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>>974 Calm yo tits.
Nobody here has any inside knowledge, just like nobody here is Tree Paine disguised as a Bond character who actually dislikes Bond films.
It's a board of friendly speculation and banter.
I have no answers, only conjecture and I will happily eat my shorts if I am wrong.

  1. If you look at all the DM articles on TayTo, there is no consistency. I would consider People and GC her mouthpiece over the DM
  2. In what parallel universe was a deal made to suppress video footage of TH arriving in RI? Certainly not a universe I have visited.
  3. A logical conclusion would be that she respectfully stayed away (perhaps at his request) so the focus would remain on him and his Emmy campaign. Previous attempts to cross- breed his work with their romance spectacularly failed.

these opinions are my own and have no basis in truth

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