[Quantum theory] ITT we send the next poster to a parallel universe and they tell us about it [go] (468)

317 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7211 15:47

A few generations after Hitler and all his right-hand-men died off, the anti-semetic aspects of nazism were abandoned and only the desire to rebuild Germany into a great and prosperous land of peace remained. However, Germany had, by this time, abandoned the bases, so they declared independence. The Arctic base actually eventually was annexed by Canada due to some difficulties in surviving on its own and is now just a research facility. The Antarctic base, however, became the capitol city of the National Socialist Republic of New Germany, which was a major player in the Cold War but collapsed in the early 80's. It has since become the Democratic Republic of Antarctica, a tentative ally of the United States and a major importer of its popular culture.

What's it like in the universe where Rl'yeh rose from the sea and it turned out that the Elder Gods were actually pretty chill dudes?

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