[BEYOND DQN] Someone else's comment from some site nobody knows [PASTE] [PART 6] (126)

1 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9873 19:50


77 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9907 13:44

Look itfs real simple here guys. I, as a white male, am not offended by my racist school song. But I AM offended that other people are offended.

I mean until today I didnft even know it was racist. What am I supposed to do, take the time to learn about racism?!?

I mean, why canft a bunch of unpaid black players suck it up and sing my special football Texas stalking song in front of thousands of white fans? Itfs the only time my dad and I have any real emotional connection. OK!

Whatfs next? Thomas Jefferson? George Washington? Stephen F Austin? Grandpappy? Youfre telling me I need to face the troubling racist elements that goes all the way back to the founding of this country?

What am I supposed to do? Look to find common ground, bridge the gap and heal old wounds. Even make small sacrifices to build a better country and quit kicking this can down the road.

I donft think so. No special blackface football song. No America.

78 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9907 13:49

Damn. You got me. All of my feelings about gtraditionh (dirty word by the way) are invalid because I left out a contraction.

79 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9907 15:50

I saw blood. It was just after the pus and it was mixed in making it creamy pink

80 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9907 16:14

Remember when Nazz wanted to go hiking with eddys brother lol

81 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9907 16:55

Furthermore, a natural consequence of people reading books is the revenge of the harvested tree flesh (demanding to be consumed so that it can return to the world-gut and reincarnate) and subsequent psychic/memetic possession

When you realize that books hate you for not letting them decompose, imagine what plastic feels like, and the subsequent scope and scale of its violence against life becomes clear. .

82 Name: (*߁[ß) : 1993-09-9907 17:01

>>81 is woke

83 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9907 21:57

The argument could of course be made that even the most hikiko of moris requires the existence of a vast global system to bring them food, electricity, and of course, new vidya

84 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9907 23:49

That is one creepy ass looking horse.

85 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9907 23:54

The CD-i, like the 3DO, has solid games on it but people watch AVGN vids and take them seriously.

86 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9908 01:59

Tiktok is an occasion of sin. Tread carefully around that app. Itfs a bait that has led to many a ruin.

87 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9908 08:25

The spiders cannot Wait
They are very busy causing Everything

89 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9908 19:33

In a world of sheep, I am a fox with seven legs, three tails and mange. Please kill me

90 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9908 23:17

"foxes pee on hedgehogs" listen, it's YOUR food, you season it however you want, but count me out lol

91 Name: vc: coughing : 1993-09-9909 22:11

when the Buddha said "desire is the root of all suffering", he was talking about gacha games

92 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9910 00:39

Put aside your png of the cover art for "Rocket to Russia," the really weird thing about this is that punk and goth are both over 40 years old. This would be like if some 24 year old in 1976 recorded an 8mm film about how you can't like big band if you aren't voting for Jimmy Carter.

93 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9910 03:04

I have this idea for a VN. The protagonist is a jewish scientist obsesssed with the shoah. He builds a time machine and goes back in time with the intention to kill baby Hitler, but when the time comes, he decides to grab the baby out of the crib and takes it back to the future instead. He rationalizes his actions by thinking that it would be less traumatic for the mother if her baby just vanished. Back in his lab, he takes a moment to gather his thoughts. Then he realizes that all this time, the baby has been peacefully resting in his arms and gently cooing. As he looks at the baby, for a moment the image of the Hitler he knows - signature hair and mustache and all - replaces the baby's features. Filled with disgust, he's determined to go through with his plan. Nothing has changed. He can kill the baby in his lab and get rid of the remains without arousing any suspicion. Nobody will come looking for the baby. He wraps his hand around the baby's throat. This is Adolf Hitler. He had planned to convey a speech before the act. It seemed appropriate, given how important this moment is. And deep within he felt a growing guilt for having to murder someone long before they would do wrong. This is a baby. It isn't even accountable for its past actions, let alone future ones.

He began: "You are Adolf Hitler. Given the chance, you would have become the killer of many." The baby played with the hand that was loosely wrapped around its neck. "To spare so many innocent lives, I must now take yours." The last line of his speech was supposed to be "I WILL now take yours." He had imagined this moment in detail countless times, and for the last hundred times he hadn't changed anything. "I will now take yours", he corrected himself. He took a deep breath and tried to imagine the face of the Hitler he knew again, but could not. His anger was depleted. It seemed impossible to equate this tiny, curious being to the scourge of his people. He took another breath, closed his eyes and squeezed his hand. Immediately, the baby became distressed. As he closed his grip around the baby's neck, he felt his own throat constricting and his face contorted. Nothing was as he had imagined. He was supposed to kill Hitler in the past and come back to gauge the consequences. As far as the timeline was concerned, Hitler never happened. Did he need to kill this baby? What if it grew up to be a terrible person in the present? Surely the Hitler he knew was more than just the product of his environment.

Maybe this baby would become an animal abuser. Maybe it would become an antisemite. Maybe it would become a war criminal, regardless of how lovingly he cared for the baby. Care for the baby? Thoughts of raising a child raced through his mind. He was almost middle-aged now, but in his obsession to create a time machine, he'd never had any time for love. He had acquaintances, and he could rely on his family and other jews in time of need. He was liked and respected - not least for his extensive scientific affinity - and there were many who regretted his distant and preoccupied nature. For years, the only person on his mind was Hitler. The only person who evoked any emotion in him was Hitler. He opened his eyes. Hitler was crying. How long ago had he relaxed his grip on Hitler's throat? It doesn't matter anymore. But one thing is for sure. As Hitler matures, he will come to resemble that man he hates. It would be impossible to love him. Hitler will have to grow up as a girl.

Working title: Hit-her

94 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9910 11:35

My friend and I fed that cabbage patch doll cigarettes. we thought It was hilarious.

95 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9910 11:51

Any doll that mimicked a bodily function was always weird to me. Also, I feel Puppy Surprise misled a few children into thinking that you can rip open a dog and find puppies inside.

96 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9910 13:32

>>95 But you can do that!

97 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9911 06:03

Performing bodily functions is natural for everyone, and idols like you are no exception to that inherent rule of nature, Moona. There is no need to feel ashamed. That doesnft make us love you any less. Not at all. We Moonafics sincerely hope youfll get better soon.

98 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9911 14:25

the hardest thing by slime girls is when their children have sex with her father to get semen to grow. but when the mother slime say no in that case i think the babyslime won`t doing it.

99 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9911 21:35

If you go skydiving there's at least a non-zero chance that you die, so you're spending $250 to risk your life. Nobody has ever died while rolling in a gacha (I don't have a source for this). So even though it's slightly more expensive, at least you're guaranteed to survive if you spend $400 for a character (probably).

100 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9912 20:29

Doing Sex(C), and by that i mean taking a shower

sex is groce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

101 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9913 00:05

The revolution is actually all of us gathering in DC and starting to spin around in circles, very quickly, together until our combined rotational power takes on a sentient communist life of its own and begins eradicating capitalism.

102 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9913 01:19

Many of the people agreeing with her are either scared of her banning them or are just trying to copy her whole "Look at my 4 foot dick that leaks pus but you will still automatically want to suck it" thing. I guess that makes them yes-gender-nondescript-people, but not all of them are doing it forc whatever redeemable quality they find in Jenna.

103 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9913 02:12

This sounds like WoW ERP drama

104 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9913 02:28

F-List ERP drama, actually

105 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9913 10:01

Nunca saldría con alguien que usara la palabra "papaya" para referirse a la vagina.

106 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9913 10:28

Cuba is also a medical powerhouse and has a high level of education. It's a wonderful country.
It's not like Japan, which is tainted by hamburgers.

107 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9913 16:19

I go to great lengths, and I'm talking about extreme lengths, and I mean pandemic 6-foot lengths, to make sure I never accidentally touch a woman in any way at work. I check for feet under conference tables, I'm careful about bumping at the coffee pot, or leaning over to look at monitors, or being in proximity in the shop.

18 years into my career, never touched a woman at work outside of a handshake.

108 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9913 17:44

>>107 makes it sound difficult...

109 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9914 02:15

I'm sick of shows and movies portraying it as funny, deserved or no big deal when girls/women kick boys/men in the balls hard for other reasons than self defense.

The fetishization of this as "girlpower", or as some kind of way of punishing, humiliating, violating and/or hurting the guy AS a male, or the the joy which the kind of girl who does this draws from this makes it sexual violence and humiliation, in addition to severe physical violence.

Outside of self defense, what I listed above are the EXACT reasons girls/women do this, not "because it just happens to be what hurts the most, and his gender has nothing to do with it". BULL. SHIT. Girls and women do this to punish and violate males AS males, and the lack of inhibition to do this is due to a lack of regard specifically for males.

Shows and movies portray this as normal, funny or no big deal between children and especially a brother and a sister, they portray it as deserved when a guy somehow insults a girl, hurts her feelings or cheats, and even movies for little children like Ice Age or the Smurfs have scenes like these, where the underlying dynamic is all about specifically showing a girl humiliate, dominate and extremely hurt a boy AS a male by exploiting and violating his male weak spot and male genitals, and it's portrayed as funny and no big deal.
This trope has been played so incredibly often in shows and movies that the act has established itself as a "girl-thing", as a part of the female identity (even if it's mostly lived out vicariously) - violating and humiliating, triumphing over a male as a male by exploiting and attacking his male weak spot and genitals.

Even when there's an accidental nutshot, many girls laugh in a different way about it than guys, and even when it's completely inappropriate due to the seriousness of the particular case.
It's not a sympathetic "holy shit, I know how that feels, we're in the same boat" - laughter.
It's utterly lacking in sympathy, and comes from the satisfaction of an ill will, and resentment specifically towards males.

Girls/women who did this for any other reason than legitimate self defense should be deeply, deeply ashamed of themselves because they are pieces of shit.
It's not a cute or funny little story.
It's not something they did because "they did not understand" - they absolutely did, that's why they did it.
What else would make them do it, except for a more general disregard for males as a whole?

Girls who kick guys in the balls hard for other reasons than legitimate self defense are not one bit better than guys who beat girls into that kind of agony and grope them. Same goes for young girls and boys.

They deserve a hard punch in the face every bit as much as guys like that, and I mean that 100% - girls who do that should be punched in the face.

And if such an attack makes a guy's testicle/s burst and have to be removed, or takes his ability to father children from him, it should be considered to be on one level with rape.

110 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9914 02:27

I dont even remember a girl character in Ice Age

111 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9914 02:38

or Smurfs having genitals

112 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9914 08:22

There was a guy in my neighborhood who had rabies and developed hydrophobia. Since there was no cure they forced him to a corner and used water cannons against him till he died.

Edit: I live in India.

113 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9914 13:43

Roses are red, Violets are blue

Bash script segmentation fault on line 32

114 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9914 14:27

Arguing over pronouns was not the sort of stupidity I was expecting under a math video. Proof I guess that having above-average IQ won't make you any less delusional.

115 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9914 15:04

You have to be pretty Low-IQ to argue in youtube comment sections about gender

116 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9914 15:37

I wonder what kind of people in real life argue on/post YT comments.

117 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9914 21:32

my neighbor loves this song.

118 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9914 22:11

like if you're listening in 2020

119 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9915 09:29

Hah, as if 4-ch will still exist in 27 years.

120 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9915 11:44

>>401 I withdraw this comment, i was drunk and posted in the wrong thread and i thought they deleted my post

maybe i do truly belong over there. I'll see myself out

121 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9916 02:27

Its around $450 per night per person at that shitty Chicago hotel, thats a lot when they could buy many KKK robes or nooses for that amount.

122 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9916 06:21

imagine my immense disillusionment when, after studying japanese for 15 years, i go to a japanese mcdonaldfs and the clerk laughs at me when I order an gureshii teishokuh

123 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9916 07:30

If you open the broken OUIJAWIN.EXE in a hex editor you can see most of it has gotten replaced with parts of totally unrelated files, including a strategy game called "Pendulous", and a document analyzing the translation of the New Testament from the Greek source.
Looks like somebody at Softkey had their File Allocation Table mixed up.

124 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9917 19:42

I'm convinced most I encounter think I'm just a young boy. I've never had anyone ask if I was a girl or made any comment of the like.

125 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9918 07:57

Well thiccbooty69, Ifm happy you ask, but are you sure you wanna take advice form someone named frogdick27?

126 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-9918 08:09

I am a firm believer of men being faithful, loving,adoring and honest. Giving their gf / wife support and freedom. Freedom to be herself. Freedom to sleep with whoever, whenever.

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