Gary Mantoosh. Do you think he's Tom's new publicist in the US?

368 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-01 16:27 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>367 I think Gary and Luke met at SDCC and networked. I don't think he is Tom's US publicist. He could be but I don't think BWR has signed up Tom...

369 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-01 16:43 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>353 >>354 I saw the Studio Gal posts, and while I'm hesitant to believe anonymous sources on tumblr, I did find her story believable. But, like NewAnon said, much of what she divulged can be worked out based on the evidence available, which is why it seems like it could be true. Still, I'm wary.

>>359 I definitely found the right girl, all the screenshots of her CV lined up. I'm one of the people who messaged TOD and sugarteachatter last night to tell them it was a catfishing scam, told them about Michelle and a couple other incidents that followed the same pattern. Oh well, hopefully everyone will let it go now before it spirals into a Town Bike mess.

>>363 Badum, tshhhhh!

370 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-01 17:10 ID:Heaven

371 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-01 17:14 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>370 Kind of pathetic that it's noteworthy whenever they go places "separately."

372 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-01 17:25 ID:Heaven

>>369 Yes it is, gym and dinner, dinner and gym. But it's not like there's much about him to talk about is there?

373 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-01 17:29 ID:I4dpY8ws

>>350 I enlarged the pic of the Church Key dinner outing, and that is not TS.

374 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-08-01 17:36 ID:yJpq0A3q

>>356 Status: relegated.

What an ego blow.

375 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-01 17:36 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>373 !!! Can you post the enlarged photo? The image board is here:

376 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-01 17:37 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>373 Really? It looks like her...a lot. I do believe the story and it's embellishments were a plant though. Deliberately done so that it looks "realistic" because no one is buying their papped date nights.

They're trying to inject realism now but the whole thing is past its sell by date. No one is going to believe anything now.

377 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-01 17:38 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>370 Lol at her wearing makeup to the gym.

378 Name: Savvy : 2016-08-01 18:05 ID:Q1FFATTQ

>>377 That was the first thing I noticed too. That's why she's not hiding her face this time. She only hides her face from the paps when she's not wearing makeup.

379 Name: Anon : 2016-08-01 18:54 ID:vUFIR5fg

A little amuse-bouche (or purgative, depending on one's perspective):

Somehow I doubt that Gossip Cop will rush into print to rubbish this one, irrespective of the disparaging views that they have expressed of HL.

"We've previously debunked false stories put about by Hollywood Life. Once again, we can refute the claim that Tom has been a muse to Taylor. Impeccable sources close to the couple tell us that Taylor doesn't need Tom as a muse because she doesn't write any of her own material."

380 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-01 21:24 ID:GVPW0+uL

'the actor who plays Loki has a mom who is very excited to become a grandmother one day — and she wouldn’t mind if her grandkids came from Taylor.'

Ha and eww who writes this shit "came from Taylor"..

381 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-08-01 21:25 ID:yJpq0A3q

>>377 >>378 Why does someone who's 26 need that much makeup?
>>373 >>375 I'd like to see this too, I must have missed the original posted photo. Was on a roadtrip this past weekend.

382 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-01 21:29 ID:jk4W5Vi7

I just read on tumblr that the man with the beard at the table in the foreground of the photo with Taylor at Church Key is Mark Romanek, who directed Shake It Off. I compared photos and I think it is him.

Wouldn't it be interesting if their one non-papped "please, no photos" dinner was with a music video director? Is it time to whip out the tin foil again?

383 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-01 21:30 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>382 Or, alternative theory, the story was a plant and Tom wasn't even there.

385 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-08-01 23:01 ID:yJpq0A3q

TODDY has deleted her blog. Again.

386 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-01 23:11 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>385 Hm.

387 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-01 23:28 ID:jk4W5Vi7

More gym pics from today on Torrilla's weibo.

In case anyone is wondering, the gym Tom has been attending is the Fitness Factory on La Peer Drive in West Hollywood. It's a 5 minute drive or 15 minute walk from the Four Seasons.

388 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-02 01:27 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>387 Damn we can't see which car he's coming and going to the gym in. If it's her mom's SUV or a rental. Taylor is back to hiding her face again.

>>378>>381 Yeah I don't understand why she wears makeup to the gym but then I realized she wears makeup for the pap pics. God knows how she looks without it.

>>384 Does this mean she's flying back to Oz with him? Because she controls everything and is the boss of him. Ugh. If they do I hope they do extremely ridiculous pap walks and the media and public make a ridiculous mockery out of them.

389 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-02 03:07 ID:1R0DkkPA

Wasn't he an Empire favorite? This time they didn't even bother mentioning him. Not by his real name or Taylor Swift's new pet/ beau/ boyfriend/ willing sacrifice.

390 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-02 03:09 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>388 If I was a famous person who was going to be papped going to the gym, I'd make sure any blemishes were covered. That's it. If I had problem skin I'd maybe wear foundation. This whole full face of makeup with contouring and pink lipstick to go work out is just too much.

391 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-02 03:10 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>389 Add this to the "Ouch" list.

393 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-02 05:11 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>392 And now add this tabloid cover to the mix

We'll probably be seeing more tabloid headlines of Tom using Taylor for money. They'd been hinting at this ending for this narrative from the Rome. He's gonna end up as the guy who steals your woman and then uses her funds for himself. My god, he's Thomas Sharpe but without the incest and murder.

394 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-02 05:40 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>393 Does that mean Luke is Lucille?

395 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-02 05:45 ID:Heaven

>>389 burn!

396 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-02 06:07 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>393 '...but without the incest and murder.' Small blessings in this mess.

397 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-02 06:12 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>393 I ❤️ T. S. = I ❤️ Thomas Sharpe!!!

398 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-02 06:13 ID:1Gv7ebAj

399 Name: Anon : 2016-08-02 06:28 ID:vUFIR5fg

>>396 Everyone keeps saying that like it's a good thing...

400 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-02 07:37 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>398 Ah the themes of public image versus reality. Maybe EO will give Tom a call to ask if she can talk to him and Taylor Swift about the circus of celebrity and the skewed picture it presents and how that affects their day to day reality.

>>394 They hatched the plan together to ensnare the rich blonde woman (who's also a writer) to secure higher celebrity standing and fame. So...I guess Luke is Lucille.

>>396>>399 Well they do say Hollywood is incestuous with how everyone ends up sharing bedfellows.

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