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798 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8392 00:56

Given that (almost?) all the typos are spread towards the edges of the standard qwerty layout, I would assume that it's smaller than >>796 is used to. The odd-ball is the t->r typo, repeated in ro' and compirwe', but perhaps >>796 types `t's with the right hand? I can think of two significant possibilities:

- The new kemborat is attached to one of these new-fangled more-portable-than-others.
- The new kemborat is actually larger (e.g. >>796 is moving from a kemborat without a numpad to one with), but the individual keys are smaller.

I don't believe the second option is probable, given the e->3 slur, which is distinctly vertical. It's certainly not a CrOS device, since those don't have Caps Lock keys. The probability space is too wide to be confident in anything else.

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