Tom Hiddleston 12 (1000)

1 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-26 12:59 ID:1Gv7ebAj

Thread to talk about the actor Tom Hiddleston

701 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-12 07:12 ID:0PIcPF8N

>>698 What the...very annoyed!
Mostly because it's such obvious advertising for IG it appears they are sponsoring him now as well.
Is that why he has suddenly opened an account and is taking part in a pointless, dull product placement video?
He's becoming a walking talking advert.
Need I mention Tay is also strongly aligned with the app...

702 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-12 07:16 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>700 At 4 seconds in when she's filming her dad, you can see the tiny chimney of the white house behind hers. I think the roofs just look close because of the selfie camera distortion or because they're on the ground level, but she definitely filmed that video on the non-beach side of her house in RI.

Plus, if you want real fun, look at it this way: every day she's not in LA is one day closer to a potential Hiddleswiffie meltdown. Can you imagine if he goes back to Oz without doing a pap stroll? Chaos!

703 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-12 11:48 ID:Heaven

Variety interview:
- Arms up arms down, buddy nobody cares! (TH was asking staff where he should keep his arms, in the official Variety video this part is missing, I watched but Torrilla's has it)
- Cinema, he hasn't locked anything = he wasn't cast
- Theatre, he has ideas = he doesn't know if he'll be allowed
- He has plans he can't talk about = it sound bad to say you have nothing
- Instagram, he wanted to for a while = yeah right
- From minute 25:44, good job Jenelle!

LA Time Talk:
Nothing much, but thumb up to the interviewer for asking about the jellyfish (though told by TH didn't sound half as fun) and RDJ's welcome to instagram.

On the whole though both interview were sort of underwhelming because they mainly repeated material from the spring press tour. I do have a question though, how does this help with the Emmy?

704 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-12 11:54 ID:Heaven

>>702 That's a fair point, but right now I'd rather see TH's apologists gnashing their teeth because there's video/photo evidence they are still together (reading CB would do that to your brain).

705 Name: Anon : 2016-08-12 16:03 ID:u1EB0/kp

Well, he is following TS on his instagram, so I guess it is "Instagram official". She wasn't the first person he followed though.

706 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-12 16:16 ID:I4dpY8ws

>>705 It would have looked odd if he hadn't, since TS is still following her ex, CH. The only way TH could have gotten away with it would be if he hadn't followed anyone. Plus, have you seen the newest TS article on the dailymail about her gardening? Its the first interview without a single pic of TH, and with them as a happy couple during pap walks! And, almost all of the comments are negative and are about TS's lifestyle and persona being completely fake! TH is TS's human shield against negative press right now. I think that they're starting to phase down, but I just can't see the timeline clearly.

707 Name: Savvy : 2016-08-12 16:22 ID:MOhfeMiz

>>705 TS was the first person he followed. You can confirm that on a web browser. But on the mobile app they appear alphabetically (not by name but by username). But she still hasn't followed him back. She's too busy gardening.

708 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-12 16:23 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>705 I'm so not wit' it. I thought IG official was when they posted pics of each other but maybe a follow is the new 'IG official' and a pic is 'IG official-official'

Whatever the case, I personally think pics are forthcoming. I think this follow may be a response to all the 'they haven't followed each other on IG so maybe it's over!!' comments on gossip pages/twitter/IG. You can't tell me that they haven't got their beady eyes on all the goss; they do. So a follow is just another way to say, 'pap stroll countdown initiated.'

I haven't seen him in a suit so those bags at the airport may indicate a longer stay. Perhaps he heads out to her in RI >>699 and they do some gardening together (that would be perfect for IG official-official). Maybe it's time for another frolic in the surf, this time with a new t-shirt: 'No, I really, authentically <3 T.S. and not Tony Stark at all, but Taylor Swift with whom I am very happy.' That's a lot for a t-shirt but anything to add legitimacy. They may take a second go at the piggy-back ride; the last one was such an utter fail and they may want to go the piggy-back ride = true love route.

709 Name: Anon : 2016-08-12 16:35 ID:u1EB0/kp

>>708 I think for the timeline there have to be pics. Someone on CB who listened to the whole Variety interview said that he said he was going back to Aus soon, that he might not be at the Emmys and that he would be filming till November. Marvel was "working on" letting him come back again for the Emmys.

I think this means:

1) there has to be a pic now or people will say it was the fastest fake in the west.

2) Sosorry is right and there will be a wind down - chronology as yet unclear.

When he goes back to Aus he really will be working, and she will also be working on her next album which people are saying is likely to be in the spring. Doesn't sound like she would see him much if she travels out there - but she probably has no time anyway.

If it's fake then it's going to be "our busy schedules". If it's real - I don't buy this one lasting a 3 month separation, for all sorts of reasons.

710 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-12 16:42 ID:1Gv7ebAj

This about sums up TH for me at this moment. And I don't know what to make of it.

Does he know that he's fucked his serious actor cred two ways to Sunday so he's going to abandon that and instead - just temporarily? - pander to the lowest common denominator and shallows of society (IG, pop culture, meaningless lip-service, canned answers, media and social media manipulation)?

Does he think that once he's recaptured some of his fanbase or acquired a shiny, new one with these antics that he can then easily transition back to his 'I might be the next Olivier' mood? Because once you've Snapchatted yourself into a puppy dog - complete with an appropriately thirsty tongue (credit: Anonon!) - the transition back seems very troublesome from my perspective.

711 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-12 16:45 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>709 I had a girlfriend that used to call her boyfriend (now ex!!) 'The Fastest Fuck in the West.' TH might qualify for both of those titles.

712 Name: Anon : 2016-08-12 16:47 ID:u1EB0/kp

>>711 A year ago when we found the kitchen door tweets you were defending him from my accusation of being a 3 minuter!!

713 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-12 16:51 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>712 Whoa, whoa, whoa!! I was defending him from the tweets' two minute accusations! ;) Enthusiasm gets you to 5 minutes at the very least

Those tweets make me think this is the reason why he didn't take her to his place. Although the chances of these two screwing up against a kitchen door are slim to none.

714 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-12 16:52 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>713 Whenever I say or type 'whoa' I'm always reminded of Alan Partridge telling his Russian girlfriend, 'That's English for "stop a horse."'

715 Name: Anon : 2016-08-12 16:55 ID:u1EB0/kp

>>713 He didn't take her to his place because it is a slummy man cave still furnished with the stuff he bought from the vendor.

716 Name: Anon : 2016-08-12 17:01 ID:u1EB0/kp

>>710 I don't know what he is doing. I really no longer have any idea. But as Couch said a few posts ago, having bravely waded through the Variety interview, he has nothing on after TR finishes filming. I think we are back to 2013 levels of circus bear.

717 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-12 17:07 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>715 Also there aren't enough rooms for their separate bedrooms and the bodyguards.

718 Name: Savvy : 2016-08-12 17:07 ID:MOhfeMiz

TS is following him now. It's official. The wedding ring will be next.

719 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-12 17:22 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>716 Yes, thanks to Couch >>703 for the rundown because I'm actually not able to watch him in motion anymore. I can watch him in gif sets, but actually watching him move and speak in an interview is beyond me at the moment. The cringing might hurt the baby, is the reason I'm going with.

720 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-12 19:02 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>702>>704 I'm here for both. The apologists and the over invested shippers. Watching the meltdown on either side over something so inconsequential is hilarious. Also, I hate CB's veranda lady and love watching her pretend to be above it all when really she's just bursting at the seams to drag Tom and Taylor lol

I didn't watch anything from yesterday. Not even the GIFs or anything. I won't watch anything from today either. It's all going to be same old authenticity "find humanity" humble bragging blah blah recycled crap anyways. And I'm honestly not interested in him as an actor anymore. He's tabloid fodder so I'll be treating him that way. Just going to sit here and be entertained by the high school petty drama. Both TayTo's and their fandoms.

721 Name: Savvy : 2016-08-12 19:31 ID:v5pjJ8W6

She's in RI gardening with her parents. Tom will probably join them next Sunday for a pap stroll with her parents on the beach. They might even post photos of their family barbecue on IG. Maybe his family will join them too. Hell, he might even ask her father for her hand in marriage.

Also, he's using emojis on twitter. The second time since he started dating the eternal teenager.

722 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-12 19:34 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>721 This summer has obviously been a spectacularly failed attempt to seem "young" and "relevant" - TS, emojis, Snapchat, Instagram, his behavior in general... it's not working. He needs to be stopped.

723 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-12 19:58 ID:1Gv7ebAj


What are you talking about. He is totes down wit' it. Is there a grandpa emoji? Do you think he's afraid people will spam his IG with it?

Captcha: pere - as in he looks like hers!

724 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-12 20:05 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>721 If they pap stroll with her parents - with photographic evidence - I might be more inclined towards the legitimacy of this relationship, which I had recently started to doubt. Her parents have mostly been off the table as far as pap strolls are concerned. We got articles about her parents meeting past bfs, but never pap shots. I think CH was the only bf to be pictured with her parents (though she never met his).

725 Name: Anon : 2016-08-12 21:22 ID:u1EB0/kp

Apparently on the q&a with the HR tonight, he "was asked what he has learned about the “culture of celebrity” after his high-profile summer. His response: “We all live in a world where every phone has a camera” and “there’s nothing new about the spotlight for me.” He said it’s almost “too soon to tell” what he’s learned. He said “there are many sides to a story. Sometimes there are a lot of stories out there which are false. The hardest thing is to try to not let those falsehoods affect your own life.” (Quote from tumblr - I didn't watch)

A camera phone? What? Er, no, almost no photos of you this summer were taken by fans using camera phones.

726 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-12 21:49 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>725 Oh, this is what other fans mean when they say 'my fav just became problematic.'

'Every phone has a camera.' Tom, we weren't criticizing you because you happened to be caught out with your new girl a few times by fans and their phones. We had a problem with the blatant publicity you and your girl courted by calling the paps to capture every event in your lives, including your farts.

'Sometimes there are a lot of stories out there which are false.' Like the one saying TS had a boob job. Or the stories about how you're engaging in a PR relationship to further your career prospects? Yep. Okay. The lies need to stop, don't they, Tom? We should all try to be as honest and upright as you and Taylor.

Other things he's learned this summer:

  1. His fans aren't as gullible as he thought
  2. The answer to the question 'should I whore out my family to legitimize my relationship?' is always 'no.'
  3. Only wear shirts that have been approved by his stylist
  4. Referring to your SO by her full name and insisting that your relationship is not a publicity stunt is not the best way to prove your relationship is not a publicity stunt
  5. The Four Seasons has a really nice continental breakfast

727 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-12 21:52 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>726 I love you.

728 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-08-12 22:04 ID:yJpq0A3q

>>726 A+++, Anon.

729 Name: Anon : 2016-08-12 22:05 ID:u1EB0/kp

>>726 Burn

All of this.

730 Name: Anon : 2016-08-12 22:15 ID:u1EB0/kp

Twitter is overwhelmed with screencaps of their mutual follows. On the same day as he does yet another interview. Coincidence?

731 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-12 22:54 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>730 No, it's all rather predictable at this point. Their bag of tricks is terribly limited:

  • Pap stroll or stunt to bury/distract from bad news
  • Denial from Gossip Cop to shoot down articles that are a little too close to fact
  • Article from friendly outlet (People, E!) to direct the narrative: Que romantico...with the six bodyguards!
  • Social media to keep their names circulating

And the tricks are executed with all the slight of hand of an 8-year-old magician performing at the school talent show. I know next to nothing about PR, but I can recognize basic patterns and clunkiness, and they've got plenty of both.

732 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-12 23:34 ID:1Gv7ebAj

This is from a Swiftie so it's probably correct (they take his words down like they're gospel):

“Wow. Well, uh, you know it’s interesting. We all live in a world where every phone has a camera and there’s nothing new really about the spotlight on me. I think, you know, the spotlight that’s what happens when you’re a public figure. 
Um, what have I learnt about it? I’ve learnt to…I don't quite know, maybe it’s too soon to tell. But, um, let me give you a proper response.
 I’ve learnt that there are many sides to a story, and that, um, that sometimes there are a lot of stories out there that are false. And the hardest thing is to try to not let those falsehoods affect your own life.”

Tom Hiddleston in response to —“This summer has been a high profile one for you personally. What have you learnt about the culture of celebrity?”

So problematic.

733 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-12 23:38 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>732 What a mess.

734 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-13 00:38 ID:1R0DkkPA

That culture of celebrity answer was so terribly coached. Embarrassing and transparent in trying hard that he's just so famous he's used to it by now eyeroll

Taylor's on her way to LA. Get ready for reunion weekend with dinner date tonight and beach strolls all through the weekend!

735 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-13 01:14 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>733 Beforehand I wanted it all to end and quick. Now I want it to get messier and more car-crashy. I don't want him to have a breakdown - I've got to think about karma at this point in my life. But I have this funny feeling that he doesn't think anything's wrong. That quote is not the quote of a man who fully understands what is happening. He's like so many of his fans who are holding on to their unflinching denial. And maybe that is his coping mechanism and he does have an inkling. Still I want him to feel just a little of the true - even authentic - reality of the situation.

>>734 Hooray. Pap stroll here we come. Maybe he's in LA for another week so we'll get plenty of jogging, gym and dinner pics. Perhaps she's sent the plane to fly him to RI and we will have a two month anniversary photo session on the rock.

736 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-13 01:42 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>735 I don't want him having a breakdown or anything terrible like that either. I don't think all this warrants such a severe reaction. He's dating a manipulative woman who is fine with coded racism and slut shaming when it furthers her agenda. He is putting on a public spectacle with this relationship because it's something he's wants so he can be famous in the mainstream. Too bad the blowback was spectacular.
I do believe his entitlement and privilege blind him to how problematic coded racism is. I think he knows what a mess this is (he looks too stiff and dead eyed for me to believe he doesn't know something is off) but he's too stubborn and egotistical to accept that yet and he'll continue until she kicks him to the curb or he reaches his wits end.

Btw, I don't believe there's a contract. Maybe an NDA of sorts but nothing like what some of the deep in denial fans are thinking. Shit will really hit the fan if the two attend the Emmy's together and make their red carpet debut there. I don't know if that'll happen but his terrible culture of celebrity answer makes me think it's going to happen. Tommy wants to be famous and dammit he's going to the Emmy's where he's been nominated with his very famous singer girlfriend on his arm.

737 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-08-13 05:00 ID:yJpq0A3q

>>736 I can't help but feel like going to the Emmys would be a disaster for him/them. The jokes about both of them. The camera on his face when he tries to laugh at the first one while he turns red; later on he tries to be stoic but you can tell he hates it. The camera on her face as the jokes are delivered. She can't hide her hate face. Then the press would be about her/their reactions for the next few days afterwards, immortalized on youtube forever. Disaster.

738 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-13 05:06 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>737 Remember that one fashion event he was supposed to attend with SLJ and then something happened (Bora Bora I think) and then he bailed? I think he may skip the Emmys, especially since he's not the favorite to win. He already dropped the possible excuse of "I have to film" so he may have already decided to pass.

739 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-08-13 06:26 ID:yJpq0A3q

>>738 I thought so too when he said that. Giving himself an out on camera. Nice move, which makes me wonder if the contract will end about then. He can use work as the excuse for not going, then announce the break up after the Emmy voting period is over but before the ceremony.

740 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-13 06:55 ID:1R0DkkPA

According to the poster on LSA who attended the SAG-AFTRA event, the mod mentioned how Tom has to be back on a plane to Aus in 48 hours. That's an interesting bit to add. But still gives him two days to do staged pap strolls with Taylor who is definitely in LA now. So I guess we should be expecting something tomorrow and Sunday. The LSA poster mentioned she noticed a change in his energy, more cocky she felt.

>>737>>738 They can get their publicists to tell them no personal questions and Taylor won't field any at the Emmy's anyways since she's not promoting anything. She could just walk and look pretty on the red carpet on Tom's arm and Tom would field "werk only questions please". He seems pretty committed to going along with whatever this relationship is so that's why I feel like it'll end after the Emmy's. He doesn't seem eager to rock the boat with breakup nees while he's Emmy campaigning.

741 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-13 07:00 ID:Heaven

>>732 I'm not surprised, we are talking of a man that thought ISTL's script was great and its director good and in the face of a 100 critics saying that the script and director were shit, he never questioned his ability to pick a project. If he never did that for a film, imagine if he will for a gf even if it's his own Guardian dragging him for it. He is the poshie result of Eton&Oxford, he'll never admit he is wrong.

742 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-13 07:00 ID:Heaven

>>735 I share your sentiment. But I don't think this was ever going to end quickly (I hoped for it back when for a brief moment I gave him the benefit of the doubt). TS found a guy who is willing to do her bidding. TH found a girl that in exchange for his services is willing to leave him alone when he is working and is so rich he doesn't have to pay for her.
You don't pimp out your family to the paps when there are true feelings, nor for a fling.

743 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-13 07:01 ID:Heaven

>>738 That's what I thought when he said it, it's bs that he is working out things with Marvel, if they gave him a weekend off for this promo there shouldn't be any problem giving a weekend off for the Emmys. But I don't think it's for paving the way for a breakup, it's a convenient excuse to not be there because he knows he won't win.

744 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-13 07:15 ID:Heaven

745 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-13 07:21 ID:Heaven

>>744 at minute 19:44 he gets asked that summer and celebrity question.

746 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-13 07:24 ID:Heaven

>>745 and soon after that the host points out how instagram might be a more friendly social media than others, TH agrees. Which is basically what I said. he joined to avoid the vitriol.

747 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-13 07:41 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>740 The Swifties are convinced TS is still in RI as her jet there hasn't moved- apparently it's the other plane which has landed in LA, departing Illinois.
Either he flies to RI to marathon watch TNM with her folks or we will be spared a pap stroll for now or the Swifties are full of shit.
>>737 The likelihood of mockery at the Emmys is so high I really hope she does accompany him so I can watch the slo- mo reaction gifs on repeat.
>>726 Yes! Although I think he still struggles with point number 1

I do love that the HR interviewer let him stew on that celebrity question.
He watched him squirm and savoured the long uncomfortable silence, refusing to take up every opportunity to save him with an intervention. Slow burn.

748 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-13 08:17 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>747 So it wasn't her jet that flew her to RI that came to LA? It's a different one? What if she's doing that run around thing, sending her jet out to LA to get tongues wagging? I think she's here though and god knows I'm prepared for a pap stroll weekend. I don't get how people track her jet, I tried but couldn't figure anything out apart from the dates part. Swifties make up a lot of crap but I'm surprised they wouldn't be spreading tales of Taylor in LA with Tom.

749 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-13 08:23 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>748 The story they're going with is - are you ready - the jet flew to pick Tom up in Los Angeles and take him back to Rhode Island so he can ask Taylor's parents for her hand in marriage.

I'm not making this shit up, I swear.

750 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-08-13 08:27 ID:yJpq0A3q

>>749 LOL HAHHAHAHAHAAHAHHSAHhhhhhhhhhhhhh nononononono my sweet summer children!

Did he not just say in the SAG-AFTRA Q&A that he has to go back to filming in Oz in 48 hours? That rules out flying to RI.

751 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-13 08:29 ID:Heaven

>>749 at least they give me a laugh.

752 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-13 08:35 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>749 Oh yep I left that out. They are so so funny with their far reaching preaching
>>748 Good point, they would be jumping for joy if she was in LA, instead they are inventing RI stories of undying love amidst a binge watch of TNM with BOTH families culminating in an engagement... why of course!

She has quite literally flown under the radar before so I'm not laughing all the way to the giggle bank yet.

753 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-13 12:18 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>749 Well now we know who's been writing all those E! and People lovey dovey articles about Tom and Taylor. And then we'll get an IG story of all of them planting kale and Tom singing a Hank Williams song in the background because what better to serenade a country gal with than ol Hank himself?

>>752 Yeah, I'm debating whether they'll do full blown paps or something like that Church plant.

754 Name: Anon : 2016-08-13 13:53 ID:eMcauyt1

Am locked out of my tumblr (long story, but no 2-bit authentication where there is wifi but no phone signal), so please post links to pics of any pap walks!

755 Name: Savvy : 2016-08-13 14:00 ID:FpmsoO7s

He started following some of the Twitter fans that kept kissing his ass even during this pathetic period. He's so fake! He became a marketing product just like his stupid girlfriend.

756 Name: Anon : 2016-08-13 14:07 ID:eMcauyt1

>>755 Oh no. Please not the Twitter incarnation of the incredibly clever woman.

757 Name: Savvy : 2016-08-13 14:11 ID:FpmsoO7s

>>756 Now we know who controls their relationship.

758 Name: Anon : 2016-08-13 14:12 ID:eMcauyt1

>>755 phew. No. He did follow Hiddlesfashion - wonder what he thinks about her comments on the t shirt....

But how can he follow with a straight face anyone whose bio describes themselves as a Hiddles nerd? They all have some bullshit "but I love Shakespeare too, y'all" stuff on there, but seriously.

Isn't this what TS does - follow and interact with some of her fans on Twitter/tumblr?

759 Name: Anon : 2016-08-13 14:13 ID:eMcauyt1

>>757 No I mean the woman on tumblr who majorly kisses his arse along with Berlinale girl.

761 Name: Savvy : 2016-08-13 15:38 ID:WXKPQVIB

But I think Tom also followed some fans when the photo of him and Jane Arthy at Bora Bora become public. That's when he started following that super fangirl Frenchie.

762 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-13 15:45 ID:Heaven

>>755 That's hardly surprising, sucking it up to his fans is what he did when he needed to make his twitter accounts famous. His instagram is more scarce in followers, he needs to make it look like he gives a s**t about them. Before he goes back to not giving a s**t again.

>>760 Hello Luke!

>>761 He followed frenchie before then.

763 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-13 15:58 ID:1Gv7ebAj

Completely OT: Is anyone else in love with Katie Ledecky?

764 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-13 16:14 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>755 Of course he did. Damage control. Connect with someone (he thinks) runs the positive side of the fanhive and hope she puts out/continues to put out those positive signals. Again, obvious to all but the most dyed-in-the-wool TH fans.

>>762 Stop underestimating us, Luke. We are not all gullible fanbots that can be so easily reprogrammed.

>>756 TH featured in Dlisted's Night Crumbs yesterday. I was reading it this morning. He is getting roasted over there if you want to go over and read some first class dragging. There's one comment that brought up tumblr and a few of the usual suspects were mentioned: insanely and zhora.

I can't tell about whom Daisy is talking here (insane or zhora) but I love the idea of one of those sad sacks sitting in her car and breaking down over the bad press poor, little Tommy is unfairly getting.

765 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-13 16:18 ID:1R0DkkPA

Isn't that one of Taylor's bodyguards in the pics in >>760?

I might be wrong but those tattoos look familiar. I want to say he was in the pics of Tom and Taylor arriving with fanfare in Australia but I'd have to double check.

766 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-13 16:22 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>758 I find this follow interesting given the sponsored nature of the last pap walk, with JBrand jeans and Etro both tweeting about it, and TH following JBrand just a few days before. Then TH caps it off by wearing a new Etro shirt for the stroll. Did someone say that the shirt wasn't even available yet to the public?

I want to see if he wears something new on the next pap stroll - you know it's coming - and if those companies then tweet about it. That would be more suspicious than suspicious: a man who hardly ever wears new clothes suddenly becoming a sponsored fashion plate...side-eye.

767 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-13 16:24 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>760 Thanks, M. I hate navigating to Torrilla.

More summoned paps? Warm up for today?

Captcha: soreness...more like weariness.

768 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-13 16:26 ID:Heaven

>>766 I was about to write how he did it to read the reaction to his outfit, but yours makes more sense.

769 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-13 17:00 ID:I4dpY8ws

>>765 I just did a close tattoo comparison up close using an etonline Australia pic, and I can confirm that the tattoo of the LA guard from yesterday, is definitely not the same arm tattoo as the TS guard in Australia. Different circle pattern on the inside of the right hand, and the guard yesterday in LA also had a vital signs mark on the arm as well (like the code on a machine in the hospital), and also horizontal writing on the inside wrist, plus he has more red in his tattoos than the Australia guy. Plus LA guard is skinnier than the Australia guy. The tats don't match, for sure. I think that many celebrity bodyguards have tattoos, b/c they are possibly ex military men.

770 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-13 18:04 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>769 Ah okay. Thanks for looking it up! So he's hiring his own guards here and not using his gf's. Or he could be using the same agency as her. Idk, doesn't matter since he's had his own bodyguards before.

>>766 Taylor also wears ETRO. Did she have a hand in getting Tom that gig? JBrands and ETRO. Aren't those brands geared more towards teens? Like they're more youthful brands? I'm asking because I have no idea myself. From their social media they do seem like more brands Taylor's demographic would buy.

771 Name: Anon : 2016-08-13 18:06 ID:eMcauyt1

>>770 Etro is incredibly expensive, so probably not. Like $900 for a shirt.

772 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-13 18:32 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>771 Oops! Never mind then! It's for all the rich fans then lol

773 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-13 18:52 ID:Heaven

774 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-13 21:21 ID:1Gv7ebAj

At a bookstore. Probably getting a book on how to contour a tenhead back into a forehead.

775 Name: Anon : 2016-08-13 21:24 ID:eMcauyt1

>>774 OMG! What has happened to that hair?

776 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-13 21:55 ID:Y9S0iQHD

>>775 What? He's trying a new look out. It's a new TH, a TH for 2016! Isn't this how all the cool kids are doing their hair?

777 Name: Anon : 2016-08-13 22:07 ID:eMcauyt1

>>776 that is perfect!

778 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-14 00:12 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>774 That tiny fringe is yikes. I do wish he'd adopt a forwards hairstyle- the Tintin is in rapid retreat. There's noticeably less hair than the last visit.

According to the Swifties the LA plane is on its way to RI and the RI plane has gone to Nashville via NY.
Naturally they assume TS has ejected all family members from her mansion and flown in her toyboy to have passionate 2minute sex all night.

After his false declarations that he had to return to set in a hurry on the last visit, I take the 48hr rumor with a grain of salt.

>>758 Following a few uber fans on Twitter is a smart move leading up to Emmy voting time. He desperately needs his positive fanbase back, his feed is a mess. Full of Swifties and unhinged but vocal ex- fans. The heart eyes have vanished.
I hope Hiddles Fashion doesn't lose the snark

779 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-14 00:45 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>769 Despite the short buff guy looking like a bodyguard, he is carrying all the bags which is something bodyguards don't do. I think he may be Olly's replacement.
Speaking of Olly, he has unfollowed THs official IG

780 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-14 00:54 ID:1Gv7ebAj

>>779 I thought that about bodyguards...until I saw pics of her bodyguards carrying her purse, shopping bags, etc. And then there's that pic of JLaw's hot bg carrying her dog.

I show that he's still following. I wouldn't think Olly has been jettisoned as he was in LA for Comic-Con. He's just not working harder as he usually doesn't work.

>>778 Maybe that's his secret. Two minute sex, 5 times per night, all weekend - voila, 20 minute sex!!

781 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-08-14 01:12 ID:yJpq0A3q

>>778 I've been reading a plane anon 'informer' tumblr (replace plane with jet and attach the word anon if you want to lurk). It's been funny how they've been trying to find every way to put TH and TS together all weekend.

Very true that he could have straight up lied about returning soon.

>>779 Olly - could mean nothing (he probably follows TH's private IG) or it could mean something. How much do PAs make, anyway?

782 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-08-14 01:15 ID:yJpq0A3q

>>780 I should refresh the screen every time I start another post.

Someone posted this article today. It's another article with a wild theory that he's dating TS to make EO jealous:

783 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-14 01:38 ID:sJXgf3TS

Take a look at Olly's mum's garden. He looks to be cut from the same cloth as TH.

>>780 TSs bodyguards never helped TH with his bags, they have always been content to let him struggle so this is obviously not one of hers.

784 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-14 02:27 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>782 LOL! They called her Ashley Olsen in it hahaha there goes the story if you can't even get the ex's name right.

785 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-14 04:01 ID:jk4W5Vi7

Did Tom fly to Rhode Island or what? Someone catch me up.

786 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-14 04:44 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>785 The pimpmobile arrived a while ago and it remains one of the greatest mysteries of modern times whether he was straddling it.
If he was, he RT'd something soon after arriving so their catchup was swift indeed.
>>780 Two minutes, 5 times with social media updates in between. Voila!

787 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-14 05:06 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>786 Ha ha ha, swift catch up. I see what you did there.

Now, we know Tom is a creature of habit, and he was not wearing one of his usual air travel outfits when he was photographed today right around the time the jet took off (I think it was around the same time, correct me if I'm wrong). His flying outfits have been t-shirt with blue jacket or, more recently, navy sweater. The gray shirt he had on today was a press conference/interview/meeting shirt. With most other people this would be insignificant, but like I said - creature of habit.

If he's in RI, I'm sure we'll get an obnoxiously sappy Instagram video or some similar bullshit tomorrow.

788 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-14 05:58 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>787 For someone so predictable and habitual in everyday life, it appears he redirects all his spontaneous randomness into his love life. That must be equally thrilling and annoying.
I'm backing some extreme bullshit tomorrow.
They need to up the ante from the tweeny antics of following each other on IG to a picture of TSs engagement ringed hand caressing THs prize winning naked buttox or there will be no persuading the worlds media they are still a couple.
What would the Swifties say then?
a) He will propose on Skype
b)They're sexting
c) She's having a long douching break from Little Hiddles
d) She has some important stuff to do and will join him real soon. After stuff

789 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-14 07:20 ID:Heaven

So I have no idea how to verify this, but it might be TH is on snapchat too

792 Name: Savvy : 2016-08-14 11:10 ID:8zbeql7F

Do You know what I find most interesting in all this? She's supposedly in RI but there are no paps there, which proves they only go there when she calls them.
There are never pap photos of her or Tom getting out of her house in LA or his hotel. Do they think we've as stupid as her teenage fans?

793 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-14 11:32 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>792 I read a recent Swiftie account from one of her recent NY gym paps. The fan waited for hours yet somehow the paps knew to turn up just 5mins before her arrival.
That's not at all suspicious..

If TayTo are together in RI they will let the tabloids know.

>>791 The short tattooed man is once again their bag handler and manslave. He's either a terrible bodyguard or an excellent servant.

794 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-14 11:59 ID:Heaven

For those like me that don't have a instagram account and wondered who TH thought worth following, Time did a list

The 17th follow should be hiddlesfashion.
It's worth noting how his followers are still under the 1mil, which makes you wonder how many of his twitter followers are fake.

795 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-14 17:12 ID:H0QSNiw2

Ciara, please come join us. Yours sincerely, the Kareha ladies.

796 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-14 17:17 ID:Heaven

"The Warriors Three Returning For Thor: Ragnarok"

The gist, for Anon, is that the actors playing them posted on instagram that they are in Australia.

797 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-14 17:26 ID:Heaven

>>795 Going by the tenor of his tweets back when he joined twitter, those are very realistic expectations.

I also expect posts where via tshirt, swan pastry and the like he'll tell us:

1. I'm authentic.
2. I won't let the falsehood affect my Etoxford mind - because I created them HAHAHA
3. I'm too passive-aggressive to say outloud which sides are false - but I reserve the right to whine about it.

798 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-14 17:29 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>792 No, they don't but we're also not their prime audience. The bigger group are the Swifties and they'll believe whatever is said about Taylor as long as it's positive. Anything negative, even with proof, is discarded. That's what Tom is hoping to tap into by hooking up with her.

Too damn bad no one cares about him unless it's somehow related to Taylor. Coverage for Thurs and Fri's Emmy campaign proved it. His IG activity took top headlines and what he said about Hank Williams was misconstrued and attributed to him talking about Taylor.

>>795 That is hilarious! And probably exactly what's coming up next on there shudders

799 Name: Anon : 2016-08-14 18:10 ID:eMcauyt1

>>795 I love the screencap of the text exchange with her name in his address book as "Taylor (My GF)."

800 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-14 19:18 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>797 He's being the most authentic he's been in the past six years lol He couldn't handle the facade anymore and let his true self shine.

I'm still waiting on their pap stroll though. Will they do their pap strolls through IG now? All those selfies they took, should we expect a barrage of #tbt and #fbf in the coming weeks? Or is he going to be go underground now completely and just peek through his social media by posting Thor 3 production promo?

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