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258 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-6013 17:06

Guy who originally posted the lame confession about the HOV lane here.

So... I hate driving. Makes shitty days shittier. Got up late, had to rush to class (it's a test day for a 1-hour class; every minute counts and I wasn't ready). And boy, fucking nobody can drive around here, not with ice on the road. Doesn't help I went the wrong way first, either.

I somehow manage to be only 15 minutes late. And I use my card to get into the parking garage just so I can spend less time walking; if I weren't late, I'd just walk more, no big. Now usually, it doesn't matter if I even go to this class, but it's a test day, so I write down my answers in a fury and somehow got a skeleton down, but I'd have had more complete answers if I'd been on time.

Then I'm on the way back. Turns out I can't fucking drive either. I hate driving. OOPS I lost my ID can't get out of the garage without it. So the guy lets me out, but even now I have no idea where the goddam card is. Then on the way back I follow a big, slow truck who makes a right turn and I almost run a red and almost hit some lady who does the pretty understandable WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING FUCK YOU routine. So I look up, and whaddaya know, it's red. Also, there's a camera. One of like five lights with a camera on the whole route and that's where I run a red. I'm usually more careful than that, but it's been a shitty day, okay? I sheepishly reverse back out of the intersection. I forget to put the gear back and almost back into the car behind me when the light turned green (they'd left me space so I could back up in the first place, mind you).

When I finally got home, I took a huge fucking dump and it hurt like fuck. Huuuuge, Rochester, yewwwwww-juh! The only thing that can salvage today is if this post amuses or severely depresses someone else.

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