[Quantum theory] ITT we send the next poster to a parallel universe and they tell us about it [go] (468)

392 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8126 04:09

This THREAD must be interrupted right now. The greatest is and will always be .wpk.kp, the brilliant revolutionary gift from the Eternal General Secretary's unlimited wisdom‼

Gonzo did it. It flopped mid-season. It caused massive riots because fans wouldn't stand for such an impure fan-service-filled display of their favourite characters, and the general populace didn't understand it and wrote it off as some porn that took forever to get to the action. The chaos caused by this anime resulted in a few assaults, one murder, at least one arson and countless broken windows and overturned cars.

ZUN was accused of becoming a sell-out. He had to give a sincere apology and work extra hard on the next instalment in order to restore faith in him. This eagerly-awaited game still hasn't been released to this day. Rumours are that ZUN have been seen in bars all over Japan often in contradicting, physically impossible times. It's a mystery!

What is it like in the parallel universe where everyone speaks with unique kyara-gobi?

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