Tom Hiddleston 12 (1000)

1 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-26 12:59 ID:1Gv7ebAj

Thread to talk about the actor Tom Hiddleston

901 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-16 04:01 ID:I4dpY8ws

>>899 Thank you anonsy. I type too fast. He never left LA for Rhode Island on the TS jet. The news is just making me too confused!

902 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-16 04:01 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>897 This is getting really weird now. And we know this jet of hers hasn't left Rhode Island since coming back from LA, right? If this post's sleuth work adds up then that means Tom never got on the jet and it literally flew for no reason other than to make the fandoms following this believe he's in Rhode Island with her. Literally sending her jet on a wild goose run for absolutely no good reason other than to throw people off.

What is going on? Did they break up and they're pretending now so as to not rock the publicity train?

903 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-16 04:03 ID:sJXgf3TS

I just glanced at THs IG account (which is still struggling to reach 1mil). Since such a hullabaloo has been made over the mutual follow with TS I decided to check how many of his 17 friends have followed back.
The answer is 4; TS, Ruffalo, RDJ and JVR

904 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-16 04:03 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>901 The whole thing is getting really bizarre and unnecessarily desperate now. This looks really pathetic and embarrassing for the two.

905 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-16 04:04 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>902 Whether or not it was ever real, I think they're done with each other and just keeping it going until the right time to "break up."

906 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-16 04:06 ID:sJXgf3TS

Pulling such an elaborate jetscapade is only worthwhile if picked up by the media. Who gives a flying beep what fans think? I'm still not sold.

907 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-16 04:09 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>906 The pictures of him getting on the jet were just released today. Maybe the Daily Mail or someone will run them tomorrow.

908 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-16 04:18 ID:I4dpY8ws

>>906 Okay, I've been wondering how TH has able to hold his tongue all this time without yelling at TS. When they started this "relationship", TH assumed he would get wonderful press about the romance with a beloved pop princess, and a mainstream fan base in the US marketing industry. Instead, TS probably never said she was under assault from the Kardashians, and that there was a video where she lied to the world about the Famous lyrics! And, his entire Emmy award narrative has been sucked up completely into her scandal, and her image recovery from Team Kimye. Plus, we had the heart tank top situation. And now, TH was not on the Swift plane when it arrived in RH! This could mean that TH wouldn't agree to just play nice in Watch Hill for a few days for the fans and press, even if they were never photographed! He could have just read, and prepared for work in a beautiful mansion! How, if he is this angry, did TH get through that night at Hillstone restaurant? Wow! Maybe RADA training works after all!

909 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-16 04:19 ID:sJXgf3TS

Does this conspiracy theory conclude that he did in fact leave for Oz Sunday eve as predicted? If so, they must have also delayed those airport pap pix.
I don't understand- why invite paps to record him getting on a flight to RI that contradicts leaving for Oz if he did in fact leave for Oz.

This is like when I tried to comprehend the chaos theory.

910 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-16 04:24 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>905 It's starting to look that way. What looks probable to you for when they will announce the breakup ten or hint towards it? After VMAs and Emmy voting is done?
They haven't been seen together since Santa Monica so it is plausible it is all over. I still can't get over how weird this whole jet thing is. Truly sad. Sending a whole goddamn jet from IL to CA just to fake pap in front of it. Really truly sad.

911 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-16 04:30 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>910 I think it will end some time after Emmy voting ends, but before the Emmys, so... first week of September will be my guess.

912 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-16 04:45 ID:I4dpY8ws

>>909 Apparently TH just tweeted about the SAG interviews 46 minutes ago. Not sure if he's in Australia or LA. It's a mystery!

913 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-16 05:33 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>912 Or he's up late. It's not abnormal to burn the midnight oil when you don't have an early start the next day.

Another angle on this plane video;
It was obviously taken well after landing after the crew had disembarked. If TH was on board, he would have been one of the first off the plane. Maybe the videographer missed him.

This is all a bit too Area 51 for me and I say this as someone who has seen a UFO

914 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-08-16 05:42 ID:yJpq0A3q

Going back to the pics of TH getting on the jet, does it have a door on ech side? If so, indulge me for a moment: when I first saw his pics I thought it was not TS's jet because several of the pics have wheel covers on what looks like a much smaller plane, like a 4 - 6 seater. Then I realized it was another plane next to TS's jet.

Look at this:

Could he have walked off her jet on the other side and gotten into the other plane until the staged pics were finished, then done...whatever (like walked off that plane and gone back to a hotel?

915 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-16 05:48 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>913 It seemed like the person shooting the video was specifically trying to get footage of Tom, and they were certain he wasn't there. Otherwise why include that information in the video description?

916 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-16 06:41 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>911 Makes sense that he wouldn't want any negative press during final Emmy voting. Barely made it to one and a half month before ending things then. Kimye was the final nail I'm guessing.

>>913 He could've missed him getting off the plane but if he was still there in one of the cars or something, he would've seen it. The photog seemed to be there to catch a shot of the couple together.

It's possible he hired a F900 to fly out to Hawaii or San Francisco and caught a commercial to Australia from there. Is there a way to check private flights going out of LA or Burbank on Sat and Sun and see if there's a F900 leaving to Hawaii or SF? I suck at this stuff so just throwing out ideas for anyone who's willing to sleuth.

917 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-16 07:09 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>915 Right, I had missed the caption. Still, there's a possibility they got there too late to catch him.
>>914 I'm not following. I think I need a picture with diagrams.

I tried going back to the source, who I believe was an innocent tumblrite. She is being persecuted by evil Swifties. The evil ones have changed the caption to one that befits their purpose: 'Taylor arriving to greet Tom and check out her recently remodeled jet' (incorrect spelling not my own).
I am disgusted with Swiftie bullying. There is one particular site which instructed its readers to attack jetanon and now they're set upon this poor blogger. Bored little shits.

How exactly does the two day delay in picture release benefit this charade?

918 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-16 07:21 ID:Heaven

>>903 Hemsworth hasn't followed back? Curious. But his IG's debut fiasco does say something else. TH has 3 mil. of twitter followers, more on fb, even if half that were fake accounts he should have more followers on IG. Which means that people might be talking about him now, but that doesn't mean they like him.

919 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-16 07:26 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>917 Good God, the Swiftie cult is insane. Jetanon got death threats the other night after that blog sent her horde over there.

From what I am inferring, the pictures were taken on Saturday to create the illusion that he left LA on Taylor's jet to go see her in RI, but a contradictory sighting in a different location would blow it, so the pictures have to be held temporarily until Tom gets back into hiding at the Four Seasons or wherever. Once a reasonable amount of time has passed that Tom could theoretically have gone to RI and gotten back to wherever he really is (in the event of a legitimate fan or pap sighting), the pictures are released.

Does that make any sense?

920 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-16 07:26 ID:Heaven

Weren't there photos of someone putting TH's suitacases on the plane? That's a lot of trouble to go through.

>>914 In the video you see TS first getting on the plane, then walking into view from the right.

Anyway I don't think the breakup will happen before the Emmys, it will take away the attention from the award.

921 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-16 07:29 ID:Heaven

>>919 They are as insane as their idol. Then again, TH is no better since he is going along with it.

It does makes sense but it seems very complicated, when it would have been easier for TS to fly to LA and be seen in the city. Everyone would have assumed they were together.

922 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-16 07:33 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>918 No wonder he panicked and friended his loyal fans on twitter. I think it was deliberate that he waited a few days before friending anyone- a test to see how many fans he had aside from Swifties. Post friending Tay, he has gained another 250k which is 1/4 his entire fanbase.
Those are some disappointing figures, not to mention he's oddly unpopular amongst those he considers 'friends'.

923 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-16 07:37 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>919 Thanks, that makes sense now, although >>921 is much more logical.
Just do a pap stunt together and get it over with- why this elaborate and ridiculous scheme? Again, for it to work, it needs to be reported by non- fans.

924 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-16 07:47 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>921 >>923 Tom "accidentally" getting photographed getting on her jet to RI gives the impression they were trying to hide from the paps.

925 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-16 07:52 ID:I4dpY8ws

>>923 I don't want to jinx anything, b/c new RH lovey dovey couple pics would be so odd to see. But I feel that when TS raced back from Nashville to Burbank after one day, the day that TH spent in NYC (with his lawyers and his manager) that Hillstone restaurant pap walk was one of her last chances to stunt in that specific and public a way. I'm not sure that Team TH is open to more pap walks. 1. People think that they're coupledom is a hoax that its just about publicity, 2. and TH can't look but so frivolous to serious voters for the Emmy campaign.

BTW, did Marvel just use a shot of TH in the heart tank as part of their new twitter page pic? Wild.

926 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-08-16 09:21 ID:yJpq0A3q

>>920 In 914 I am referring to the TH pics, not the TS video. I'll have to make circles around what I was referring to. I was trying to find out how he might have gotten away from the fake flight pap.

927 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-16 10:09 ID:sJXgf3TS

So let me get this straight:

a) TH faked getting on the return flight to RI, TS inspected the refurbished pimpmobile on arrival in RI while TH was in hiding for reasons unknown in LA and will magic carpet ride back to Oz.
b) TH rode the pimpmobile to RI and is regularly checking up on his social media between frustratingly rapid sexual encounters.
c) TS was on the pimpmobile and spent the night in LA (there is no visual proof she was in RI on the Saturday), she rode it back to RI alone and TH left on another identical private plane on the Sunday and then vanished
d) It was all an elaborate ruse to disguise flying undetected together back to Oz. They're putting another shrimp on the barbie as we speak.

928 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-16 12:31 ID:1R0DkkPA

DailyMail reported on those pics as Tom leaving LA for Australia alone a private jet:

So maybe he did take a different private F900 to either Hawaii or SF and then took a flight from there to Oz. Would a F900 make the whole flight to Australia?

929 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-16 12:45 ID:sJXgf3TS

"Tom Hiddleston Being Put On The Spot About Taylor Is Awkward AF"

Posting for the slowed down gifs of his awkward af answer. Impossible to watch without cringing

930 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-16 13:44 ID:1Gv7ebAj

What.The.Fuck.Is.Going.On? That's all I've got.

931 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-16 13:59 ID:I4dpY8ws

So perhaps, TS just sent her N898TS plane from the midwest, to Burbank, to Groton as a fool's errand, so that her fans could think TH had possibly visited her for a day in RH? Meanwhile, TH boarded a private plane by himself for Brisbane, via Hawaii perhaps for a fuel stop? They held the photos of TH at Burbank to make a feigned Watch Hill trip seem plausible to her fans, while TH has actually been back in Australia since sometime Monday, maybe? And TH held off tweeting till Tuesday in Australia around 2pm-ish? But the pap video at Groton shows that TH was never in RH. BTW, who was the M person here who first provided the TH pics at Burbank and said it was a love story? Was that you Tree Paine? : ) If it is, I think you would look phenomenal with former fashion editor Taylor Tomasi-Hill's red hair color! It would work on you! She lists her stylist in an interview online!

For the record, did the pics of TH boarding the plane at Burbank actually have TS's flight number on them?

932 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-16 14:06 ID:Heaven

>>929 LOL

933 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-16 14:10 ID:Heaven

>>928 In Torrilla's photos it wasn't visible the number, but in the DM's photo it is and it's either a N8 or a N6.

TS's F900 number is N898TS

934 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-16 14:12 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>933 The N8 or N6 is on the white plane in the background.

935 Name: Anon : 2016-08-16 14:24 ID:OLLhMhPj

>>931 No, M is one of us (despite her Bond-esque moniker!!).

936 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-16 14:25 ID:Heaven

>>934 I hang my head in shame hahaha I've so little interest left that I can't even peruse a photo anymore.

937 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-16 16:10 ID:I4dpY8ws

>>935 M, I'm so sorry I didn't know you! I love James Bond films. Cool name. BTW, Tree Paine, if you're out there, that was a heartfelt beauty suggestion. Taylor Tomasi-Hill's bolder colour red hair would look great on you! TTH knows Anna Wintour and her head to style is amazing! Back to the subject at hand.

938 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-16 16:16 ID:z+OZa9S+

>>937 If this thing is real (probability: who the fuck knows anymore!) and if it goes the distance (probability: low), I'm hoping Taylor Tomasi Hiddleston Swift is the name of their first child...or joint cat.

939 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-16 16:38 ID:I4dpY8ws

Ha ha! Please please don't bring Taylor Tomasi-Hill into the Swift cat game names! Taylor Tomasi-Hill is a lovely wife, mother, and the former style-accessories director for Marie Claire and Conde Nast, as well as the former fashion editor for Teen Vogue years ago. Now, she owns her own floral arrangement business called TTH Blooms, that provides the bouquets for all the new York fashion events, and private parties in the fashion industry. The clothes she wears are amazingly and unique, if you're into fashion! And she wears a signature red hair dye colour that is out of this world! Sorry to digress!

940 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-16 16:49 ID:I4dpY8ws

>>931 BTW, if TH left on a private plane for Australia on Saturday, then the "back in Australia in 48 hrs" comment from the SAG interviewer was a true statement! Maybe TH is a truth teller after all! Yay! A possible petit redemption.

941 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-16 18:09 ID:41I9V1sS

>>931 If he wasn't on the plane to RI and got a private flight on a F900 (two F900s did leave for Hawaii and San Francisco from Burbank on Sun, not my findings though) then he probably did go to Oz. I dont know if any private F900s left from LA on Sun, the pics did say LA. I don't know why she'd send her plane to Burbank other than it needed something from here or that she made it make a useless trip to make her fans think Tom is with her right now. That's IF he did leave for Oz.

One thing that I don't get at all is why would Tom say he has to be Oz in 48 hrs and then set up a staged pap getting into her plane the next day? It shows him as a clear liar even if he sat on the pics for two days. Why go through that trouble?

Did something happen? Will we ever see real time TayTo pap strolls anymore or will it just be through their social media? Or do we have to settle for GC telling us they're still together? I have a feeling if they were together, they'd give us something more concrete than guesswork pics while releasing a GC article saying it's all good at the same time and letting DM run with the headline of Tom leaving LA without meeting Taylor.

942 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-16 18:11 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>941 Do you know which Hawaii airport the jet flew into from Burbank?

943 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-16 18:33 ID:41I9V1sS

>>942 Unfortunately I don't. But I do know the people researching this were pulling up this info from flightaware. I wasn't talking any of these people directly though so it's all forum eavesdropping lol

944 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-16 20:00 ID:I4dpY8ws

F900 is in the air right now.

It took off from RI and is flying towards Nashville.

So if TH is on board, maybe there will be stunting in Nashville.

945 Name: M : 2016-08-16 20:31 ID:O6PYI+Fw

>>931 >>935
M comes from Megara, the nickname I have for years. But as you probably figured out, I'm lazy at writing. I read but I write rarely. Also, out of lazyness from Megara remained only M.

PS 1: If I remember correctly, I am here starting with the thread TH 4 or TH 5.
PS 2: I'm not a Bond fan :)

946 Name: M : 2016-08-16 20:43 ID:O6PYI+Fw

>>944 or New York?

947 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-16 20:54 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>946 I just looked at it on planefinder. It's landing in Nashville.

948 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-16 21:10 ID:I4dpY8ws

FYI, the Swift plane just disappeared over Nashville (BNA). So prepare for Nashville pap pics if TH is there. Also, so sorry M. I apologize unreservedly for assuming that you were a Bond fan. And 'm so sorry that I did not recognize you as a long time poster!

949 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-16 22:04 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>948 It just took off from Nashville again and it's flying to Burbank.

Captcha: ho

950 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-16 22:16 ID:41I9V1sS

>>949 They're going to Oz together. The thirsty couple is still going strong! Same craziness going to Oz I'm assuming now.

951 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-16 22:20 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>950 Nah, I think it dropped her off in Nashville. Plus I'm still not sure if I believe Tom even took that flight to RI in the first place.

952 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-16 22:20 ID:I4dpY8ws

>>949 My goodness! Is that remark about TS or TH?! So now TH is supposedly on the Swift plane, and he's going to land at Burbank, and then at some point get papped going through LAX on the way to a commercial flight to Brisbane, so that we "know" that they spent saucy time together this weekend in RH? Or maybe TH is already in Oz? So odd. It's a like disappearing act! Btw, there is a new TS and Karlie dailymail article.

'I'll always have Taylor's back': Karlie Kloss arrives at LAX in midriff-baring outfit as she claims Kim Kardashian comments were 'misconstrued'

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

953 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-16 22:34 ID:I4dpY8ws

Tom Tom Hiddleston Breakdown: Actor Admits Taylor Swift Relationship Induces Stress Breakdown: Actor Admits Stress In Taylor Swift Relationship | Celeb Dirty Laundry

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift’s ‘summer in the spotlight’ might be coming to an end. The Hollywood actor recently hinted that the pressure of being Taylor Swift’s boyfriend might be getting to him, as he’s simply not used to being in the celebrity spotlight with the tabloid media following his every move.

Taylor Swift made headlines earlier this summer for her abrupt Calvin Harris breakup before moving on rather quickly with Tom Hiddleston. Many critics worry that the Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston romance might be hurting the actor’s position in Hollywood and worse, costing him roles in big-budget films such as the next James Bond movie.

And now Tom Hiddleston himself is admitting that he’s still having a hard time understanding the media’s obsession with Twiddleswift while also adding that some of the false rumors about him are definitely taking a toll on his mental state.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Tom Hiddleston said, “It’s interesting, we all live in a world where every phone has a camera, and there’s nothing new really about the spotlight on me. I think the spotlight, that’s what happens when you’re a public figure… What have I learned about it? Maybe it’s too soon to tell. I’ve learned that there are many sides to a story, and that sometimes there are a lot of stories out there which are false, and the hardest thing is to not let the falsehoods affect your mind.”

Clearly, Tom Hiddleston is beginning to stress about his Taylor Swift relationship and if things continue to go this way, there’s no doubt that a Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift breakup will occur before awards season. The British-born actor simply can’t handle all the stress that comes with being Taylor Swift’s boyfriend while being constantly scrutinized by the media for everything thing he does and says.

Tom Hiddleston is beginning to realize that a Taylor Swift romance might not be worth it in the end, especially if it’s going to cost him his career or worse, his health. So far Taylor Swift herself has made no comments about her highly-publicized relationship, although it’s pretty clear that the ‘Wildest Dreams’ singer is feeling quite the backlash from both the fans and the media this summer.

Pressuring Tom Hiddleston for an engagement ring might make her look desperate while keeping under the radar will only make her fans worried while fueling breakup rumors. It’s no wonder Tom Hiddleston himself doesn’t feel right in this relationship and it will only be a matter of time before he pulls the plug on ‘Tiddleswift’ for good. Come back to CDL for all your Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston news and reports!

954 Name: Anon : 2016-08-16 22:43 ID:eMcauyt1

>>952 The originating article is behind The Times's impregnable paywall. But here is a summary from VF: Karlie says her best friends are her sister and her mum! There was a better summary I can't now find saying she isn't really BFF with TS.

955 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-16 22:52 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>954 https://twitter . com/karliekloss/status/765391284005695488

956 Name: Anon : 2016-08-16 22:59 ID:eMcauyt1

>>955 Yeah, she messed up!

957 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-16 23:11 ID:I4dpY8ws

Wow, also, TH could have been in LA all this time, and will leave for Brisbane soon, via a commercial plane and be papped at LAX, implying that he was with TS in RH. This is getting dark...They're attempting Game of Thrones level of scheming, however, I don't think that Tree Paine is as good as Petyr Baelish : )

958 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-16 23:57 ID:sJXgf3TS

Try posting links to articles and selecting an important sentence or paragraph.
There's so much tinfoil hatting going on here I've quite literally run out and am debating whether to replace it.

The simplest and most logical explanation is that TH has spent the last couple of days in RI, they have dropped TS off in Nashville and he is on his way to LA to catch a flight back to Oz.

If he returns to Oz alone then I consider it a relationship milestone that they have spent this time together amidst breakup rumors without flaunting it. They have been dirty ho's for headlines and camera magnets for far too long.

If he is not on that plane I will go out and buy more tinfoil.

959 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-08-16 23:59 ID:yJpq0A3q

>>957 that's what I was trying to say earlier in >>914, he got on the plane in burbank for the pap, and got off the plane, possibly on the other side of the aircraft. The pic I referenced showed another plane on the other side of TS's jet, that he could have slipped into, either to go somewhere else or just sit until the paps left, then go back to the hotel.

960 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-08-17 00:02 ID:yJpq0A3q

On the other hand, as Anonon pointed out, it's not the simplest of explanations.

961 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-17 00:13 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>958 I'd agree except for that video from the RI airport.

962 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-17 00:27 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>961 He was in her car on the tarmac completely emasculated, so she went back on the plane looking for his balls?

What I find suspicious about that video is that it covers a minutiae moment at the end of a long disembark. They have so little footage they repeat it three times. Surely if they saw more they would have filmed more

963 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-17 00:37 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>962 HA. Everyone knows his balls have already been turned into cat toys.

And I'm wrapped in so much tinfoil I can now power my entire block with solar energy if I sit outside for ten minutes.

964 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-17 00:48 ID:rO2oWhKq

>>962 The jumpy video editing is probably Taylor first telling Tom to stay inside the jet and then later she sent her guards to make a deal with the paps to not reveal anything about Tom. She must have promised Splash news some sort of exclusive. Her PR is pretty heavy handed and we've all seen how her mind works so I'm sure she's got this whole thing figured out in her benefit. And Tom is in her bubble loving that lavish lifestyle and freeloading off her.

965 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-17 00:56 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>964 For what purpose would she hide Tom? Why would they not want people to think he was visiting her in RI?

966 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-17 01:03 ID:sJXgf3TS

I'm having a giggle going through the Buzzfeed comments.
My fav so far about the awkward af question:
'The "question" was obviously a backhanded comment on the perceived secrecy around this goofy relationship. Asking a seasoned actor what he's learned is clearly saying, "you probably should have known better, welcome to being a celebrity, feel stupid yet?" And based on his weird response I'm going to say...yes. Yes he do.'

967 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-17 01:47 ID:sYjrPVVf

>>964 That's the thing. I don't know lol The whole thing makes no sense to me. Why bother getting papped at the airport then have your gf keep it secret? Why say 48hrs to Oz then get yourself papped getting on your gf's plane? They could've broken up and that's why this weirdness but that jumpy badly edited video is very suspect. Because of that I'm leaning more towards this all being PR more than real. Real couples who love courting publicity wouldn't go this far with stunting.

968 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-17 03:27 ID:sJXgf3TS


So he was in RI and has just been dropped off to catch his flight to Oz. Conspiracy dead. Relationship maybe real. Sounds like he's alone too

969 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-17 03:49 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>968 Come now, we don't know from that he was in RI from that. Also don't forget the mile-long fake relationship checklist from the last two months. Even if he was in RI it doesn't mean it's real.

970 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-17 03:49 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>969 Pretend my grammar wasn't terrible when you read this.

971 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-17 04:25 ID:sJXgf3TS

'I saw @twhiddleston at the airport ✈️✌🏾️❤️😍 he was so sweet and genuinely sorry for declining a photo; didn't want to cause a scene.'

>>969 Oh I promise I will never forget! They are still cheap famewhores who sold themselves for tabloid headlines to a degree I have never witnessed in my life.
That doesn't necessarily mean they aren't banging or have a genuine affection for each other. This is the first time they haven't stunted their love (I may be speaking too soon) and I believe anyone who travels that far out of their way to spend just two days with someone shows that they really want to spend time with them.
Or you can argue he faked getting on the plane to RI, hid in LA and fake coordinated his departure with all those fake flights.
Or you could argue that they have finally taken the advice of their advisors, fans and the media and gone underground with their love but being a cheap stuntey famewhore, TH insisted on being papped getting on to her jet and will make sure he's papped leaving days later making sure to squash those breakup rumors. Going underground while remaining highly visible.
I think this is how they will stunt till the Emmys if they last that long.

972 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-17 04:28 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>971 Does Westerly, RI have a Four Seasons for Tom to stay in?

973 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-17 04:39 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>971 The mansion's so fucking huge they could've avoided each other the whole time!
Honestly, even though I kinda despise her, she has mansions, private planes and an inflatable water slide. That's heaps of fun for two days. She's the poster girl for hedonism and if you're into being shallow she's a dream come true.

Oh but wait; she donated 1mil to Louisiana so she has a charitable (tax deductible) side. Unfortunately she made sure the world knows about that too.

974 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-17 05:08 ID:I4dpY8ws

>>973 Questions I need help answering:

  1. If the dailymail has been TS's mouthpiece this whole time, which we assume due to of all of the articles from her perspective, why was the headline about TH leaving on a plane just about TH flying all ALONE? If they're quietly stunting, and they held the picture for two days, why not just state their narrative that TH spent a quiet weekend in RH with TS? B/c that would be a potentially romantic somewhat private story. Is this Team Tree Paine's insinuation of the future break up to come? Or is there a new article coming up about the Watch Hill weekend tomorrow? Odd.
  2. Why would a rogue paparazzi take a video of TH arriving in Groton, make a deal to TS not to release the video of TH, and then delete TH from the video and then offer it up to the web for free, just to frame the couple as liars? Even weirder.

Due to the fact that TS just allowed her plane to be tracked on planefinder for the first time in two weeks, this is a stunt of some sorts.
3. And btw, I would have thought that if your bf was away for 2 weeks, and was going away for whole another month, you would want as much bedroom time with him as possible? If they're deep in love and in lust, why didn't TS just meet TH in Wed in LA for a dirty midweek/long weekend? Illogical.

975 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-17 05:32 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>974 Calm yo tits.
Nobody here has any inside knowledge, just like nobody here is Tree Paine disguised as a Bond character who actually dislikes Bond films.
It's a board of friendly speculation and banter.
I have no answers, only conjecture and I will happily eat my shorts if I am wrong.

  1. If you look at all the DM articles on TayTo, there is no consistency. I would consider People and GC her mouthpiece over the DM
  2. In what parallel universe was a deal made to suppress video footage of TH arriving in RI? Certainly not a universe I have visited.
  3. A logical conclusion would be that she respectfully stayed away (perhaps at his request) so the focus would remain on him and his Emmy campaign. Previous attempts to cross- breed his work with their romance spectacularly failed.

these opinions are my own and have no basis in truth

976 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-17 05:32 ID:I4dpY8ws

Wow! The Dailymail is not allowing comments on the TS Louisiana donation article at all! And although TH is listed as her beau and mentions him filming Thor, there are no TH or cou[;e pics in the whole article! Maybe we've reached the end of new couple pics...

'This week is heartbreaking:' Taylor Swift to donate $1 million to Louisiana flood relief after historic deluge

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

977 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-17 05:41 ID:I4dpY8ws

>>975 Anonon, I officially need "co yo tits" as a bumper sticker, b/c I love that phrase! BTW, you should know that I apologized profusely to M already. And, so sorry for the bizarre questions. I have no real info either. But there are a lot facts that don't make sense. I guess my wheels are just spinning in the mud trying to figure this couple out, and perhaps that's impossible. And if TH finally got control over his Emmy campaign back from TS, bully for him. So so sorry, and the RH video is still weird in my book.

978 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-17 05:50 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>977 Enough sorry, Sosorry.
I recommend approaching this mess from a tinfoil free perspective first and then once things really don't add up (which is fairly often), slowly start wrapping in foil. Sometimes there is a foil- free explanation worth taking into consideration.

I really do hope he won the battle for dominance with his Emmy campaign. He deserves one small victory after his fall from grace.
The video is weird, yes.

979 Name: Anon : 2016-08-17 06:31 ID:eMcauyt1

980 Name: M : 2016-08-17 06:33 ID:UMDz4gLe

It's OK.
You don't need to apologise

981 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-17 06:37 ID:sJXgf3TS

'@twhiddleston thanks for being so sweet at LAX. glad no paps bothered you 😘'

If this is correct, he wasn't papped at LAX for the first time since the day TayTo announced their love to the worlds media.
He also refused airport fan selfies tonight.

Surely some 'camera phone' photos will emerge in time..

982 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-17 06:43 ID:sJXgf3TS

Eating my shorts Part 1:


'I was so awkward I called him Loki and he smiled at me putangina talaga I can die now'

983 Name: Anon : 2016-08-17 07:00 ID:eMcauyt1

>>982 So he resisted a fan selfie for 1 ask then caved in! Don't eat your shorts yet.

I cannot for a minute believe that there won't be a People "They had a fond PRIVATE farewell, they will miss each other so much" article. She was capable of this even with CH which didn't look like a stunt relationship and she has already laid the ground with the pap pics at Burbank.

984 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-17 07:05 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>979 I finally just now got around to watching the part of the video where he answers the question about his "summer in the spotlight," and WOW he was so awkward it made me physically uncomfortable. I was peeking through my fingers like it was a horror movie.

985 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-17 07:08 ID:jk4W5Vi7

>>983 When that inevitable People article comes out, we need to, um... remember the uh, how should I say it, um......... uh...... let me give you a proper response. Ummm................................ there are, uh, falsehoods. And camera phones. Because, um, Tom is a public figure.

wrings hands for five minutes

986 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-17 07:31 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>985 The SMIRK on the interviewers' face is priceless. I am positive he wrote that question himself, he's just so punchy proud that it worked. Well done you, Mr interviewer who didn't get a thankyou from TH.

>>983 I fear I will soon run out of clothing to eat.
They have to leak their private #rapidsexvacation to People/ US Weekly or they will cease to exist.
Hopefully the exclusive will have a glorious accompanying photoshoot.

987 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-17 08:29 ID:jk4W5Vi7

Someone on tumblr noticed that the photos of Tom at Taylor's jet in Burbank were taken by TayTo's favorite "paparazzi" agency The Image Direct. In case anyone had doubts that those were staged.

988 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-08-17 08:55 ID:yJpq0A3q

>>984 It was even more painful watching it live. Seeing him squirm. I could feel the sweat coming through my computer screen.

989 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-17 09:37 ID:sJXgf3TS

Here's the selfie from the airport:


990 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-17 10:50 ID:Heaven

Let me see if I have the latest chapter of this soap-opera right:
TH took a private jet (almost identical to TS's jet) on Sat. somewhere in California, when at the same time TS's jet was in Burbank.
TS's jet left that same day for RI.
TH is not seen for 3 days.
TS's jet yesterday flew from RI to Nashville and then Burbank.
TH is seen yesterday night at LAX airport, leaving for OZ.

So either TS enjoys wasting money on fuel and TH has developed a love for airports and his suitcases, or they spent 3 days together.

991 Name: Anonon : 2016-08-17 11:43 ID:sJXgf3TS

>>990 YASS! Although I think the theory is that he hid in LA rather than jumped on another plane. Also her jet flew back to Nashville again after Burbank.

This extraordinarily elaborate, expensive and time wasting scenario is only plausible if they detest each other so much they cannot fathom spending 3 days together.

I think the only question that remains is did they bang or just play scrabble.

992 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-17 13:01 ID:sYjrPVVf

This whole thing is so exhausting. I think he did get on that plane and stay with her in RI. But I don't get why

  • she'd pay off the paparazzi at RI to say no Tom and not show him coming out of her plane
  • yet was fine with him getting papped boarding her plane by her fav paparazzi and then they both sat on those pics for two days?

I feel like I'm missing a very obvious piece here...why this drama to throw the media and fans off by pretending Tom had left for Oz yet it was a given he was gonna get spotted at LAX later?

If he was supposed to leave later anyways why bother with this pretense of 48 hrs to Oz and all that? This playing games with the media and fans now makes no sense...

993 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-17 14:44 ID:VTa2JoAI

>>983 This weekend could go a few ways. I personally think he got on the plane and was with her in RI. Maybe the pap who shot the video missed filming TH because he thought the haggard, shaking and sweaty man who got off was the baggage handler and not TH going to be reunited with The One/Future Mother of His Children!! Considering how TH looks whenever he's around her, that's a likely case of mistaken identity.

That the pap pics were from Image Direct means it was staged. That they were held for a few days suggests that they may go, as Anon mentioned, with the 'oh so private' reunion story for the general public (because people in either fandom already know he was with her in RI). There will be write-ups that feature the 'TH jetting off on his true love's plane' pics, but no couple photos or pap walk from staged paps. Perhaps they will IG some couple pics from the weekend. If the articles talk about how they were at the same restaurant romantically giggling over swan pastry, I'll go into a diabetic coma.


Maybe this is the start of the break-up narrative. This super-secret meeting was to discuss where the relationship is headed: Are they apart too much to make it last? Are they 'at different places in life?' Will they still have mutual love and respect for one another after it's over. Blah, blah, blah. The sources will of course be her cats.

NB The above scenarios were duly pulled from between my butt cheeks. I know nothing about this clusterfuck and am guessing along with everyone else.

And I can tell you exactly how the weekend was spent:

  • No sex was had.
  • He spent it coming up with canned quotes about rom-coms because now that Bond is resting at the bottom of the ocean in which he wore his I <3 TS t-shirt, he's got to hope for leading man status via the Hugh Grant route. I'm sure he was on the phone to Richard Curtis as well: 'Richard, isn't it time Four Weddings and a Funeral was remade? I know the perfect person for the Grant role.' I believe the answer to the 'fame' question is meant to serve as his audition for any fumbling, stumbling, stuttering British toff role that comes up. He'll just send that tape out and the role will be his!
  • She spent it with her PR people figuring out how to use a natural disaster to her very public benefit and then writing her heartfelt press release about her donation (which was incredibly generous even if it was also very public.) Her weekend quotes include: 'This will make them like me again, right?' and 'Can we get #taylorssogenerous trending?'

994 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-17 15:02 ID:Heaven

>>993 Strangely both scenarios seems credible. I don't put anything past this guy after he pimped out his family.

995 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-17 15:05 ID:Heaven

"Taylor Swift a.k.a the queen of relationships has cold feet!
After starting a hot and heavy romance with actor Tom Hiddleston shortly after calling it quits with Calvin Harris, a source exclusively reveals to In Touch that after accidentally finding a diamond ring in the Thor actor's drawer, the singer is now hesitant to accept his hand in marriage."

That's what was hidden in that bag!
I know it's totally fake, it's fun. Where does InTouch stands in the world of gossip? TS's camp or general gossip?

996 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-17 15:09 ID:Heaven

*but it's fun

Have mercy guys, my English skills are on holiday with me.

997 Name: anonsy : 2016-08-17 15:21 ID:jk4W5Vi7

The only reason to pay off the RI pap to not release video of Tom is if he managed to get footage of a very businesslike reunion. If Tom got off that plane and Taylor greeted him with a handshake, or not at all, that's something they wouldn't want anyone to see.

998 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-17 15:34 ID:VTa2JoAI

>>995 As if he's been given his own drawer at any of her properties!

I'm not going to click because they don't deserve it, but did the article say what Miss Swift was doing rummaging through his drawers? Was she picking out his underwear for the day?

999 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-08-17 15:52 ID:Heaven

>>998 No, it does not, but it says that TS has decided that she has to make a decision by the end of Aug.

1000 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-17 16:22 ID:VTa2JoAI


Captcha: bite - As in, these two can bite me.

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