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I'll start.

I've had quite a few ideas for comics/manga in my time, but I've always been too lazy to do anything about them. These are free to use if you want to, and if you want I'll supply more plot/plans for any of them. For most of these I had fleshed them out more than just the summary.

I guess a few of these would also make good web comics.

480 Name: Crimson Midnight : 2012-08-12 19:08 ID:DxM5l66x

This manga is titled: Crimson Midnight

Genre: Action,Mature,Harem,Ecchi,Horror,Mystery,Tragedy,School life

This is just the whole summary of this manga these characters are not copied I originally made them .....but I'm still working on it..


Fuujiko Takeishi is a first year highschool student who secretly has a crush on Saike Momoto his classmate. He lives with his 2 younger sisters Fuuruya and Chiho Takeishi. One day their class and Chiho's class went on a field trip and passed through route 54. It has been said that route 54 is considered as the "Deadzone" where many people gets lost and have never been seen or heard from again. But the teachers and staff members of the school doesn't believe the rumors and without hesitation, they passed through route 54.After 2 hours of traveling, they noticed that they were going around circles and ran out of gas and before they know it two of their tires were flattened. The teachers tried to contact outside world but dosent find a signal. They've decided send 5 people to walk through the woods to find help but after hours of waiting they didn't come back. Since it's almost dark all of the teachers and students decided to all go through the woods together to find the missing group and at the same time find for help and later on leads them to an abandoned Facility. While they try to uncover the secrets of the abandoned facility, two of the students accidentally and simultaneously pressed something that caused an earthquake and a sleeping gas and all of them suddenly became unconscious. When Fuujiko and his friends woke up they noticed that they have fallen underground and have been separated by their classmates and teachers and later found out that something is killing them and murdering them one at a time and they sooned found out that there are 3 killers and they are in an abandoned huge underground laboratory........55 students, 5 teachers, 2 bus drivers and 3 killers....will Fuujiko and his friends find a way to escape alive?, will they be able to have a reunion of their other classmates and teachers?........Their Nightmare has just began.......

                          STAY TUNED.....

There are important parts that I didn't include in my summary....oh well, what do you think should I keep working on this manga?? if you want to answer or give a suggestion just email me at :-)

481 Name: as : 2012-08-16 03:20 ID:tjb15Tx/


Present for you acount

482 Name: Nero Black : 2012-08-20 16:30 ID:6n+WQ9kp

contact- for info

Nero black

Summary - Nero and Alastor are twin brothers that has been skipping school to doing whatever they can to earn money to send their sick mother to the hospital. On a strange day, mad events happen to Nero and Alastor allowing dem to reach home very late. When arriving home, Nero notice a note at the front step saying,”darkness is comin soon, look for master koga and become a Guardia at Castle Oblivion . My days as your guardian are over, im sorry for lying but I am not your mother, Nero the fate of all dimension is on you” - sincerely mastumi. Before the boys could open the door, the note suck them into a world and a voice echo ” The black hearts”. Nero wakes up and Alastor is nowhere to be found. Nero quest to becoming an guardia has just begun. He will need to find his brother, and find the origin of his birth.

Battle system: Drive- when a Guardia use the burst stored in 2 heart slots(magical and physical)

                  Execute-When a guardia use the burst stored in all 3 heart slots(magical, spiritual, and physical)

Shadow- dark creature that lurk at night, they have black hearts. Grade X-D(strong to weakest)

Witches- Holy gods who became dark and stronger thru the dark fountain. Known to have Brown skin, Dark black hair and Yellow eyes. Most powerful beings in all dimension. Said to be extinct. they created shadows.

Guardia- Special magical solders that fight against the shadows

King- strongest Guardia in the Capital.

Nero-main protagonist, he is the younger twin brother. He is less calm but more cocky than his brother. White, Gray hair to shoulder with black eyes with red pupil. has an black glove he can't take off. he will be a freshman at Magic hearts. he will meet Ryu and and esther. In due time, you will find out why he's different and his drive weapon will be a gun.

yakuza- main protagonist, he is the older twin brother of kasuya. He is more calm and describe to be a bit sinister. White, gray hair(tied up thought like Ken from SF), black eyes with red pupil. Carries a katana he can't shield. can summon magical swords. He will be protecting a family from shadows and view life differently from his brother.

Influence-naruto, psyren,bleach and of course Devil May Cry.

483 Name: Shriram : 2012-09-16 12:10 ID:mLV7ARSw

Name: God Of Evil

Type: Supernatural fantasy, religious fiction,mythology,shonen/seinen

Plot: In a world where God is evil and the ultimate power. All the universes are in fear of him.

In a Universe where everybody has the power to destroy galaxies.

The story features on One Migahashi and Yuri Hentai and their friends on the quest to defeat an omnipotent god.
In there journey they encounter many spiritual,religious,scientific entities which they must defeat in order to save the omniverse and face God.

484 Name: xJessx : 2012-09-17 16:04 ID:SoH3r4os

Name: I always win

Type: Martial arts, ...

Story: Boy grows up in dojo as his father owns it and his father says i always win, hence title, as he always beats son in fight ... story goes on boy grows up gets a family and his father falls ill with cancer, doctors give him surgery which prolongs death but dad falls ill again. Son says "Dad i thought you always win" dad replies "I did, i got to see you grow up" X

485 Post deleted.

486 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2012-12-22 22:08 ID:PI5SvK9I

ok so i just thought of this story... i dont have a title yet. So its like shonen and shoujo :D its a love story action comedy about a funny vampire and an innocent angel who meet each other 1 day. This takes place in the distant future (2084). They pose as humans and they are i guess sole mates. After a while there clans find out about their love so the vampire is sent to a strict prison in heaven while the angel is sent to a very nightmarish cell in hell. They unleash there true power and fight back while find a couple immortal friends along the way and stop their clans. After a great war aginst their clans, the angel is killed and the vampire unleashes a powerful demonic rage and whips out both clans.the vampire is able to bring her back 2 life (somehow) but his mate is very different...

487 Name: Awesome Mangaka : 2012-12-28 06:13 ID:TliQzLc+

So ya. here's a story from me. haha. i'll write it in points. plz tell me how to improve it. thanks.

*main character--split personality(bad at night..gud at morning kind of stuff)
*bad is aware of good and good isn't aware of bad.
*bad makes a computer program..psychosis. hides it pretty well on comp. so dat d gud 1 can't locate it. <k..i'll call gud 1 G and bad 1 B XD>
*Psychosis: kills ppl thru terrifying hallucinations(victims of psychosis pre-planned by B)
*so this psychosis can hack into ppl's them crazy and torture dem 2 death.
the manga begins wid B staring at his comp and smiling slyly (XD)and says *all done..then it shows various kinds of killings. the ppl all ovr world are baffled by this. thn they hear a computerized voice in their hands..yes everyone! XD
*the voice is psychosis's(already implanted into it by B last night)
*so psychosis reveals that the killings were due 2 him. and dat d killings were demonstrations to show d world his power. he wishes to create a new world wid only d strongest and wittiest. about 1000 from each country of d world..and he (B) will be their god.
*so to achieve this he has planned a series of "games" in which only the ppl who are capable (strong and intelligent) will survive.
* d timee, japan's (ooh..i forgot to mention dat it's based on japan cz i plan to do it as a one shot in shonen jump) police have contacted G (the good one..who is a sort of child consultant detective XD).

  • anyway..psychosis sets a deadline for humans all over the world to decide whether they participate in his games..if they say no..he'll simply wipe them out..he gives them the next 10 hours to decide (cz by that time B will be back.)

*G and the entire world is baffled by this and don't know what they should do. the police leave G alone to let him do his thinking. G tries to think of a way to trick psychosis. (i need u tell me dis trick..please..!!!!!! and fast..please!!)
*satisfied (although still in doubt) he lays back on his chair and falls asleep..
*so after about 10 hours he wakes up as B. he smiles and says..let the games begin..that wud be a pretty gud trigger for the audience right? i's all suspenseful and all..rit? cz d audience didn't know about the split personality thing.
*oh..and i improvised a little. instead of broadcasting his message to everyone..psychosis will only restrict it to ppl in japan..that way it'll be easier to explain..he'll first conquer japan..den d rest of d world wid his games.

so that's all..plz help!!
oh..and here's my drawings..i have improved somewhat nevertheless..plz feel free to look at dem wn u hv time..thanks!
link :

488 Name: Bishi Garden : 2013-01-01 23:33 ID:ENlodwul

I have a cliche short manga about a girl named Hana whose mother passed away from an illness. She now stays with her dad whose a flourist, her step mom and little sister. Shes a lot of a tom boy, pretty cool in school, head strong and can have a temper on her. The manga starts showing a girl imbedded in a tree asking her 3 Gardenian knights to find the flower maiden as she is dying and their world is in danger from weeds(creatures bent on destruction).

Hana is part of the gardening committee and is organizing an event for her class for the following evening. Shes hanging with a group of girls when she sees her crush playing soccer on the field. Shes admires his play but her bitchy classmate notes he likes girly girls. She gets mad but the bitchy girl sees it as unladylike and unattractive. On the way home shes bummed out cause she knows the bitch is probably right... As she continues she finds a wilting flower shielded from the sun under a pile of rubbish, she removes it and pours some of her bottled water and heads home. The flower meanwhile glows. The girl returns to the crazy antics of her family and heads to her room. Her step mom asks her about her day but she treats her coldly. (misses her mom) She then heads to her room and wishes to her mom in heaven all the luck that her crush will notice her and that she will 'bloom' into a more girly character that he'd appreciate and so she can love herself more ( despite her popularity).

-meanwhile- a little boy with pink hair and eyes(looks like a girl) in another world runs to the other two knights and says hes found her. They ask him how he knows and claims she was was warm and nice.

489 Name: Bishi Garden : 2013-01-01 23:35 ID:ENlodwul

The next day the girl is getting ready once again acting coldly to her step mom. her dads talks to her about getting over her mom but she just leaves offended on the way to school she checks on the flower she took care of and is happy to see it radiating, she sobs over missing her mom and not being as girly as everyone else, a tear drops on the flower and the pink little boy grabs her and says "I knew we'd find you maiden!" and she finds herself falling and lands painfully into a world habituated by little chibi flower people who are easily frightened and other weird plant like beings. she freaks out thinking its a dream or maybe the flower she touched was actually a hallucinogen. she presses on to find a way out, she looks up to only see a faded multi-coloured sky.

after a few havoc with the things habituating the land Hana is rescued by a guy in purple, with purple eyes and purple medium curly hair. A guy with blue long hair and a blue robe then comes and asks " how could you have lost her on the way here" the pink little boy sobs claiming he got too excited and didn't mean to...
the purple guy introduces himself as violet and kisses her hand. The blue one is Blue and the pink one is lili.

They tell her shes the flower maiden destined to protect there land from the weeds, horrifying creatures that feed on the life essence of nature, which all life needs to survive even humans. she freaks out thinking she must be dreaming, she demands to wake up. The boys confused assume she just wants to be back in her world and Lili jumps on her and kisses her cheek " see you soon flower maiden' she finds herself back where she was with the flower gone. She heads off to school shaking off her recent experience. While in school her friends are shocked shes late always being on time usually.

she tells them it was a weird morning she had... they continue preparations for the garden party. As she does she sees 3 colorful flowers with a moth and eyes waving at her " :3 HAI FLOWER MAIDEN!" Hana freaks out and yells at them. Her friends are weird-ed out, her crush sees this and asks if shes Okay with a weird-ed out expression. Hana embarrassed runs inside, excusing herself that she needs the bathroom. While inside she hears screams, she runs out to find roots springing out from the ground that form a monstrous creature. It spouts out toxic pollen. everyone collapses in the school as the roots engulf everything absorbing the life energy of the students. Hana is freaking out as she begins to feel faint the roots grab her. She suddenly hears 'blue petal rush', ' violet vine samba, 'lili sunburst serenade!' and she falls from the monster and into the arms of violet.

490 Name: Bishi Garden : 2013-01-01 23:36 ID:ENlodwul

He tells her she can save the school but to accept her role as maiden, the girl will do anything to save her friends and then violet kisses her hand again, and in an awesome transformation sequence, she finds herself in a charming purple dress. She hears violet in her heart and tells her to fight and do/say what feels natural. Shes uncomfortable with being in such a cute girly dress but reaches inside and says " Vine tesser!" and a feather duster type items appear in her hands, she uses a move called ' violet vine samba' she points her hand in the hair and the weapon extends multiple vines that disperse energy thorns, penetrating the beast, The beast is weakened she then uses 'round up' and purple bubbles appear from her body and dissolve the roots and everything's back to normal. everyone wakes up. Hana finds herself carrying a flower pot with 3 flowers in it. They begin to talk to her " as expected from the maiden," violets exhausted. she freaks out with a " noway! did all that really just happen. No one seems to remember a thing, but continue to decorate the garden for the up coming event, her friends state the flowers are beautiful and would make a beautiful center piece. Hana is dirty so goes to get ready into her t shirt and jeans. Violet not impressed snaps his ( leaf hands? ) and she finds herself in a beautiful purple gown, everyone would never expect her to dress in such a way but her school crush tells her its cute, and shes mega embarrassed. she yells at violet though for being so impulsive.

in the next ep/chapter summed up she is told about the girl imbedded in the tree who is dying. and how if their world dies so will earth as they are connected by the life energy that flows between them,

the flowers join the school. they are pretty boys so everyone fan girls over them. Hana desperately aims to avoid them a lot with no prevail, till they start doing miracles in her life.

little notes, lili dresses in women's clothing and seems to have some sort of slight shonen ai relationship with violet, though its not directly shown, they're just really close, like lili falls over and hurts his knee and ruins his skirt, violet kisses his knee and lili claims his finger is hurt too, so violet licks it and the girls fan girl. the main Chara is just like =_____=.

personality of the flowers would he:
violet: romantic prince like chara, but also a bit clueless
lili: child like, girly cheerful chara
blue: cold/cool chara whose attractiveness comes from his elegance and long mane~

While Hana helps them out they aim to help her 'bloom' into the person she is inside.

491 Name: Bishi Garden : 2013-01-01 23:38 ID:ENlodwul

sorry its so long ^ ^ what do you think? keep in mind i know how cliche it is XD; I have another main fantasy manga which is more gothic and dark. ( cause i like pain and angst) >_> and tortured ocs...

492 Name: senail : 2013-01-18 05:00 ID:ny3590VB

ok guys here's a story from my old otaku self

the story is set when the world is dominated by demons.the demon kingdom is ruled by lucifer himself.the tyrany lasted so long that the humans grow tried of it.they form an alliance lead by a girl/knight named rolysa hartnet along with her 3 other companion leshel a witch,zem a gunslinger,and celty a sphere wielder.desperate situation calls for desperate move the group sieze the kingdom and come face to face with lucifer,the 4 of them combined was not enough to defeat him and when demonlord is about to stab rolysa the witch cast a spell transporting them in the present time,here the met our protagonist m(holy crap!!!! theres a huge spider crawling on my screen, sis can you get it of my screen thanks!!)sorry about that.......)continue,,,
the protagonist named mak greenfield a nice guys who offered them food and shelter.everything was going smoothly and just when the 4 of them starting to fall in love to mak they found out that our protagonist is one of the powerful demon a scyth wielder and worst a direct decendant of lucifer,obviously they tried to rip his head off and after suffering a harsh defeat from the hands of our protagonist they realize that this world is so much deferent.(the end )..hell no..what if lucifer finds a way our girls this is where the action adventure starts and the epic battle between genaration of demons.....

ok hope you guys bother reading it
time to hunt that stupid spider.....

493 Name: Light4 : 2013-01-20 15:49 ID:Phgm5V8a

yeah to Adam7 thats a really great plot and storyline. im in the process of creating my own manga, but I'd rather keep it on the low until its fully developed and polished. But yeah, just keep going on dude. I can see high hopes for Platinum Trigger when you finish it.

494 Name: That Guy : 2013-01-21 23:50 ID:emALN4vk

I think we should make one about a girl who controls fire and has always been bullied about it in her past. now she has met a person that controls earth one that controls water and one that controls air/sky/wind. now they are looking for a stone which could balance the world. but the main character always has tantrums and her fire keeps blowing up stuff. so she has to learn to keep it under control. oh yeah, and she doesn't really get along with the guy that controls water so there's always tension. could be funny

495 Name: Another guy : 2013-01-22 12:57 ID:jM0Ri/rV

that sounds awesome~! maybe whenever they get riled up they form a natural disaster so~ fire girl gets angry, stuff blows up/ catches alight. earth person causes earthquake when nervous. water guy for some reason causes it to rain when hes happy or flood when hes overly excited and windy person causes tornado/hurricane when w/e XD; shutsup

496 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2013-03-07 01:52 ID:Te78cR29

Everyone, please try to do in their spare time

497 Name: Dude92 : 2013-03-12 21:18 ID:sRdc6Xid

Here is a short one...

Tin of Phoenix

Summary: Verdun, 1916. General Falkenhayn intends to bleed the French Army white in a battle of ferocious attrition. The French high command, caught off guard by this furious German offensive, rushes in men and material to hold the city of Verdun. The battle cry "They shall not pass!" personifies the French resolve. But France's soldiers hang by thinnest thread imaginable as the "Meuse Mill" continues to grind and crush regiment after regiment. Yet the French hold fast. The German commanders, meanwhile, feel the pressure to take Verdun as soon as possible to stop the ceaseless bleeding of their own troops. To that end, they unleash a hellish new weapon capable harnessing the power of fire in the palm of a soldier's hands: the flamethrower.

Claus Fleischer is a young, idealistic, yet naive recruit, popular with the ladies for his looks back in his small town in Germany. Annoyed by the soft living of country life and idle gossip, he joins the Army to take part in the grander purpose of making Germany a great country and to do "real man's work" by fighting at the front.

Ever Idealistic and determined, he vows to come home a hero, telling stories of glorious sacrifice and bravery. Little does he know of the hell that awaits him in Verdun. When he arrives at the front, his company holds a lottery for the man who will wield the new flamethrower, nicknamed "Old Sweat" for its cumbersome heaviness. He is chosen.

Now, he will witness the true face of war in all its ugliness and harshness as he is force to carry one of man's most infamous weapons into in the moonscape of Verdun. Will the "Mincer" grind him into the mud, or will his sanity be minced away before his body is destroyed. Only the battle will tell...

498 Name: nene : 2013-06-13 17:46 ID:5wuP7god

Here's an idea or whatever. I'll be drawing it soon. Name: Akuma-chan! (Dunno exactly yet) so here it is: starts out with a young male highschooler who is darting through the city at night. He has a crowbar and leaps into the air, throwing it as if it is a shurikin at another boy who has long, golden hair, fangs, and eleven ears. The other boy dodges it at inhuman speed, then throws a kunai knife in retaliation, other to have it snatched from midair by a loud, bossy female who jumps out of a manhole between them. Turns out that she is a demon keeper who watches over the two. The initial character is a boy who was normal until he ran into this woman and attacked by her cat. The cats passes on an infusion of demon blod into him, which induces strange side-effects. Eventually, his life is sought after many bounty hunters after his new-found powers prove to be to much to handle. But the girl ones back and offers to be his guardian, because it was her cats fault that he was going to be killed. At her house, he meets another demon named --- who hates him because he is weak and a pain. The have a rivalry that endures the length of the series, while the hero is trying to find a way to redeem himself by becoming a) the worlds strongest demon or b) cleansing himself of his curse. Falling in love with a human girl doesn't help either... this story will be a comedy/ action/ gore/ fantasy and will take place in I dunno yet. Btw the boy lives on his own up till he meets the demon keeper in a small apartment.

499 Name: nene : 2013-06-14 14:42 ID:5wuP7god

AUGHHHH nobody told me my title was taken already TT^TT oh well, back to the drawing boards... -.-

500 Name: WanabeMangaka : 2013-07-12 07:16 ID:ihcuKS7f

OK guys...heres the deal. Im a student in the 11th grade and i have to submit in an art project on ANYTHING. I decidet to do a manga. My drawing skills are pritty good, according to me and i should be able to pull most things off.. BUT i suck at thinking up realistic plots.... SO i was wondering if you guys could help me out with the plot . FYI it only needs to be like 4 to 6 A3 size sheets...SOOO yeah.
I was thinking of it being a alternate timeline / appoclyptic(I suck at spellings) manga ,Something along the lines of shingenki no kyojin(not a copy though, it should be original) . It dosnt need to end in the no. of given pages...but i would like to make the last page make the reader/examiner want to read more of it ...SO please give me a little help here :P

501 Name: WanabeMangaka : 2013-07-12 07:18 ID:ihcuKS7f

yeah and contact me on my email if you can at kittu978@

502 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2013-07-14 19:12 ID:Zzz+3mAC

Hello everyone in the United States
I have come to the propaganda of the yukata from Japan

Airport sales No1!!
Pattern of high quality and traditional
Children and parents, to themselves
Made in Japan of the relief of course

503 Name: Mohammed : 2013-07-15 06:17 ID:7c0RXlUS

Main character.
Name: kurai aika
Personality: , untrusting, doesn't relish in many activities, observant, composed, smart, relaxed, looks down upon many people, teaches himself some self control. Beginning to exit the static of society. Horrible money spender. Deals with stuff in ways that are wierd and complicated.

Few friends . Escaping home and heading places all over the city to relax, under utilized brain skills, In a wierd social life state currently. Wants to be hated. So he can not be distracted by things and people ever again.

Age: 16
Weight: 170
Hair colour: Black
Eyes: black

Skills: deciphering people's life's and actions in a very accurate manner. Extremely good awareness skills and really smart.

Plot: Main character is a lonely figure and maybe it's because of his personality he's brilliant at school and doesn't have many friends a organization that seeks to over run the current system of the world takes him in but it's his genius that lets him evade the brainwashinh and he begins secretley working against the organization , his two child hood friends Akira (16- guy) and Mitsuki (16-girl) never knew about his secret life until kurai was forced to commit a act of murder to earn the organizations trust if he doesn't kill either Mitsuki or Akira the organization will kill him and his family. So with no ideas kurai is about to give up when a mysterious figure (Amaya) shows up and helps kurai fake the deaths of his friends. As this story goes on not only kurai but all the characters start to realize that the worldwide governing system was just one branch of the organizations tree. Where can they run in a world of corruption.

Main character number 2: hikari arashi

Other characters:
Akira shuzukaze
Mitsuki yozora
Amaya akatsuki

504 Name: [unoriginalnamehere] : 2013-08-05 04:19 ID:CoExoKdG

I'm going to take my favorites of these ideas, stick them in a blender, and see what kind of %#&! comes out. Like cooking.

505 Post deleted.

506 Name: JOAN : 2014-03-20 07:45 ID:HbFThwUs

My heart is filled with joy becasue through the help of Dr.Ozama i have been able to play football for the club of my choice. There are so many agents out there promising people that they will help you and they will always fail to help you, But in this case Dr.Ozama is not an agent but a spell caster that will cast a spell for you and within 21 days the club of your choice will be begging you to play for them. All just have to is contact Dr.Ozama through these details via email: or via phone number on +2348056934252 and within 21 days your request will be granted

507 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2015-10-26 15:05 ID:kWhXAkNx


508 Name: Ri-ri-ri-ri Shangri : 2016-02-25 00:39 ID:9rYMR6PT

I always write down a bunch of story ideas, so here's two that all my school friends said were the best. I always could draw it, but never actually go through the script on these ideas.

Idea #1 :A group of people who barely know anything about each other are all invited to a boat party in a huge bay. Everything seems to be going well despite the inconvenience until a storm forces the boat out to sea and a body is found, bringing something with it. At first, little things start to seem to be strange. Then, another body is found. Then another. And then another. Slowly, the group find themselves in a sea bodies with a distant island just barely in view. They try to past through the bloody sea to get to land.... to get help. Only, whatever the first body brought starts to try and hunt the group down, claiming a victim for each day the group closer to land.

Idea #2: A hero has always defended his princess for years, yearning for her love and affection to be his. However, now the threat seems to have finally gone, the former villain now forced to serve the princess's father as punishment. The hero is sure that now he'll have the princess's love for sure. But, even after all this time, she doesn't see as such. she doesn't love him. The princess he so dearly loves starts to fall for the hero's brother instead, who just so happens to have been their former 'villain.' Desperate, the hero starts to dwell into madness and now believes that the villain is working behind everyone's back and begins to seek to destroy his brother once and for all. (To be fair, when I first wrote this, I had been playing Mario and just got fed up with how Mario always saves Peach.)

These aren't the only ideas I've come up with, but thought to share some with people on here.

509 Name: GizmoEnigma : 2016-04-01 15:45 ID:RlvM7Gu9

Genre: Psychological, Slice of Life, Shounen

Main character: Ren Namasaki
Supporting characters: Mother/Nami Namasaki, 'Teacher', and Gabe


  1. The story starts off with a child named Ren at age 14, and he is just starting Union Highschool.
  2. Unfortunately for Ren his recent understandings of social convention have changed which then tramatizes Ren; this is mainly because Ren is slow when it comes to social development.
  3. Ren during his first day of school is unable to make any friends and starts to feel faint during times of group activities.
  4. His mother then pushes him to attend scholarly activities and sports.
  5. He tries to attend in group conventions by attending a poetry club.
  6. Unfortunately Ren is then left alone during club activities with a teacher that disproves of any social enforcement.
  7. Both Ren and his teacher have problems with social acknowledgments so they then become friends.
  8. But then he is informed that there is no teacher that he speaks of that joins him within the poetry club.
  9. Ren then loses his sense of voice and starts to become a mute and stops leaving school to go home.
  10. Ren is at these times going with his, 'teacher,' to his home, but on the way each day Ren is indulged by visions of death and suicide.
  11. Ren starts to feel faint on his way to the poetry club one day and finds himself within a coma.
  12. He is mistaken by these reactions of death and denial, and instead begins his journey through his so called, 'conscious.'
  13. During these inner visions Ren does not see anyone he has come to know in the past.
  14. Through his travels he starts to entwine with his past lives.
  15. Each of his past lives teach him a bit of social convention and how to, 'fit in,' with his fellow peers.
  16. During these journeys into said past lives Ren is forced to fight off his inner, 'demons.'
  17. During his visions he finds his guardian angel, Gabe.
  18. Each of these visions of the past are halted by death.
  19. Before he wakes up he is faced with the death of Gabe.
  20. When Ren comes out of his coma he is overcome by feelings of loss and is reintroduced to his mother and fellow peers.
  21. He finds himself joining in with the social groups within his school.
  22. Then he finds himself staring at his last demon and instead of going off and fighting it, he says goodbye to his demon/teacher, and is then killed once more.
  23. When he awakes he finds himself in a blank room almost as if he is back within the coma.
  24. Unfortunately Ren is introduced to reality, of which he had a panic attack and started killing off nearly all of his fellow peers.
  25. He then receives a letter from his mother through tempered glass.
  26. Ren is sentenced to death by injection.

510 Name: Bender : 2016-05-28 13:12 ID:CPFPsCEn

Instead of just using big-ass robots for fighting how about using big-using ass robots to play sports? Like volley ball or soccer or golf. And to add to the appeal they could be piloted by cute catgirls in gymnastics leotard!

511 Name: nerp : 2016-06-07 20:39 ID:9a+3XK/G

here a link to my manga idea sorry you got to download it.

512 Post deleted.

513 Name: Caliber : 2016-10-24 20:17 ID:pIMA67Kk

Here is the story.

The year is 3017. The event that caused the doom of the globe happened 997 years ago. There are no longer such things as countries or even guns. The world has now become one but in full anarchy. All resources have been drastically reduced and reformed since the comets hit. No one knows the origin of the comets. They remain a mystery since they fell of the face of the earth. Fatefully, a few brave young souls who have been raised in this apocalyptic earth rise. Sharing the same desperate desires of illuminating their darkness, they come together. They then become obsessed with finding enough power to change their world. These passionate friends then form a bond that could potentially save their planet.

514 Name: Caliber : 2016-10-24 20:18 ID:pIMA67Kk

515 Name: cobbler : 2016-11-07 09:14 ID:XIccTepS

Sexy woman named Tosaka (pronounced toe-suck-ah) is professional foot model. lots of foot worship and naruto inspired footware for all! if that don't get the readers add a catgirl named Meowsaka as well.

516 Post deleted.

517 Name: idoit (misspelled to get point across) : 2017-04-17 22:30 ID:Xhv7lOsM

A 21 year old man has a nightmare of him losing his life due to fatigue in a desert. He quickly wakes up afterwards, happy that it was just a dream. He gets on his laptop to write a story about his dream, and spaces out,

While spacing out, he looks out his window. The sky is clouded with a dust like substance. He opens his door to be rushed by an arid breeze. He looks out, shocked at the scene... guessed it person with common sense #18718273878

He was in a desert.

518 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2017-05-06 15:55 ID:2PKkShZK

A berserker packin' man-and-a-half tries to punch a cyberdemon to death, but his berserk runs out and he goes on a quest for MORE GUNS. After many battles, trials of his courage, and environmental epiphanies, he finds his holy grail, the BIG FUCKING GUN, and vaporizes the cyberdemon and his minions into atoms. The end.

519 Name: average guy : 2017-09-01 16:48 ID:CG50G77y

in the worst prison where the most heinous criminals are , around 1000 of them, the owner of the prison is also the president or some high authority who has the right to do whatever they want, gets bored and wants to see some blood so he decides that if a prisoner kills 10 others , he'll be freed and will never get back in prison no matter what , the catch is if one of the many cameras see anyone's face killing another , they be killed immediatly and there are cameras everywhere , certain cameras work at day and others at night , so the prisoners have to kill intelligently , ofc some of them dont bother listening to the rest of the speech so they try to kill immediatly someone once they hear the info , but if that happens , a highly advanced mechanism triggers and kills the dude immediatly.there is a 1 month deadline where all survivors also get freed if they survive living through the whole ordeal without taking a single life, if you have killed 6 others b4 then , youd be put in a cell where you wont be basically either kill 10 people or survive the month without killing and without getting killed by the other prisoners..there are a bunch of different type of prisoners, the ones that are highly intelligent , the others that are strong and some of the mix.the prison is supplied by many types of killing tools every 4 days but the hallway after you quit the room has no cameras in it so its risky. the prison is huge and has many mechanism to it and many secret rooms and passages. .basically , its a survival game where the smartest wins , you need to kill without getting getting caught , and it should be some point , info that the whole "be freed forever" thing is false and that they will kill whoever is left so the rest of the prisoners (which should be a low number) decide to team up to escape without anyone finding out. i wanna point out that there shouldnt be a "main" characters , its basically point of view from the final 5 charcters. the end should be a single one sacrificing his "friends" to leave. essentially , its everyones adventure to escape , there should also be point of views from some characters that end up dying and remembering their whole life or whatever.

well you basically get the idea

520 Name: Lucy : 2017-09-04 14:18 ID:tv2MBXSe

I'm a 18-years-old girl.
If you talk me, please call +81 80 5941 0307.

521 Name: Ineedbookideas : 2017-12-10 14:11 ID:2Fx08Wb5

So, i need GREAT book ideas, i am an experienced writer and i've been bummed out, i'll give you credit in the book. Preferably a manga style but i do not really care. Also keep it it the range of not too adult-ish but like... tokyo ghoul or just... what some 16 year old reads.

522 Name: Billy Morono : 2018-11-29 16:29 ID:Hxbn+2tx


How about a parody of K-on about an all girl band (one dresses like mio, and another dresses like ibuki from dnaganronpa), but the only song they know how to play is "March of the SOD" by Stormtroopers of Death. despite this they are number one band in the world surpassing even DethKlok. To have your song covered by the band is considered greatest honor (they still play March of the SOD, but actually sing the lyrics of the your song the way you meant for it to be sung)! When they not on tour or performing they travel through out time and space in a blue police box solving mysteries (Doctor Who and Scooby Doo Parody). Also rest of time they wear Asian school girl uniform. all the girls are college age.

523 Name: Anonymous Slangarang : 2019-01-16 03:20 ID:hZSCnzp4

something absolutely ridiculous with a subplot by Shoko Asahara but the TWiST is a Jump, Shout and Bop it.

524 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2019-03-08 23:42 ID:11z6qBaK

dicks out for Har​ambe

525 Name: rentaso : 2019-03-29 17:50 ID:b+yuC3EQ

Nicola is a 48-year-old cherry

526 Name: saurabh : 2020-05-23 06:33 ID:vnfLx6Xm

>>1 plz tell me your ideas.u can tell me on which app we can communicate further

527 Name: saurabh : 2020-05-23 06:34 ID:vnfLx6Xm

>>1 plz tell me your ideas.and let me know on which app we can communicate further

528 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2020-07-25 02:02 ID:5ilLbEpE

manga is heinously anus

529 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2020-09-28 10:45 ID:VXY3iHSZ

its been 14 years mate, i dont think he will respond to be honest

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