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993 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-17 14:44 ID:VTa2JoAI

>>983 This weekend could go a few ways. I personally think he got on the plane and was with her in RI. Maybe the pap who shot the video missed filming TH because he thought the haggard, shaking and sweaty man who got off was the baggage handler and not TH going to be reunited with The One/Future Mother of His Children!! Considering how TH looks whenever he's around her, that's a likely case of mistaken identity.

That the pap pics were from Image Direct means it was staged. That they were held for a few days suggests that they may go, as Anon mentioned, with the 'oh so private' reunion story for the general public (because people in either fandom already know he was with her in RI). There will be write-ups that feature the 'TH jetting off on his true love's plane' pics, but no couple photos or pap walk from staged paps. Perhaps they will IG some couple pics from the weekend. If the articles talk about how they were at the same restaurant romantically giggling over swan pastry, I'll go into a diabetic coma.


Maybe this is the start of the break-up narrative. This super-secret meeting was to discuss where the relationship is headed: Are they apart too much to make it last? Are they 'at different places in life?' Will they still have mutual love and respect for one another after it's over. Blah, blah, blah. The sources will of course be her cats.

NB The above scenarios were duly pulled from between my butt cheeks. I know nothing about this clusterfuck and am guessing along with everyone else.

And I can tell you exactly how the weekend was spent:

  • No sex was had.
  • He spent it coming up with canned quotes about rom-coms because now that Bond is resting at the bottom of the ocean in which he wore his I <3 TS t-shirt, he's got to hope for leading man status via the Hugh Grant route. I'm sure he was on the phone to Richard Curtis as well: 'Richard, isn't it time Four Weddings and a Funeral was remade? I know the perfect person for the Grant role.' I believe the answer to the 'fame' question is meant to serve as his audition for any fumbling, stumbling, stuttering British toff role that comes up. He'll just send that tape out and the role will be his!
  • She spent it with her PR people figuring out how to use a natural disaster to her very public benefit and then writing her heartfelt press release about her donation (which was incredibly generous even if it was also very public.) Her weekend quotes include: 'This will make them like me again, right?' and 'Can we get #taylorssogenerous trending?'
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